The Last Castle Epub ☆ The Last eBook Ï

The Last Castle Epub ☆ The Last eBook Ï

The Last Castle ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Last Castle Author Jack Vance – From back cover First Castel Haleyon fell then Sea Island then Morninglight then Maraval one by one with their gaue clad Phanes ancient books and sutble essences teh proud castles of Earch fell before From back cover First Castel Haleyon fell then Sea Island then Morninglight then Maraval one by one with their gaue clad Phanes ancient books and sutble essences teh proud castles of Earch fell before the rebellious Meks until only Castel Hagedorn was left For years the eks had served without complaint; they were indispensable for no truegentelman would deman himself with the indignity of toil Now for no discernible reason they were about to destroy the genteel civilization of Earth But the The Last eBook Ï cultured aristocrats were too proud to lower themselves by dealing with the Mek rebellion Even as their turrets crumbled around them they chose to remain dignified and aloof Someone had to do somethingHagedorn was The Last Castle.

About the Author: Jack Vance

John Holbrook Vance.

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  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    Very goodJack Vance’s 1966 thin novel was thought well enough of to garner the 1967 Hugo for Best Novelette and the 1966 Nebula for Best Novella High praise and well deserved this is a special workAn observant reader will see the obvious allegory against aristocratic prerogatives gone awry will concede the superficial message decrying slavery class consciousness and xenophobia an SF euphemism for real world racismBut Vance gives us The character of Xanten demonstrates a dynamic evolution from aristocratic discontent to a pragmatic if still prideful survivability Among the ruling class Vance shows an understanding of what changes must be madeVance also portrays the dark underside of class distinction that provides only a pencil thin distinction between outright slavery his depiction of the alien Meks and their eventual rebellion is well played and enacted with a simplicity akin to fable“Since we have no future to our glorious past”Vance’s “gentlemen” and the privileged class was inspired according to the author by Japanese feudalism but I thought of the stereotypical British imperialist cast in B movies and TV the pompous and condescendingly elite absentee landlord and the insensitive royal blithely dismissing the working class To be sure Vance’s illustration of this group approaches caricature but it is also powerfully if not too subtly drawn and Vance’s talent is evidentThe tone and structure of the tale was somewhat reminiscent of Michael Moorcock’s Corum seriesA must read for a fan and probably not a bad choice for a new reader of this SFF Grandmaster

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    This novellete won the Hugo in '67 and the Nebular in '66 and it happens to be my very first reading of Jack Vance I expected nothing other than Silver Age SF under topics that were very important to the day and what might seem to be very old tropes So what did I get? Silver Age SF a fairly deeply buried reflection on a topic of Doing The Job Yourself as opposed letting another class be it race socioeconomic or sex to do it for you You know American Work Ethic and why the hell is everyone hiring maids to do all their housework damnit? And of course we get the standard SF tropes that all you fans love such as highly stratified societies and a huge War With Robots Yeah And don't forget castles and neat twists that make them seem almost like metaphors for tightly controlled generational ships The afterward tells us that he's bringing in some of the surface layers of Japanese Shogunate verbal niceties too so definitely keep an eye out in the read for that There's a ton of great ideas flitting and flying about here and some of them have 2 foot wingspans even if they're craven cowards and don't want to dominate the text Which is a shame because the juxtaposition of all these tropes and a few I haven't even mentioned is what makes this story a truly cool oneJack Vance was one hell of a talesmith and I am thrilled enough to start building a collection right next to my tiny but growing shelf of Poul Anderson SweetOh and for those purists that hate to read old SF because of all the sexism prejudice and other cringeworthy social artifacts don't worry yourselves with this one It's pretty damn clean and interesting without being a misanthropeview spoilerAfter all the slaves get freed and the old masters have to get their crap together hide spoiler

