Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue PDF/EPUB µ Life

Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue PDF/EPUB µ Life

10 thoughts on “Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue

  1. Sandra Strange Sandra Strange says:

    In this autobiographical exploration Jane Pauley the network news and features commentator records her memories of the years she spent climbing the ladder to the heights of daily TV She explores her own psychological problems as well including her psychological breakdown and diagnosed bipolar disorder speculating about the effects of her experiences—her family childhood teen years and career The narrative is unassuming and that presents the problem Her life a life meeting and interviewing and writing about premier contemporary leaders both political and cultural comes across as ordinary even trivial because of the way she views herself and her experiences The narrative is pleasant and the reading painless but it is not gripping writing The story begins with her psychological problems and hints at causes in her childhood but the beginning is exciting than the rest so the book ends up a bit disappointing

  2. Tracy Antol Tracy Antol says:

    I wanted to like this book than I did Jane seems like a lovely person Her life seems pretty charmed from the outside I was expecting detail around her mental illness and how she's working through it Alas it was of a memoir a kind of boring memoir from a pretty girl I really wanted to like it

  3. Christine Fay Christine Fay says:

    Well it’s helpful to know that one of America’s most normal appearing television sweethearts suffers from BPD The beginning of the book starts off with her diagnosis and what happened during the course of her treatment for hives and how a course of steroids put her into a full blown mania buying houses for people writing a book etc The rest of the novel is an informal recollection of childhood events but without any seeming cohesion to them When she says that she is not known for being the best writer she speaks the truth as it shows in her memoir I read this book in one sitting on a plane to Florida and was really unimpressed with the style and the story was a bit lackluster Perhaps with an assistant she could have put together a better cohesive story Not really recommended reading There are better memoirs out there

  4. Rick Ludwig Rick Ludwig says:

    Having suffered from severe suicidal depression myself I found great resonance in jane's experiences her ability to view things with a writers detachment while still clearly conveying the impact on her life made this a very compelling read and should help others to face their own issues with depression

  5. Sue Sue says:

    I found this book at the DI for75 so thought I couldn't lose I enjoyed it but found it a bit disjointed I am a big fan of Jane Pauley who now writes for AARP How did she and I get this old? Anyway it's a uick read a nostalgic trip through her childhood and provides insight into her insecurities and personal struggles with medical induced bi polar

  6. Cyndy Cyndy says:

    I was kind of disappointedshe seemed to allude to a revelation about her family that never really happened It was ok

  7. Lucimar Lucimar says:

    Loved this very honest account of her life and finally realizing she was bipolar I totally appreciate the fact this book debunks alot of myths about what living with that diagnosis means

  8. Tess Mertens-Johnson Tess Mertens-Johnson says:

    This is an autobiography that not only discussed Jane Pauley’s life and career but her issues with being bipolarShe spoke of a midwestern upbringing with a father who traveled and was a closet alcoholic and a homemaker mother and one sister She spoke of her rise in the world of television journalism marriage that has lasted children and career ups and downsShe also spoke of her mood swings great sadness that would take her by surprise It was her doctor who saw the change in her and recommended a path to wellnessAll through the book Jane stated she never wanted to pry into the personal life of anyone she interviewed She did this also for herself in this book giving a 30000 foot view of per deep personal lifeI have always and still admired Jane Pauley This book gave a face of bipolar disorder that even professionals who seems the have “had it all” are just a susceptible to this disorder

  9. Jan Cole Jan Cole says:

    Michelle Obama mentioned in the spring of 2020 that she was suffering from mild depression As a hard core Sunday Morning fan I was fascinated when Jane Pauley television’s pleasant girl next door took time in her program to share about a time in her life when she suffered from depression and was eventually diagnosed and treated for bipolar depression Pauley is a good storyteller but fails to convey how remarkable her life and career are She touches on her illness and the fact that since being medicated she has never had another reoccurance There were no earthshaking revelations no deep personal insights The mental illness section could have been expanded to educate the audience All in all a good book but nothing earthshaking

  10. Bernie Stewart Bernie Stewart says:

    Skywriting an autobiographical examination of Jane Pauley’life captured my attention at a used bookstore As a fan of Pauley and because of her secret grapple with mental illness I purchased the text for a humble cost of 150 It’s a uick read but with minimum substance;I found the book disappointing — very much day to day information about Jane’s upbringing experiences and achievements and very limited insight about her way of life with bipolar disorder Mark the price down to 50

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Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue By Jane Pauley ⚣ – “Truth arrives in microscopic increments and when enough has accumulated–in a moment of recognition you just know You know because the truth fits I was the only member of my family to lack the gen “Truth arrives in Life Out PDF Î microscopic increments and when enough has accumulated–in a moment of recognition you just know You know because the truth fits I was the only member of my family to lack the gene for numbers but I do need things to add up Approaching midlife I became aware of a darkening feeling–was it something heavy on my heart or was something missing Grateful as I am for the opportunities I’ve had and especially for the people who came into my life as a result I couldn’t ignore this feeling I had the impulse to Skywriting: A Epub / begin a conversation with myself through writing as if to see if my fingers could get to the bottom of it It was a Saturday morning eight or ten A Life Out of the PDF/EPUB ² years ago when I began following this impulse to find the answers to unformed uestions Skywriting is what I call my personal process of discovery”And so begins this beautiful and surprising memoir in which beloved broadcast journalist Jane Pauley tells a remarkable story of self discovery and an extraordinary life from her childhood in the American heartland to her three decades in televisionEncompassing her beginnings at the local A Life Out PDF ☆ Indianapolis station and her bright debut–at age twenty five on NBC’s Today and later on Dateline–Pauley forthrightly delves into the ups and downs of a fantastic career But there is much to Jane Pauley than just the famous face on TVs In this memoir she reveals herself to be a brilliant woman with singular insights She explores her roots growing up in Indiana and discusses the resiliency of the American family and addresses with humor and depth a subject very close to her heart discovering yourself and redefining your strengths at midlife Striking moving candid and uniue A Life Out of the PDF/EPUB ² Skywriting explores firsthand the difficulty and the rewards of self reinvention.