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Mass Market Paperback ↠ Empire PDF Ú

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  1. Rodzilla Rodzilla says:

    Weak pulp fiction entries by H Beam Piper He Who Brought You Little Fuzzy These are five short stories novelettes and novellas ostensibly from some sort of future history collected in one volume Hey if Heinlein could do it why not others? But this future history is inchoate and adds nothing One of the stories The Keeper brings up the tail and is decent The others alas are not particularly good One A Slave is a Slave is downright bad like 1 star bad a sobriuet I apply sparingly because usually burn the book donate the book to the library unread This one brings my overall score down from a three to a two because otherwise Piper is a modestly entertaining writer A pontificating galactic general of some sort points out that both slaves and owners are eually fairly happy Though full of holes than a colander the ideas of this solderphilosopher are put forth uite seriously Ignored in this yarn are brutality rape and selling away families among other charming facets of chattel slavery Apparently these are avoided in the described culture through innate human decency Is it possible that Piper didn't understand the shape that slavery freuently takes particularly in his home country of the US? He makes the point that slaves get three meals and a roof over their head The mind boggles The introduction to this story from Jerry Pournelle who describes his politics to be somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan notes that his milder version of this position published by another author was controversial and is excited that Piper takes it all the way Yikes Wikipedia tells me that Piper was self taught which perhaps explains his dumbfounding naivete about chattel slavery Wikipedia also tells me that the recently deceased Jerry Pournelle was a polymath OK then I'm going to go with tireless self promoter His SF novels are typically tiresome and bombastic except when paired with Larry NivenDraw your own conclusions but don't read this book unless you are willing to suspend all disbelief and swallow any old dish a writer chooses to serve This one stuck sideways in my throat like a bone But I still love Little Fuzzy

  2. Charlie Eckhaus Charlie Eckhaus says:

    Edge of the Knife His Future History details skillfully woven into the story I wonder if readers realized they had a place in a tapestryA Slave Is a Slave Pretty standard imperial politics analyzed by know it all military character Didn't do much for me Somewhat reminiscent of the author's novel Uller UprisingMinistry of Disturbance Plodding exposition little of interest Background action and setting reminded me of the first storyThe Return A Post apocalyptic trifle with a punchline whose significance eludes me perhaps I'll skimrereadThe Keeper This is like it the book's saving grace introduction got my hopes up and it delivered Unlike any Piper I can recall his take on a resolute too ? cold no pun intended protagonistI'm wondering what the terrific Whelan cover has to do with any of the stories

  3. Stan Morris Stan Morris says:

    I can't help but wonder what I would have given this old book of scifi stories if I had read the book when it was published Maybe 4 stars for the future concepts maybe 2 stars for the simplistic pop psychology Some of the stories were better than others This future history was cut short by the suicide of the author It is interesting but not inspiring

  4. John John says:

    Another collection of short stories set in the author's Future History sort of one is explicitly not set in that Future History but included anyway The first story The Edge of the Knife is set in the author's near future and features an academic historian who gets visions of the future It's an okay story with an interesting time related sci fi premise The second story A Slave is A Slave is one giant straw man the author concocts to rail against anything resembling socialism or Marxism In the process saying some things about the mindset of slaves that is highly offensive and easily dis proven by the history he usually believes is so cyclical The single most problematical story written by this author that I've yet readThe third story Ministry of Disturbance features a couple of hereditary nobles proving their worth despite the incompetence of their advisors and subjects This one manages to combine the Libertarian author's weird worship of hereditary nobility with his hatred of academia The result is not a terrible story but not a great one eitherThe Return is the one story here that is not set in the author's Future History It's included with the argument that it's set in a post holocaust setting that would have been somewhat similar to that found on Earth after the 30 day War of his Future History Again it's not a terrible story but it's not a great one and doesn't really belong in this collectionThe Keeper is the last story here and the furthest in the Author's Future History It continues the trend of being an okay story but nothing special TriggerSpoiler Warning it features dogs that don't survive the storyOne thing lacking from all the stories are any female characters of note Only Ministry of Disturbance features any with a speaking part and then a very minor one The others feature them in the background at best

  5. Phil Phil says:

    Five short stories some excellent some just good Worth a read

  6. Shilo Shilo says:

    I enjoyed this collection of short stories I was sad to find out that this author comminted suicide since his writing style is interesting He seems to have loved history and his stories have elements that other authors don't focus on I especially liked his first story about the history teacher teaching modern history who can see future history and teaches too forward Some of the other stories were weaker It was nice that some had women in them as well though their roles were not very interesting

  7. Sean Brennan Sean Brennan says:

    Not as good as the previous edition Federationin fact Edge of the Knife is contained in both volumes and The Return is set 200 years after War that eventually gave rise to The Federation Having said that this does one of Piper's finest short stories A Slave is not a Slave which is a wonderful reworking of The Russian Revolution and is a definite must read for any Piper fan

  8. Samuel Lubell Samuel Lubell says:

    Collection of stories linked by being part of his Empire stage of Piper's future history But they are separated by hundreds of years so there is no real continuity And the tech does not seem to advance and regress but remains at the same level Overall not as good as the Fuzzy books

  9. Peter Peter says:

    Good read old style SF

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Empire ❮PDF❯ ✫ Empire ✓ Author H. Beam Piper – Vintage paperbackContains the storiesEdge of the KnifeA Slave Is a SlaveMinistry of DisturbanceThe ReturnThe Keeper Vintage paperbackContains the storiesEdge of the KnifeA Slave Is a SlaveMinistry of DisturbanceThe ReturnThe Keeper.