The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon PDF ß York

The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon PDF ß York

The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon Author Nina Antonia – Book DescriptionToo Much Too Soon is the definitive story of the most outrageous glam rock band of them all The New York Dolls The Dolls peddling trans gender posturing and incendiary rock 'n' roll we Book York Dolls: Too Much PDF/EPUB ² DescriptionToo Much Too Soon is the York Dolls: Epub Ù definitive story of the most outrageous glam rock band of them all The New York Dolls The Dolls peddling trans gender posturing and incendiary rock 'n' roll were dumped by the record business after The New Epub / making just two albums But their influence lives on.

  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon
  • Nina Antonia
  • English
  • 25 October 2014
  • 9781844499847

10 thoughts on “The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon

  1. Michael Michael says:

    Let me just say thank Bob for Youtube so I can finally see old footage of the Dolls live because I wasn't lucky enough to have seen them during their initial run I was born the same years the Dolls exploded on the scene looking like crazed transvestites They were original at a time when rock music needed it and they gave rock fans something no one had ever seen before You can see their influence all over popular music Let's be honest and say that if it weren't for the Dolls those hairbands from the 80's would've never existed and it's a known fact that KISS was hugely influenced by the band as well With that being said the book tells the Dolls story as it slowly unravels The Dolls it seemed were poised to be the new face of rock 'n' roll but instead they became a casualty The books doesn't hold anything back and as far as bios go this one is really good because it doesn't try and lay blame on why The Dolls fell apart You can see the cracks begin to form but no one was able or even smart enough to stop it If anything Too Much Too Soon is a cautionary tale of what happens when the gimmick stops working The Dolls were victims of a lot of things and at times the worst enemy of the band were themselves It's informative but at times I felt that there should have been More insight on the band and maybe a few pictures Just having the story is good but what made the band so uniue was their look It's talked about in great length but the pictures that the author provide don't really do a casual fan any good While the Dolls were inventive and groundbreaking it's what also did them in There were a lot of mistakes made and you can feel a bit of sadness as you realize that The Dolls are falling apart There would be no third record and the chemistry that the band had was all but destroyed and drugs and ego took hold For anyone looking to read a book about the Dolls this is a decent read that gives you the history of the band and their slow tumble and eventual demise I didn't know a lot about the band before reading the book and I'm glad that I read it As a fan it gives me a better understanding of what made the band so good and what eventually caused their breakup The band would reunite but it's just not the same Most of the band is no longer with us but we do have the records and the small amount of video footage to remind us just how great they were The book is well researched so you get a fair and balanced read and there are interviews with each band member sprinkled throughout This is their story after all and Nina clearly wanted to write a book that would appeal to fans as well as non fans This is the story of the Dolls and their brief run in rock excess and into the history books Now all we need is to get the band into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame where they belong

  2. Michael Martin Michael Martin says:

    The New York Dolls was a 70s band whose influence then and now far exceeds its commercial success The Velvet Underground The Stooges and Big Star fall into this group but the story of The Dolls is the sorriest on many levels The impacts of drugs drink death personality clashes and a music industry that failed to realise just how mould breaking they really were aren't uniue to The Dolls but the conseuences were heinous and tragic nevertheless Nina Antonia does a great job of breaking down their short chaotic and misundertood career into a moving and enlightening narrative that never misses a beat Highly recommended

  3. Don Don says:

    A sad and tragic history of a 70's punk band that never reached it's potential due to drugs and other issues I saw them in 1974 at the Allen Theater in Cleveland We went to see the opening act Kiss and I got hooked on the Dolls by accident They had two great albums but I had no idea how horrific their back story was Reading this book got me listening to their music again and reliving some of my teenage memories

  4. Kay Smillie Kay Smillie says:

    I was vaguely aware of the New York Dolls vividly recalling the BOF Bob Harris dismissing them on the Old Grey Whistle Test On discovering punk in early 77 part of my record purchasing was earmarked for the Dolls' albums Very much the missing link between glam and punk Very much a famous part of the New York music scene Nostalgia mixed with sadness is the story of Too Much Too SoonRay Smillie

  5. Tim Tim says:

    Two of the best bands to get a behind the music feel are The Doors and The Dolls I love that I am reading The Good Fairies of New York and Johnny Thunders and Billy Murcia make cameos from heaven as they hear someone playing his solos on his lost '55 Gibson Stratocaster Sometimes life has some great surprises