  4. Manny Manny says:

    So what is this book about dwarling? Oh another of those ghastly little science fiction novels The decadent aristocrats sit in their beseiged castle which is being systematically undermined by the nasty uncouth Meks As one tower after another collapses in ruins they try to decide which bottles of priceless old wine most urgently need to be drunk before the inevitable end What a frightfully unsubtle metaphor I presume it's poorly written and stylistically uninventive? Alas you presume correctly You must forgive me I was only a teenager when I read it I forgive you dwarling Anything on the news? More catastrophes in the third world I believe I'm afraid I lost interest after a minute and turned it off Thought I'd go back to Proust Very sensible dwarling

  5. TJ TJ says:

    The Last Castle was first published in Galaxy Magazine in 1966 It won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 1967 and the Nebula Award for Best Novella in 1966 It was also nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Novel Technically it is a novella The setting is in the far future where an elite clans of humans on Earth live in castles as a special class of ruling aristocrats Under them are the peasants and slaves Most of the work even the most technical is performed by enslaved aliens called Meks The humans think the docile Meks are happy being slaves so are taken by surprise when there is an uprising and all of the Meks begin fighting to eliminate humans The Meks defeat all castles except the largest and best defended one called Castle Hagedorn One of the clan leaders there Xanten organizes a final stand against the Meks Using lively dialog and interesting alien creatures Vance presents humanitarian and ethical issues in a well written and interesting story It is one of his better writings although not one his very finest It is a pity that of Vance's novellas and novels did not receive awards My rating 4

  6. Chazzbot Chazzbot says:

    This is the first Jack Vance novel that I've read It is one of those novels in the grand SF tradition providing a wide view of a particular historical moment with all its history and cultural uirks in the midst of an engaging story about the individuals caught up in itThe story concerns a society living on a future Earth that has adopted several alien species for use as workers servants and sexual objects The society is indolent ignorant and arrogant with a few notable exceptions As the novel begins rumours are floating around about an uprising of some of the alien species The pampered humans either dismiss the rumours or are annoyed by what they regard as the impertinence and rudeness of the uprising Although I wouldn't call this a heavy handed novel it would certainly be difficult to miss the message this novel offers on slavery and complacency Vance's language is witty and engaging however and the novel reads so uickly you won't be bothered by the obviousness of its moral The characterization of the indolent castle dwellers alone makes the novel worth reading

  7. Bob Bob says:

    A fascinating story that is applicable even today 47 years after it was written Indeed it might even be relevant today than when was written The story centers around a small group of aristocratic gentleman who treat all beneath them as slaves fit only for subjugation and basic tasks When comes the inevitable revolt they are ill prepared physically mentally and socially to deal with such a thing because they never believed it could happen One imagines the French aristocracy having thought the same way

  8. TK421 TK421 says:

    A prescient novella with themes that could be taken from today's headlinesTHE LAST CASTLE should be read and discussed by all today To say of this brief 115 page story would only ruin the impact of its messageHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  9. Ayla Ayla says:

    A group of castles back on Earth run by aristocrats and serviced by alien people In their complacency they feel it beneath them to stop the Mec who have revolted against Since the Mec were the slavesservants in charge of all technology and workings of it they are left defenseless To condescending of their honor to make the needed repairs it is almost the end of them until the last castle Xanten finally gets them to defend and fight and in the end they bring down the uprising not without lost to many They learn tone self sufficient in the end

  10. Jim Jim says:

    Jack Vance's The Last Castle won both a Hugo and Nebula Awards for excellence It tells the story of a human race that has spread out to other planets Elements of them have returned to earth and enslaved other races to do their work for them including the talented Meks and the insectlike Phanes The returned earthlings mostly live an epicene existence in isolated castles Others are spread out in small towns these are called expiationists The action begins when the Meks rebel and begin conuering the castles one by one until only Castle Hagedorn is left The hero Xanten leader of the clan of the same name doesn't want to fall prey to the Meks and tries to find some way of mobilizing his reluctant fellows to defend themselvesThis is an excellent read which I recommend to anyone who likes fantasy literature

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