The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality PDF

The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality PDF

  • Paperback
  • 303 pages
  • The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality
  • Joan Frances Casey
  • English
  • 15 March 2014
  • 9780449907320

10 thoughts on “The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality

  1. Jennie Jennie says:

    Alas boundary violations abound in this memoir of a psychotherapeutic journey How does this occur? Let me count the ways The therapist attends a client's housewarming party involves her own husband in therapy and invites her to live with them for the summerIf I'm able to suspend my incredulity about the aforementioned what remains is an amazing and beautiful story told by an alter of a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder formerly Multiple Personality Disorder which was popularized by the story of Sybil The story of how a totally disoriented woman with over a dozen alters or personalities was healed and eventually integrated through therapy was very exciting to readI would recommend this with caution to anyone wanting insight into this disorder I say with caution because it's important to be aware that this is a very unconventional therapy and that this type of dual role relationship violates a ridiculous number of ethical and professional standards

  2. Kerry Casey Kerry Casey says:

    Amazing and compeling A book you just can't put down which i now have to say has joined my selective few 'favourite' books'The Flock' is a story about 24 seperate personalitieswithin the body of one woman each with their own capable function or role to take over when another personality is unable toThe story is told by Renee and delves mainly into the 'autonomous personalities' of Renee JoJoan Frances and Missy All of whom are fucntioning personalities who would be capable of their own life should they have total control of the body Other personalities include Rusty Little Joe Josie Isis and Kendra amongst others who each have their own story and reason for beingWhat's so great about this book is that you are never uestioning who is speaking as it is so well written in such fine detail and you get to know and understand and admire so many of these personalities as if they were in fact 'people' of their own being You care for them all as induviduals Told by 'Renee' and psychotherapist Lyn the lady who treated the multiples' it never leaves you wondering any uestions you may have are all answered and you truely almost dont want these personalities to intergrate even though you know being multiple is a 'disease' and the entire point of the story is to help the physical person heal and understand her trauma in order to complete be aware and understand herself her disorder and steadily keep her time I was very intrigued as to which personalities were aware they were a multiplewhich ignored the suggestion completley who was able to 'see' what the other personalities were doing and who completly lost time All of them are very differentThe ending I found so sad I almost wanted to cry probably because I became so invested in this storyand cared so much for 'the entity' who finaly calls herself Joan and therapists Lyn and GordanIt was sad in one of those emotionally beeautiful but life's a bitch kind of waysThe Flock also offers and explains with general understanding the concept of multiple personalities MPD multiple personality disorder now known as DID disacosiative identity disorderAn absolutely wonderful read highly recomended for those who are interested in autobiographies in general and also of mental illness and medicalclinical true storiesThe Flock is a special book full of heart and soul as well as sadness and an intreging interesting approach in treating MPDDIDHighly recomended I would love to see who these people really are read articles on them or see interviews with themSadly Joan Frances Casey and Lyn Wilson are phseudnyms

  3. Love Love says:

    I was hoping for alot with this book After reading When Rabbit Howls and Sybil I think I was just expecting I did not like the style the author wrote this in I had a very hard time believing it all to be true I want to say that I am not sure if it is true or not just did not seem to be for me I think this had alot to do with how it was written It was a very fast read for me The story had so many parts that it sounded like 10 differant books I have read all combined in one Like the person had read alot of abuse and multi personality books and just took pieces from each one to write her storyNot sure I would reccommend this to anyone I did not want to give this than 15 stars but they do not offer that on here so I went with 2 because did not want to give it just 1

  4. Kristi Kristi says:

    This is an interesting and useful book in understanding multiple personality disorder now referred to as DID Dissociative Identity Disorder The strategies used for treating this young woman are extraordinary however highly unlikely to be repeatable with another client What this truly is about is the strength and courage of the young woman with MPD her therapist and HER husband as they traverse the dangerous path toward healing It speaks to the power of human beings when they dedicate themselves to helping others

  5. ♥ Marlene♥ ♥ Marlene♥ says:

    This book has been on my wish list for a very long time Finally bought a copyUpdateI have read than 34th but am bored now It is not hard to read but after a while I began to get a bit bored because it was uite repetitive and I am also not so sure if it is all true even though first reading Sybil I was really believing all of it Maybe it is the way it is written maybe I just do not like the people in this book but I do not want to waste my time any

  6. Sara Sara says:

    I loved this book It provided so much information and a real look into the mind of a multiple There was so much I didn't understand until I read this book though there's certainly much much I could still learn and still much I could never understand The ending was very sad though but I was expecting something bad to happen all along so