  6. Dr. Detroit Dr. Detroit says:

    When the New York Dolls rang in New Year's 1974 from the stage of the Michigan Palace I'd only had my driver's license for a few short months and didn't have the guts to drive down to the old barn on Bagley in the heart of downtown Detroit now the site of a parking lot not that my old man would have given me the keys to his 1967 Galaxie 500 anyway So like an idiot and despite the fact that I could have stayed home warm and dry and listened to a simulcast of the show on WABX I hopped on my Huffy 10 speed and began pedaling making my way straight down Michigan Avenue into the madhouse that was the Motor City all apologies to Ted Nugent back in those menacing years following the 1967 riots which changed this city forever a 10 mile trek one way from my house in lily white Dearborn How bad was it back then? Every night prior to its eleven o'clock newscast one of the local TV stations here would announce It's eleven o'clock Do you know where your children are? At least on that night I'm sure my parents looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders Nina Antonia seems to have cornered the market on New York Dolls books As far as I can tell Too Much Too Soon is the only one on the market and unless Syl Sylvain David Johansen or Arthur Kane decide to pick up a pen or sit down at a keyboard it's much too late for Billy Murcia Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan they've all given up the oxygen habit it's probably the only one you'll ever need It's a cogent look through a haze of dope smoke and pills at a band spinning their wheels in search of the muse clearly way ahead of any marketer's business plan as well as that of their own management team Despite the best efforts of Marty Thau and less than best efforts of Steve Leber and David Krebs the Dolls sort of just escaped ran around and did a lot of drugs in the process creating a highly influential milieu it seems the world is still trying to get a handle on 30 years later In my mind there's nothing boring in a band bio than reading about the hardscrabble lives of the members' parents or grandparents so to Antonia's credit she gets in and gets out By the end of the first chapter the original lineup is in place and lookin' for a kiss if not a gig manager and comfortable pair of heels Although I've always considered myself a huge fan Antonia recounts many interesting aspects of the band's history I'd never heard before to wit Spoiler Alert As a teenager Thunders nee Genzale was scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies As the band was forming founding member Sylvain nipped off to London briefly leaving the guitar duties to Rick Rivets and Kane with street rat Thunders on bass A short time later Thunders took over the lead chores and prior to Johansen coming on board also handled the vocals The Dolls were seriously courted by Who manager and Track Records whom the Heartbreakers later signed with boss Kit Lambert during their first trip to London for a series of gigs including one wedged between the Pink Fairies and The Faces at Wembley Pool When Nolan signed on to replace the overdosed Murcia he received three drumkits and a couch as part of the deal Before Todd Rundgren was selected to produce the first album the band also kicked around the names of Phil Spector David Bowie and Roy Wood Thunders received his first fix from Iggy Pop In Missouri the band were supported by and found kindred spirits in are you sitting down? Lynyrd Skynyrd getting in the words of Peter Jordan stoned drunk together The Dolls were filmed for an aborted Ralph Bakshi film called Hey Good Looking with animation to be fit in around them at a later date Jimmy Page thought so highly of Thunders believing him to be the next special guitar player that whenever Led Zeppelin appeared in New York Page would send a limo around to pick him up If it's not already obvious Antonia has really done her homework despite a dearth of Dolls related information and factoids out there and must have busted her ass tracking down the surviving members of the band as well as uber groupies Sabel Starr and Cyrinda Foxe Tyler roadies hangers on and all of the ex managers for their input Yet for all of the critical glory they forged together the New York Dolls' careers sadly went right down the toilet pretty fast laid to waste by the now cliche combination of dope mismanagement and downright shameful album sales And as for that New Year's Eve show I went to back in 1973? Definitely in my top ten of all time due in no small part to a set of disheveled sleazy gutter rock from the Dolls for which Sylvain relates to Antonia they were paid 14000 God love her and the fact that I found a ride home with Pootzer who let me throw my bike in the trunk of his car

  7. East Bay J East Bay J says:

    I really dig The new York Dolls and received Too Much Too Soon as a Christmas gift this year I'd read Kris Needs' rather decent Dolls bio and enjoyed it uite a bit Nina Antonia's Dolls bio is eually enjoyable While both are a bit light on the facts and details they tell the story of the Dolls in an engaging fashion that conveys some of the spirit of the era and of the band themselvesAntonia relates the Dolls' career in a light easy manner that is a good read but sometimes skimps on details Let it be known I like lengthy thoroughly researched music bios and almost always feel like there could have been packed into the music bios I read so it stands to reason I would find Too Much Too Soon to be a little too little for my taste Areas where information might have made for a better bio abound but I can't say anything is left out It's all here all the struggles and successes and failures and deaths The Dolls did not have an easy career and they didn't do themselves too many favors It's tragic really considering the influence they had on so so so many bands who came after them from Aerosmith to the punks to 80's glamsters like Hanoi Rocks Their first two albums were cursed with what I hear as weak production and the material on those LPs included too much filler but considering when they happened and how they happened they were real pioneers in the world of rockAlso it was a treat to listen to New York Dolls Too Much Too Soon and The Heartbreakers' LAMF while reading this bookOccasionally I ran into things that struck me as a bit off Antonia made sure to include a footnote on page 170 explaining that jonesing is Old American slang for drug withdrawal I have to assume that as of the initial 1998 publishing of this book 999% of people knew what jonesing means Antonia consistently misspells movie maker Ralph Bakshi's name as Bashki which leads me to uestion what other errors might have been made The worst for me is the statement Even Richard Hell's take on youthful nihilism which he summarized in the song 'Blank Generation' inspired the Pistols' inferior 'Pretty Vacant' I realize music is all a matter of opinion but to say Pretty Vacant is inferior to Blank Generation is taking things a bit far Blank Generation is a clever marginally catchy cabaret like number that I can take or leave each time I hear it Pretty Vacant is the sound of an entire generation exploding into effect a clarion call to the disaffected youth of the 70's a great roar of frustration and outrage Inferior my arseAll of that aside Antonia has written a fascinating book about a fabulous band one that will educate any Dolls fan about the strange twisted fairytale that was the life of The New York Dolls Often as much fun to read as the band is to listen to Too Much Too Soon is a good read

  8. Tosh Tosh says:

    Not as great as Please Kill Me which covers the same ground with respect to the great New York Dollsbut nevertheless essential biography on the band For one thing it is such a tragic sad story due to Thunder and Nolan's heroin use Art Kane's recent sudden death The one thing that gives hope is the Doll's music which of course is superb David Johnansen is a great figure A witty writer up there with Cole Porter and Ray Davies

  9. Ed Wagemann Ed Wagemann says:

    Why Everything You Think You Know About Punk Is Completely Wrong

  10. Bryan Dunn Bryan Dunn says:

    Like a lot of music bios you'll like it about as much as you like the band Well researched but the author comes across as too much of a fan sometimes which is common and I guess if you're going to write an entire book about something you kind of have to be I'm not really a fan of the Dolls; I know they're important but I'm interested in some of the artists they influenced And there's nothing in the book that really convinced me otherwise

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