Kurt Cobain eBook Ú Paperback

Kurt Cobain eBook Ú Paperback

Kurt Cobain ❰Read❯ ➵ Kurt Cobain Author Christopher Sandford – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Here is the first biography to explore with shocking detail the drama that formed this troubled tragic rock star Neither an apology nor a condemnation Kurt Cobain presents a vivid insider's view of th Here is the first biography to explore with shocking detail the drama that formed this troubled tragic rock star Neither an apology nor a condemnation Kurt Cobain presents a vivid insider's view of the life and death of a man who galvanized a generation and gave birth to the grunge revolution with his band Nirvana Sandford portrays the provocative small town rebel with the talent of John Lennon and then shows him at work on concert stages in Seattle New York and London Readers follow the struggles of Cobain's emotional life—his tumultuous relationships with family and his fellow band members his drug addiction and sexual appetite his stormy marriage to Courtney Love and the birth of his daughter who as Cobain wrote in his suicide note reminds me too much of who I used to be During his research Sandford has had access to Cobain's family his colleagues his former friends and lovers and even author William S Burroughs whom Cobain considered to be his greatest influence The result is a graphic account of the life that led to the day in April when Cobain turned a shotgun on himself and became a martyr to disaffected youth around the world.

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  1. Jamie Tirion Jamie Tirion says:

    The description of Kurt Cobain in this book is absolute bullshit Read this text by Jack Endino who recorded with Kurt loads of timesrecently someone sent me a photocopy of just two pages 106 and 107 from Chris Sandford’s book on Nirvana entitled “Kurt Cobain” In it he describes the sessions for Bleach from the point of view of “Endino’s engineer” and even an unnamed “second source at Reciprocal”; he describes Kurt putting lit matches in his mouth spraying antiperspirant down his throat pouring beer on the mixing board taking “fistfuls of pills” etc etc Let me fucking set this straight this is pure fiction In all the times I worked with Kurt I never even saw him drink a beer in the studio His pre Nevermind times in the studio with me were utterly normal; the band was there to work They didn’t have enough money to fuck around And in my entire career no one has ever poured beer or anything else on the board Further there were NO assistants or “other sources” to witness any of the goings on at Reciprocal except for me the band and one or two of their friends for the simple reason that the 3 producerengineers there me Chris Hanzsek and Rich Hinklin always worked separately eually and alone There were no other employees no staff no runners no front office We never had assistants or interns paid or free until 1992 or so when Phil Ek fresh out of recording school sat in with me for a few sessions This was after the studio had turned into “Word Of Mouth Productions” for a couple years It was not “Reciprocal” any I mean an assistant? The control room was so small you couldn’t even fit all the band members in it So either this guy made all this up can’t really see why he would want to or better yet someone else decided to take the gullible journalist for a ride figuratively speaking It’s even possible that someone in the band’s own entourage fed the guy this bullshit with the band’s secret approval; these are the sort of unbelievable stories Kurt just might have encouraged as media pranks I doubt this but I’m trying like hell to give this guy the benefit of the doubt I haven’t read the rest of the book yet ’cause I don’t want to spend the cash but I hope for Kurt’s and his daughter’s sake that the rest of it isn’t like those two pages I got Later note It is I’ve since read it The whole book is full of eually outlandish nonsense Sigh OK now extrapolate from how 100% fictional the two pages I know about are Seeing this kind of fiction printed about Kurt really bums me out

  2. Saptashwa Saptashwa says:

    The author should stick to sticking his tiny finger up his ass and smelling it periodically instead of trying to write about greats he has no fuckin' knowledge of

  3. Rob Rob says:

    makes albert goldman look like james boswell this is a shit biography that goes the extra mile not only is it bad biography it's mean spirited trash bravo

  4. Carol Storm Carol Storm says:

    Really a pretty good book but don't read it if you only want to hear good things about Kurt Cobain Christopher Sandford is brutally honest about a lot of really obnoxious incidents and events and also about Cobain's public attitude which was both unbelievably arrogant and self pitying Sandford's problem is not so much that he's biased against Kurt Cobain but that he never makes up his mind One minute he says Cobain could never acknowledge his addiction the next he says Cobain was ashamed of his addiction One minute he says Cobain was totally indifferent to success the next he says Cobain was driven and ambitious I mean some contradiction exist in everyone but this author never resolves any of the contradictions and never really reaches any type of understanding Another interesting problem is the way drugs are discussed Sandford makes it clear that everyone in Kurt Cobain's life knew that he was a heroin addict and that they knew this for at least two or three years before he died But there's no explanation of why there was no intervention or even a public confrontation with the man himself And this is not just about weakness or lack of compassion You have to wonder how so many people let so much money slip through their hands Kurt Cobain alive meant millions of dollars for his band mates his record label his management his wife etc Kurt Cobain dead meant ruin for everyone Why none of these different groups were never able to get together and stage an intervention is never discussed Everyone's heard the famous anecdote where Kurt Cobain's mother lectured him on all the rock stars who died at 27 and how she urged him not to join that stupid club This was a tragedy that everyone saw coming but no one did anything to prevent it Related to this there's a larger social point A rap legend like Snoop Dog could spend four years in jail for selling a relatively small amount of crack cocaine on the street But Kurt Cobain was buying heroin and shooting up openly for months for years and everyone turned a blind eye It's a great thing to be white in America Sandford doesn't comment on this side of the tragedy Overall the writing on the music is much better than the writing on the man My favorite sentence in the whole book was when Sandford describes IN UTERO as one long scream of horrified despair at the ugliness of life outside the womb

