Queers in History Kindle ✓ Queers in ePUB Ò

Queers in History Kindle ✓ Queers in ePUB Ò

  • 587 pages
  • Queers in History
  • Keith Stern
  • English
  • 13 July 2015

10 thoughts on “Queers in History

  1. Emilie Emilie says:

    Well this book was mildly interesting but clearly flawed in research and well roundedness When one lists some of their sources as Wikipedia we know there's a problem It was very interesting in bits and also heartbreaking An excerpt from a letter from Hans Christian Anderson to a lost same sex love was particularly sad for me to read Social pressure inducing a life of secrecy is needless suffering but is so often necessary such as in this caseWhile the premise was good the book itself was flawed in execution It's credibility was definitely uestionable and having some passages be lengthy and others uite brief was odd A mildly interesting read but should not necessarily be considered 100% fact based

  2. Michelle Hoogterp Michelle Hoogterp says:

    This is a reference book and not a cover to cover book at least not for meI am very disappointed that for further reading under each entry only one book or website such as Wikipedia is listed The books that make it into inclusion for further reading are such that have a clear homosexual agenda for promoting the idea that a certain artist or politician etc is indeed gay The problem with that is that there should be biographies autobiographies letters and other reliable resourcesI still think this is a good book and as Sir Ian McKellen says in his foreword But if one or two names entered in the author's engaging list are doubtful about their inclusion perhaps they won't on reflection object much to being between the sheets with Michelangelo and Armistead Maupin what could be cozier?

  3. Joann Joann says:

    The author includes Angelina Jolie but omits Tamara de Lempicka? Lempicka was notorious for her steamy love affairs with both sexes Still a fascinating read

  4. Erin Foley Erin Foley says:

    Like reading a wonderful giant gossip rag Entertaining as all get out as long as you don't take all of the speculation in the book and there is lots as gospel truth

  5. C. C. says:

    I enjoyed this book and learning about some very fascinating ueer individuals throughout history Most I had never heard of or I did know them but did not know they were ueer I was also able to learn about a few books that look interesting

  6. Lenore Webb Lenore Webb says:

    College Girl recently was visiting with family here at our home this weekend A wonderful couple that are raising their interracial granddaughter Here on our front porch we share their lives for a lil while The struggles of these two men who have served in uiet retrospect while giving their all to provide for the communities they have lived in Many times having an uphill battle to just be allowed to have the right to be part of that community Some our greatest citizens of the world have had that same battle ueers in History an encyclopedia style book shares that many people have lived the DADT policy In this book we saw so many people in history that gave to our world experience while also having a different sexuality than those around them College Girl was thrilled to share this book with her cousins Here we learned that many politicians and military along with artist writers musicians and entrepreneurs shared the same historyFor exampleAn heroic soldier Deborah Sampson in the US Revolution was actually a woman in disguise who married another woman after her service in the Continental Army? When Deborah's true identity was discovered she was denied here veterans pensionJames Buchanan US President had a male roommate that was so close that they were called the Siamese Twins In 1994 Bucahanan's grave was vandalized with words about his sexuality

  7. A. Nixon A. Nixon says:

    This is a great book to flip through I've learned about historical figures and some entries surprised me I'll admit that at times I was a little unconvinced but it's always nice to think about the possibility of people being a member of your community That said it is a really great look at ueer figures in history and it has a couple tables in the back organized by name and by year which were a great help in browsing through names

  8. Reese Reese says:

    Really a brilliant summary of LGBT people in history all in alphabetical order It made me come to a couple realizations first of all ueers are everywhere and they've done some amazing things and second people have unfairly made an effort to cover up the sexuality of many incredible figures throughout history Da Vinci? George Washington? Eleanor Roosevelt? There are a ton of amazing and surprising things to learn from this book

  9. Carlos Carlos says:

    This book was not only fascinating but also constantly surprising I'd recommend it to anyone and especially any LGBT teen who is struggling or not with defining themselves without the least hesitation It not only shows the history of the LGBT community but also the breadth of its contribution to civilization across history

  10. JaNel JaNel says:

    It's an encyclopedia of gays lesbians etc just like it says It also includes why they believeknow they wereare homosexual Very interesting reading

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Queers in History[Read] ➪ Queers in History Author Keith Stern – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk ueers in History is the first comprehensive biographical compendium of important historical and contemporary figures who wereare gay lesbian bisexual or transgender From Egyptian pharaohs Catholic pop ueers in History is the first comprehensive biographical compendium of important historical and contemporary figures who wereare gay lesbian bisexual Queers in ePUB Ò or transgender From Egyptian pharaohs Catholic popes and Abraham Lincoln to Bishop Gene Robinson Neil Patrick Harris and Angelina Jolie ueers in History brings these figures from their work to their sexuality to life The hundreds of people whose stories appear in this book are some of the most intriguing personalities of their times actors and actresses writers and musicians businessmen and politicians scientists and soldiers But this irresistibly readable encyclopedia intended for gays and straights alike doesn't just report those details that get left out of the standard biographies; it reveals a fascinating picture of ueer society and culture throughout recorded history from the homosexual shudo tradition practiced by samurai in Japan to the modern struggles for eual rights in America Sir Ian McKellen offers a foreword.