The Two Emilys ePUB ¸ The Two eBook Ç

The Two Emilys ePUB ¸ The Two eBook Ç

  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • The Two Emilys
  • Sophia Lee
  • English
  • 06 April 2014
  • 9781934555538

10 thoughts on “The Two Emilys

  1. Lawrence Lawrence says:

    I'm glad I finally got around to finishing this one because once I was able to keep all the characters straight I really enjoyed following their zany adventures Even though the title is false advertising; there are substantially than two Emilys in this storyview spoilerI still can't believe that the heroine miscarried and got pockmarks It helped the plot that she became unrecognizable but usually books don't actually mean it when they say that a woman's other virtues outshine her beauty this was one of the most effective depictions of the actual simple life that I think I've seen in a Gothic novel hide spoiler

  2. Jane Jane says:

    I must confess that while I love the idea of early gothic novels and while I have collected some intriguing titles they are something I very rarely pick up to read I love the idea but I need a little push to make me read The Gothic Literature Classics Circuit Tour was just the push I needed I pulled out a lovely Valancourt Books edition of The Two Emilys by Sophia Lee A novel that was a huge success in 1798 An author described as ‘the mother of the gothic novel’ by Ann Radcliffe And yet a book that was out of print for nearly two centuries Of course I was curious The story begins with Sir Edward Arden A proud man but a man with a good heart who would always do his duty And so when he was called to do his duty at the battle of Culloden he set out to make provision for this two children a son and a daughter It was with great reluctance that he took them to court and left them in the care of his sister Lady Lettingham He knew that his sister would do her best for the children but he also knew that she had been corrupted by the dubious values of the court Sure enough his children grew up to be beautiful charming and dissolute But both made good marriages and to the son was born a daughter and to the daughter was born a son And so two of the three principals – the beautiful and virtuous Emily Arden and the handsome and dashing Edward of Lennox – were on the stage All four parents hoped that the two would make a match but of course it wasn’t going to be that simple Not in a gothic novel Not after a mere ten pages The story had moved swiftly and it wasn’t going to stop for anything Emily Arden was an heiress expected to inherit a fortune from her grandmother But her grandmother had a ward Emily Fitzallen and she was plotting to capture both the fortune and the maruis The third principal was on the stage From now on I shall refer to Good Emily and Evil Emily That is how their creator portrays them Emily Arden fair and simpering and Emily Fitzallen dark and glowering and it does make things rather easier to follow When her grandmother dies Good Emily inherits her fortune and Evil Emily swears that she will have her revenge And her Maruis All manner of events unfold The action moves from Ireland to Scotland to France to Italy Almost everything you might think of happening in a gothic novel does happen Secret marriage Bigamy Dark castles Imprisonment Duels Blackmail Death It’s ridiculously improbable and desperately exciting But it was also hard work The pace was break neck and there was so little characterisation so few descriptions nothing but plot plot plot And the less that subtle moral overtones left little doubt as to how things would work out in the end The prose style was lovely the drama was fantastic but I felt the same way I did when somebody tells me an involved story about friends of theirs that I really don’t know I wanted to understand I wanted to become involved I couldn’t But I can understand The Two Emilys success and I can see that it may well have influenced later writers And it makes me appreciate the way a latter generation of writers took the gothic novel forward all the

  3. Karen Kohoutek Karen Kohoutek says:

    This book is amazing Full of the craziest plot twists ever I enjoyed Lee's The Recess but it did not fully prepare me for how much I enjoyed this smorgasbord of over wrought sensibility and secret identities

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The Two Emilys[PDF] ❤ The Two Emilys By Sophia Lee – Although Sophia Lee is best known for her historical romance about the fictive daughters of Mary ueen of Scots The Recess 1783 85 her The Two Emilys 1798 is a fast paced novel of vengeance and triumph Although Sophia Lee is best known for her historical romance about the fictive daughters of Mary ueen of Scots The Recess her The Two Emilys is a fast paced novel of vengeance and triumph that eually showcases her talentsIn The Two Emilys masuerade The Two eBook Ç an earthuake bigamy insanity blackmail and duels serve the demonic Emily Fitzallen in her drive for revenge on her counterpart and the novel's heroine Emily Arden and the man over whom they do battle the Maruis of Lenox Will the good Emily or the evil one prevail Featuring a wild improbable plot and action that ranges from Ireland and Scotland to Switzerland and Italy The Two Emilys remains an unpredictable and thrilling Gothic taleFirst published as part of Canterbury Tales Sophia Lee's collaboration with her sister Harriet The Two Emilys has been out of print for than years It returns to print in a scholarly edition introduced and annotated by Julie Shaffer and featuring a wealth of additional materials including contemporary reviews of the novel excerpts from related eighteenth century works a detailed bibliography and.

About the Author: Sophia Lee

She was the daughter of John Lee died actor and theatrical manager and was born in London Her first piece The Chapter of Accidents a three act opera based on Denis Diderot's Le père de famille was produced by George Colman the Elder at the The Two eBook Ç Haymarket Theatre on August and was an immediate successWhen her father died in Lee spent the proceeds of the opera on establishing a.