  5. Nicole Green Nicole Green says:

    This book is full of sensationalism That it was written by a journalist makes sense considering the state of our media todayThere's some good info about Kurt and his music here and Nirvana generally and that's the only reason I didn't give this book one starVery little of the author's claims are backed up by actual facts Most of the info is hearsay from most likely disgruntled people And it's pretty easy to say whatever you want about a dead guy After all who's going to contradict you? Take note that this book was written after Cobain's death Right after itThe author clearly lets his bias against Cobain show There's no way you can call this an objective picture of Cobain's life The book was incredibly hard to get through it was poorly organized and it could've been much shorterIn all if you can skim through it for the facts and you'll have to do a lot of skimming it might be worth the read Also if you like sensationalism and Cobain bashing it'll be worth the read for you

  6. Ally Van Schilt Ally Van Schilt says:

    Unlike many other Cobain biographies I've read Now I've been generous in my rating as I strangely enough enjoy biographies which do not glorify their subjects I like biographies that show the people as flawed complex individuals something which there's no doubting Kurt was not perfect and not making excuses for them when they're clearly in the wrong This book certainly did not glorify Kurt It was an extremely harsh portrayal of him in fact And having read a few other Goodreads reviews of the book it has rubbed people up the wrong way Totally understandable obviously anyone who is reading this book is a fan of Kurt and to see him portrayed in such a way is hurtful and difficult I definitely struggled reading some of the accusations made against him But I do like that it wasn't a typical poor tortured artist glory be to him kind of book I just think that given that the book was published in 1995 only a year after his death it may be just a tad insensitive The coda at the end of the book was a worthy inclusion which reflects upon this In summary a warts and all examination into the person of Kurt Cobain

  7. Chris Chris says:

    I learned a lot about Cobain from this book assuming the author wasn't paid by Courtney Love to drag Kurt's name through the mud If this really is a true account of Cobain's life it's one of the most shocking biographies I've ever read

  8. Colin Claytor Colin Claytor says:

    Other goodreads reviews say that this book was very inaccurate and inconsistent and I have to agree The way Kurt Cobain was described in this book was very vague and didn’t have a lot of credible sources According Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic they had never seen Kurt drink beer in the studio because the band was there to work In Dave’s words “We didn’t have enough money to fuck around” And there are no recorded witnesses to the allegations of Kurt’s treatment of women I think this book is almost 80% filler because there is not much to say about Kurt Cobain really He was a singer for a famous rock band who got into drugs and eventually killed himself I also found the book insulting Particularly when the book stated that Kurt thought the album “Nevermind” was a sellout I think the author should have done a lot research on Kurt before writing a book about him I had always respected Kurt Cobain’s work but this book makes me feel like I shouldn’t and that really bums me out I also find this book very contradictory because the beginning of the books tells you that he didn’t have very big aspirations to be a big famous rockstar But just a few chapters later it’ll tell you that he always wanted to be a big rock star This book was not very enjoyable and I struggled to read it from time to time But I was also intrigued by it because I’m always interested in how the media or in this case the author spins the words of people to make them look bad If you enjoy a mediocre biography about a very respected musician then this is the perfect book for you But if you enjoy a good factual well written biography of a musician then I would avoid this book and just listen to their music and recorded interviews for real facts

  9. Jack Jack says:

    One of the worst books I've ever read In short it is of an attack on Kurt's character rather than an unbiased portrayal of his legacy Sandford is highly opinionated and arrogant in his writing and shows little regard for anything beyond sensationalist viewpoints I give the book no stars and would only recommend it to those who would like to read every publication regarding Cobain despite Sanford's blatant inaccuracies and hostile tone throughout A prime example of an author who would be better suited writing for the National Enuirer and whom ought to be barred from any sort of honest and accurate publication

  10. Chris Chris says:

    I thought the author did a good job summarizing Cobain's life even though there were some confusing throughout the book Many people feel the author did not do a good job expressing Cobain's emotions but I though he did a good job showing Cobain's actions and what caused them I think that the reader did a good job with character development although I didn't like how they described Cobain's death in the beginning because it made me not want to read the book because I knew how and why he killed himself In contrast I think that author did not do a good job with gripping the plot because at times it was hard to understand the emotions Cobain was feeling

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