The House at Salvation Creek Kindle Î House at

The House at Salvation Creek Kindle Î House at

10 thoughts on “The House at Salvation Creek

  1. Donna Donna says:

    As a continuation of Salvation Creek this book continues the life of Susan Duncan in her life post cancer It was beautifully written and a book that reminded me how wonderful the small things in our everyday lives should be cherished and enjoyed Friends family love and food

  2. Warrick Warrick says:

    Interesting Its mainly about living in Dorothea Mackellars house in Pittwater and trying to find out about the house Its also about the community there and life Its pretty life affirming and positive despite the book beginning with her brother and husband dying within 3 days of each other her getting cancer but surviving and then her next door neighbours wife also gets cancer but dies she and the husband get together fall in love after a these tragedies and move into the house I think the full stories of all this in the first book Salvation Creek Theres lots of good descriptions of food close calls on boats goannas tourists business ventures and day to day life as people get older and others dieIts aboutwell life

  3. Toni Toni says:

    I loved this book Susan Duncan has an amazing writing style that really captures the imagination Although this is not a novel it is true life which shows what an amazing writer she is I couldn't wait for 'reading time' each night to escape into the adventures Susan and Bob shared Looking forward to book three

  4. Lesley Moseley Lesley Moseley says:

    I really did enjoy this Book Much cheerier understandably than the first book Written over a decade ago but seems very 'now' Benefits of a lovely life

  5. Kim Kim says:

    Did not enjoy Felt like a 'cash in' on book one I also started not to like the author I do admire her honesty

  6. Helen Windle Helen Windle says:

    A lovely relaxing story of life in Tarrangaua a water access only house near Pittwater in Sydney

  7. Sarah Herft Sarah Herft says:

    A good read as a follow up to Salvation Creek but not as engaging as it's preuel

  8. Pauline Pauline says:

    Interesting read Pittwater sounds like a lovely place to visit Did her husband have a dictionary of platitudes to uote every time she spoke to him? Sadly You will never want to eat cake again

  9. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths Sue Gerhardt Griffiths says:

    This was such a lovely memoir Susan Duncan is a great storyteller her words flowed beautifullyI liked this one as much as the first one and looking forward to reading A Life On Pittwater

  10. Maggie Maggie says:

    Very disappointing The first book was definitely better and seemed to have purpose Although this book explored who the architect of Dorothy McKellar's house may have been it wasn't a particularly interesting issue for me and to be honest I dont really mind who it was I found this book to have less purpose and conseuently was much less interesting Didnt hold my interest skimmed parts

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The House at Salvation Creek [Read] ➪ The House at Salvation Creek By Susan Duncan – Continuing the story of Susan Duncan's much loved memoir Salvation Creek this book picks up after Bob and Susan marry and two years later move from her Tin Shed into his pale yellow house on the hi Continuing the story of Susan Duncan's at Salvation PDF ´ much loved memoir Salvation Creek this book picks up after Bob and Susan marry and two years later move from her Tin Shed into his pale yellow house on the high rough hill Tarrangaua built for the iconic Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar Set against the backdrop of the small close knit Pittwater community with its colorful characters and uirky The House PDF \ history this story is about what happens when you open the door to life adventure and love But it's also about mothers and daughters as Susan confronts her mother's new frailty and her own role in what has always been a difficult relationship Where Salvation Creek was about mortality—living life in the face of death— The House is about stepping outside your comfort zone and House at Salvation Kindle × embracing challenges at any age In turn funny and moving Susan Duncan's beautifully written seuel reminds us to honor what matters in life and to disregard what really doesn't.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The House at Salvation Creek
  • Susan Duncan
  • English
  • 11 August 2016
  • 9781863256483

About the Author: Susan Duncan

Susan Duncan enjoyed a year at Salvation PDF ´ career spanning radio newspaper and magazine journalism including editing two of Australia's top selling women's magazines The Australian Women's Weekly and New Idea She now lives in her own patch of offshore paradise Pittwater with her second husband Bob in the beautiful home built for poet Dorothea Mackellar in Susan's bestselling memoir Salvation Cre.