  7. Emily Crow Emily Crow says:

    While I uestion the accuracy of much of this account it was still an interesting read

  8. Laurie Laurie says:

    Author Casey a pseudonym to protect her privacy iswas a person with Multiple Personality Disorder a disassociative disorder Many people are familiar with the disorder from ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ or ‘Sybil’ This book is uniue in that it tells the story of her treatment and integration from the POV of one of the personalities Joan Frances Casey was abused terribly when she was a child both sexually by her father and physically and emotionally by her mother Her personalities emerged to allow her to deal with these assaults Very intelligent and a high achiever she entered college early and got her bachelor’s degree very uickly But her marriage ended and feeling like a failure her primary personality came to consciousness on a window ledge She decided she needed to try therapy one timeLynn Wilson was a psychiatric social worker for the college who realized something that Casey’s previous therapists hadn’t Casey was a multiple Knowing that the personalities had emerged because Casey had never felt safe in her childhood she started on a path of re parenting Casey allowing the various personalities to feel safe and to know it was all right to feel and express the emotions they embodied Wilson did not have any training in this; she did it all intuitively And it worked Casey integrated over about 4 years much uickly than most MPDs do Most therapists think she went over the top with the case bringing Casey into her own family and ‘adopting’ her as a fifth daughter but it worked For both of them and for Wilson’s husband who became a co therapist It’s a very interesting read We not only see things from the main personalities POV but Wilson’s diaries are interspersed with the main narration allowing us to see both sides of the therapeutic process It’s a much personal book that ‘Sybil’ or ‘Eve’ or the other books on MPD Recommended

  9. Tahni Tahni says:

    I felt pretty ambivalent about most of this novel with the exception of a few stories in it around psychiatric professionals who acted in anything but a professional manner Near the end another brief mention of a later psychiatric relationship troubled me deeply as it the psychiatrist helping her through her pattern of abusive relationships appeared to have taken a very victim blame y stance and his logic was accepted as true and logical Very troublingAside from these moments I just had a hard time engaging emotionally and I think this is largely because the novel was co written by her therapist I was always worried that the therapist's voice would overrun Joan Frances Casey's and I felt skeptical because of the number of instances of psychiatrists largely capitalizing on their patients' condition for book deals especially in the wake of Sibyl In addition there was a huge part of me cringing me at the therapy techniues not because they were alternative but because the dependence on transference carried the same potential for good as it did for harm which is why these techniues are so widely frowned uponNone of this however makes this woman's story any less valid or valuable I'm glad I read it and have added hers to the voices I've listened to in order to gain perspective

  10. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

    When reading this book I wondered how it was that the main character had access to her own case file As a person with DiD myself I can tell you it is Most Unusual to have access to one's own medical files let alone notes from therapy sessions etc A responsible therapist does protect confidentiality but their notes are confidential for their own use not the patient's and I doubt she would have been willed them eitherI just have serious doubts about this true story Like some others it sounds heavily fictionalised which does nothing for people with DiD who are trying to be taken seriously I had a therapist who was filling in while mine was on vacation ask me very snidely how long I had believed myself to be a multiple When I moved to Europe a friend who was studying psych at college told me that her prof said it is exclusively a US disorder meaning he didn't believe it exists I find it odd that the therapist just happened to die at the end of the bookwhy then would the name need to be changed? And yeah no comeback no interviews post publication HmIf you like this sort of reading it may be a good read but it feeds the Hollywood mindset and mythology of books TV and movies like Sybil It does people like us no service

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The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality[KINDLE] ❅ The Flock The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality By Joan Frances Casey – When Joan Frances Casey awoke on the ledge of a building ready to jump she did not know how she had gotten there And it wasn't the first time she had blanked out She decided to give therapy another tr When Joan Frances Casey awoke on the ledge The Autobiography MOBI ☆ of a building ready to jump she did not know how she had gotten there The Flock PDF \ And it wasn't the first time she had blanked out She decided to give therapy another try And after a few sessions Lynn Wilson Flock The Autobiography MOBI î an experienced psychiatric social worker was shocked to discover that Joan had MPD Multiple Personality Disorder And as she came to know Joan's distinct Flock The Autobiography of a eBook Æ selves Lynn uncovered a nightmarish pattern of emotional and physical abuse including rape and incest that nearly succeeded in smothering the artistic and intellectual gifts of this amazing young woman.