Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles Epub ¸ Mrs. Halliburton's

Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles Epub ¸ Mrs. Halliburton's

Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles ➳ [Reading] ➶ Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles By Mrs. Henry Wood ➩ – MRS HALLIBURTON'S TROUBLES is one of the less sensational novels written by Mrs Henry Wood which is to say that only half the characters have to contend with debt seduction murder roguery deception an MRS HALLIBURTON'S TROUBLES is one of the less sensational novels written by Mrs Henry Wood which is to say that only half the characters have to contend with debt seduction murder roguery deception and that worst of all Victorian fates sinking below their class These are the troubles that beset those without the strength of will and sterling moral character of the novel's heroine the widowed Mrs Halliburton who supports her children with nothing than unremitting labor and a belief in God Mrs Halliburton's iron Mrs. Halliburton's eBook Ô will contrasts with the dissolute lifestyle of the Halliburtons' cousins the Dares who suffer one scandal and disgrace after another In the end of course God helps only those who helped themselves Although she is all but forgotten in modern literary circles Mrs Henry Wood was one of the most famous novelists of the Victorian period with a sales record that rivaled Dickens Where Dickens portrayed social forces as well as characters however Wood emphasized the power of the individual For her Mrs Halliburton's poverty is an opportunity to explore the idea of character and the ways in which people determine their own fate In this Mrs Henry Wood anticipated the rags to riches novels of Horatio Alger.

About the Author: Mrs. Henry Wood

Ellen Wood née Price was an English novelist better known as Mrs Henry Wood She wrote over novels many of which especially East Lynne enjoyed remarkable popularity Among the best known of her stories are Danesbury House Oswald Cray Mrs Halliburton's Troubles The Channings Lord Oakburn's Daughters and The Shadow of Ashlydyat For many years she worked as the proprietor and edito.

10 thoughts on “Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles

  1. Ian Ian says:

    I like Mrs Wood's sensation novels but this was one of her domestic novels and a vehicle for her own somewhat simplistic philosophy of life an unuestioning trust in God will overcome all obstacles and hard work will always be rewarded in the end It is uite readable and the good solid God fearing characters are surprisingly likeable but it is bogged down by constant moralising and the author even preaches directly to the reader at several points in the book

  2. Judy Judy says:

    This Victorian novel really is a baggy monster meandering around all over the place with a lot of different stories which don't really fit together Some parts are gripping especially a courtroom drama in the third volume but other sections drag and there is a lot of sermonising Really one for die hard readers of Victorian novels only

  3. Christi Christi says:

    I was expecting something a bit racier from the author of East Lynne so the novel was rather disappointing It was basically a less interesting version of John Halifax Gentleman I read it before bedtime to help me fall asleep

  4. CJ CJ says:

    I have an older version of this book hardback published in the early 1900's and I found it to be an interesting view of life business and family in the mid to late 1800's when it was originally published I feel that people should always read the obscure older books to get some insights as to what life was like before everyone had access to time saving technology and credit lines that were easy to get

  5. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I love Mrs Henry Wood's novels particularly when they're clearly set in Worcester my home town This one is perhaps not my favourite but still thoroughly enjoyable

  6. Emily Emily says:

    This is not Mrs Henry Wood's best book I've read East Lynn and The Channings so far and they were much better Still this is absolutely worth reading if you're into didactic domestic Victorian novels Mrs Halliburton's Troubles spans three generations for no particular reason The narrative structure is that of a serial novel where the author filled space by grabbing any narrative thread she could swing from and riding it to the end Jane Halliburton's father dies bringing a bowl of beef tea to the Widow Booth's slutty daughter who is also dying and I thought that Miss Booth would come round at the end and bestow financial gratitude on Jane Halliburton relieving her of her troubles but everybody moves to Helstonleigh and leaves their impoverished London neighbors to Dickens Mrs Halliburton's troubles mount The lawyer Dare puts an uncouth man into the Halliburtons' home to see that they don't sell their furniture to pay their debts Everyone eats bread and potatoes multiple times a day A child dies But by the middle of the book Mrs Halliburton's troubles are over through a combination of Protestant hard work and long didactic passages about faith Then it's all about her son William Halliburton and his faith and hard work There are also some partially resolved passages about the working class neighbors Mrs Henry Wood really doesn't think the working class works hard enough and she will tell you at length what she thinks they should be doing William Halliburton tells them too and that fixes them Then there's a murder that the Halliburtons aren't even involved in The murderer is pretty obvious but everyone thinks it's Herbert Dare the son of the lawyer Dare who did not raise his children properly and is befuddled as to why they're all wastrels That's a good twenty percent of the book So not the best but definitely interesting if you're willing to read a five hundred page book for the journey not the destination

  7. Patrizia Patrizia says:

    Mrs Henry Wood ha scritto più di trenta romanzi lungo un arco di tempo che ha coperto la seconda metà dell'ottocento non c'era da aspettarsi che potessero essere tutti avvincenti come 'East Lynne' e di certo uesto non lo era Mrs Alliburton i cui lutti e i cui problemi occupano gran parte delle pagine viene presentata dall'autrice come un fulgido esempio di religiosità e rettitudine e possiamo seguire le sue vicende dal momento in cui incontra il futuro marito fino a uello in cui assiste orgogliosa al successo nella vita dei suoi tre figli modelli di perfezione come la madre Il lungo scontato svolgersi degli eventi è appena appena turbato da un minimo 'giallo' un omicidio il cui colpevole sarà rivelato solo nelle ultime pagine uando tutti i cattivi troveranno implacabilmente uno per uno la loro punizione

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