ごくせん 3 PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

ごくせん 3 PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

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  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    This review is for the series as a whole with 45 out of 5 starsAfter watching the anime I hurriedly got myself a copy of its manga so I can try the first chapter and to see whether I will like it enough to continue And as you can see I finished all 15 Volumes in just a week considering of having a very bad dose of Yuri on Ice hangover wink I don't normally read its manga counterpart after finishing the anime and I usually wait for a month or even a year depending of my mood But for this case I think it was because it was so funny even after watching the anime Every chapter had me laughing my head off that I decided to read all the volumesThe story was really good I love that it was different than the others that I have read before plus it's so Japan because of the Yakuza thing and it also drops some cool thing about Japan like the festivals and their cultureThe idea of a Yakuza heiress teaching in an all boys school which is also known as a school for delinuents is very uniue All the possible uestions that you can encounter while reading this story we're all addressed perfectly in this manga And not just that I also love the fact that it also features the story of each side characters so we really got to know about them And dropping all those lessons while making you laugh at the same time was epicThe lines were so good the scenes we're properly executed and they can be funny and emotional when the author intends it to be What I mean is that this manga was done so flawlessly No dull moments I actually laughed hard a lot of time reading this manga I think I laughed on every chapters or was that even every pages Hehe There's uite a lot of characters and knowing me I didn't remember their name haha I'm really bad with names lol But even if that was the case I can really say that I know each of them I understand what they are going through since they all got the chance to share their story but I just really can't seem to remember their names except Shin and Yankumi hehe and Shinohara too hahaThe main character Kumiko is really a badass Well what can you expect from a Yakuza heiress eh But aside from physical strength she also has a good heart She lost her parents at a young age so she was taken in by her grandpa which is the 3rd generation leader of the Kuroda clan also referred to as the Ooedo Clan She grew up with guys so it was really not a surprise that she grew up as a pretty good fighter She may not look like it but she's really strong I love that even with her family background she decided to pursue her dreams and my I'm sure so happy for her Yes her students were kind of hardheaded but you can really see that they are kind hearted too I love how she supports them and give them the lesson that they need to learn I also love the fact that because she's true to herself she was able to win over the hearts of those people around her even those that was against her from the start My This girl is definitely my hero Aside from that she’s very funny and dense at the same time too haha But even if that was the case there’s still this one particular student that has his eyes only for her ayeiiGokusen also had some pretty good group of characters that I really love reading about There's no unnecessary characters here all of them has a role to play and did them well I actually don't have any complaints about that I love the story I love the characters I love the settings I just love everything And speaking of love I love Shin here He really looks hot Now I can clearly see why the title “The Young Red Lion Master” suits him so well Plus those extra chapters were really funny hahaAside from the lessons this manga gives it also warms my heart because it also highlights family love You see this manga explains to us that just because they're a Yakuza it doesn’t mean they're bad entirely That they also have some good sides too You really should know someone first before judging themBut even with all those nice words why I am giving this manga 45 rating Well you see I think there should have been The confession was made finally so I really want to see what will happen after this particular student finally graduated and become a lawyer So yep that’s my only reason hahaRating 45 out of 5 starsRead my full review postTo read of my reviews book news and updatesMain Blog Blushing GeekSubscribeFacebook Page

  2. Haylee Huddleston Haylee Huddleston says:

    Poor Shin

  3. Kurtis Burkhardt Kurtis Burkhardt says:

    This is a pretty good manga gokusen is mostly about a math teacher who also happens to be a grand daughter to a Yakuza boss👌😻Ok story but mostly school life and not much Yakuza plot💪👌😁💕

  4. Jane Rose Jane Rose says:

    stejná recenze u každého dílu Tento styl kresby je na josei mangu opravdu neobvyklý Musím říci že mně se líbil jelikož pak jste ani nemuseli rozhodovat to komu fandit protože tu byly dohromady tak dvě pěkné mužské postavy A navíc díky té kresbě tuto mangu rozhodně s žádnou jinou nezaměníte Líbilo se mi že Yankumi se postupně stávala pro její studenty vzorem a obdivovali ji a věděli že se na ní mohou spolehnout To mi přišlo dost roztomilé A ke všemu se poté ukázalo že nikdo ze studentů není vyloženě špatný Jen potřebovali trochu nakopnout od Yankumi D Také se mi líbila to jak i Yakuza je vlastně jedna velká rodina když se nikdo jiný nekouká A hlavně v přítomnosti Yankumi D Dosti jsem oceňovala Yankuminu schopnost se o sebe postarat a její super sílu Přestože byla silná jak něco tak ji byli schopni silnější a o dost větší chlápci přeprat což dávalo smysl jelikož ženská nemůže jen tak přeprat třikrát většího chlápka Samozřejmě že je na konci poté porazila ale s pomocí takže to bylo stále uvěřitelné Přišlo mi roztomilé jak se Shin i přesto že nebyl tak silný jako gangsteři snažil Yankumi pomáhat či se ji pokoušel zachraňovat A pak jak se mu pomáhali i jeho kamarádi D Nechápala jsem jak mohl ten pan právník milovat Yankumi když jsme se žádných projevů jeho lásky nedočkali Maximálně tak ke konci to podle mě ale ani moc jako projev lásky nevypadalo spíš to byl nějaký projev náklonnosti Láskou bych to opravdu nenazvala A dosti mě rozesmával i učitelský sbor ten byl prostě brilantní Hlavně pan ředitel D Obálky mě moc neoslnily ale ty poslední dvě se mi hodně líbí Dávám 85% Jazyk Aj

  5. Yue Yue says:

    In this volume Shin tastes a little bit of the Yakuza world guided by Kyou who drags him to a Gambling House and a Spa to teach him to be with women This was my favorite chapter in Vol 4So it happened Yankumi cries a little bit cuz the guy she likes was OK with her going to an Oami But unlike shoujos or josei where the main character whines or cries for something dumb here was understandable; and it was not like she admitted she cried She is very similar with my favorite manga character Sunako chan from The Wallflower in that aspectShe also tames a giant beast a huge man with the face of a killer but who actually has a good heart Slowly she is winning everybody´s heart not by being I´m happy with life and nice with everyone attitude but because she is fair and strong and kind

  6. Romane Romane says:

    In this volume the story got a lot funnier Tsuruta being trapped made me laughed out loud even though they treated him like a monkeyYankumi's first fixed marriage arrangement is also shown but the way she handled it is so badass There is no way I will accept a husband who is weaker than me— Kumiko Yankumi Yamaguchi Sawada Shin The Young Red Lion MasterOshima Kyoutarou I like this guy

  7. Gabriella Gabriella says:

    I love this series Yankumi is a teacher trying to make it in the toughest school in the are full of delinuents whilst hiding a big secret of her own An amazing series with interesting characters and fun ideas of trust believing in others and going out there

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