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Tickling the English PDF/EPUB ↠ Tickling the ePUB

Tickling the English ➳ [Read] ➮ Tickling the English By Dara Ó Briain ➾ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Irishman Dara O' Briain lives and works in England When he's not in London he's taking his show on tour up and down the country Although he's been doing this for years it's clear to him that his adopt Irishman Dara O' Briain lives and works in England When he's not in London he's taking his show on tour up and down the country Although he's been doing this for years it's clear to him that his adopted home is still a a bit of an enigma Tickling the ePUB Ò It is high time he decides to discover what makes the English sowell English.

  • Hardcover
  • 310 pages
  • Tickling the English
  • Dara Ó Briain
  • English
  • 24 October 2016
  • 9780718154370

About the Author: Dara Ó Briain

Dara Ó Briain is an Irish stand up comedian and television presenter He has hosted panel shows such as The Panel Mock the Week and Dara O Briain School of Hard SumsHe has also featured on Don't Feed the Gondolas Have I Got News For You I The Tickling the ePUB Ò Apprentice You're Fired and Stargazing Live The Irish Independent described him as Terry Wogan's heir apparent as Britain's 'favourite Irishman'.

10 thoughts on “Tickling the English

  1. Nabila Nabila says:

    I like Dara O Briain I do I think he's funny and even in the book he comes across as charming and bright But I thought this was a book about the English You know a bit of an insight by someone who's not English about the uirks and foibles of the English It isn't It's a tour diary with a few asides about the English Which would be fine If this was called Dara's Tour Diary With a few asides on the English But it isn't Just saying

  2. Bookhuw Bookhuw says:

    No no no This book actually made me angry Marketed as an outsider's look at the nuances of national character this is merely an extremely cynical attempt to cash in on a comedian's popularity with nothing offered up in exchange O'Briain isn’t completely terrible when he tries a bit of Bryson esue socio historic analysis but they are half hearted and lazy with clear googled research But what instead makes up the bulk of this book is hastily kept diary of a national tour where O'Briain notes down some of the ad libs he is particularly smug about At some early stage of the book which I cannot bring myself to pick up again to check the exact content O’Briain states he once nearly named a tour You Had To Have Been There in reference to the challenge of effectively retelling a funny encounter So why why? WHY? does he then write an entire book where he repeatedly tries to do just that? Both baffling and stupid The really offensive aspect of this book is how bland and unnecessary it is To call it awful is a bit strong but having seen how uick witted and perceptive O'Briain can be in person just serves to make it apparent how shallow and insipid this is

  3. Alison Alison says:

    Not uite what I was expecting from the blurb however an enjoyable enough read about moments from his tour with some observations about “the English” along the way

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    Loved this book The first time I saw Dara O Briain was when I was in Dublin on business during one of the coldest and rainiest Decembers Ireland had seen in years Which meant I was inside my hotel watching all kinds of shows like Badly Dubbed Porn no I'm not making that up its a real show that comes on around 7 pm and all kinds of comedy shows They LOVE comedy shows there Dara was on three different programs that week and while I've yet to see any of his stuff over here in the US I do make it a point to catch his stuff on YouTube In addition to being laugh out loud funny there's also little bits of trivia that I'm dying to use someday and hope that it doesn't fall flat I'll try it out now Did you know that Wicklow was the last county to be created in Ireland back in the 1600s? Or that St George is the Patron Saint of about 8 different European countries? And that he is actually Palestinian on his mother's side and Turkish on his father's? Well I found that interesting at least The book is much funnier then those bits might lead you to believe I highly recommend reading it though as of March 2010 its not available in the US I ordered it off of 's UK site

  5. Jim Jim says:

    In London City airport when I picked this up I'd thought that it was going to be a funny appraisal of the English as viewed from the East of Ireland To be fair it is that but it is really a vehicle for O Briain to repeat some of the funnier exchanges with his audience on one of his mamouth tours of Britain mostly England as the title suggests As a book of anecdotes and funny observations this works passes the time on the plane It is worth reading just for the Rolls Royce bit but if you've seen the DVD show of this tour which was on TV in the UK a lot recently you've seen a fair bit of what you'll read

  6. Ana Ana says:

    This turned out to be a bit of a mixed bagI thought it was going to be a Bill Brysonesue romp through England and the EnglishBut then it turned into a comedy tour diaryAnd then he mentioned going to Dublin numerous times and even PerthPerth is not in England I understand the Dublin bit as Mr O Briain is Irish so showing the juxtaposition of his experiences back in Ireland with his on English soilBut Perth and Edinburgh which gets mentioned though not told about? That'd be in ScotlandWhat the heck would that have to do with the English??It also would suddenly have loads of historical facts thrown in which seemed a bit odd given the arrangement of this bookIn the end it was neither fish nor fowl I still enjoyed reading it but it tried to do too many things at once

  7. Iuliana Naughton Iuliana Naughton says:

    I am a big fan of his and have seen uite a few of his live shows the book had huge potential but it wasn't as good as i thought it would be it is well written and enjoyable but the format didn't work for me he kept listing people that he talked to during the shows at the beginning of a chapter but then he wouldn't mention them or the jokesstories at all while talking about that particular show Having seen some of the actual shows he talks about in the book i found some of the stories and jokes he chose to put on paper very odd He left out some of his best stuff

  8. Sarah Parker Sarah Parker says:

    This is part tour diary part look at the English psyche from an outsiders perspective part guide on the different towns of Britain All in all it’s a bit of an off mis mash that doesn’t have a cohesive structure I do like O’Briain as a comedian but I think here he’s maybe bitten off than he can chew It’s not that the book isn’t well written because it is it’s just that I’m not too sure why the book was written in the first place It doesn’t add much to the canon that already exists Unless you want to have near constant comparisons to the Irish Then this is the book for you

  9. Lesley Lesley says:

    I enjoyed this book although I was disappointed to find that it was mostly stories from Dara's stand up tour of the UK peppered with a few of his own stories opinions some facts from other author's publications it was sold as an insight into the English psyche Still funny still informative just not what I was led to expect from the sleevenotes

  10. Norma Norma says:

    A uirky off beat book intelligently observed and well written Observations of the English gleaned from this top Irish born comedian whilst on tour in the UK Lots of well researched anecdotes Not a comedy book but a joy to read

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