The Constitution in Exile How the Federal Government Has

The Constitution in Exile How the Federal Government Has

The Constitution in Exile How the Federal Government Has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land ➿ The Constitution in Exile How the Federal Government Has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land Free ➶ Author Andrew P. Napolitano – What ever happened to our inalienable rightsThe Constitution was once the bedrock of our country an unpretentious parchment that boldly established the God given rights and freedoms of America Today t What ever happened to our in Exile Kindle Ô inalienable rightsThe Constitution was once the bedrock of our country an unpretentious parchment that boldly established the God given rights and freedoms of America Today that parchment has been shred to ribbons explains Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew P Napolitano as the federal government trounces state and individual rights and expands its reach far beyond what the Framers intendedAn important follow up to Judge Napolitano's best selling Constitutional Chaos The Constitution PDF/EPUB ² this book shows with no nonsense clarity how Congress has purchased regulations by bribing states and explains how the Supreme Court has devised historically inaccurate logically inconsistent and even laughable justifications to approve what Congress has doneIt's an exciting excursion into the dark corners of the law showing how do gooders busybodies and control freaks in government disregard the limitations imposed upon Congress by the Constitution and enact laws illegal and unnatural in virtually every area of Constitution in Exile PDF Í human endeavorPraise for The Constitution in Exile from Left Right and CenterDoes anyone understand the vision of America's founding fathers The courts and Congress apparently don't have a clue But Judge Andrew P Napolitano does and so will you if you read The Constitution in Exile BILL O'REILLYWhatever happened to states rights limited Constitution in Exile How the Kindle - government and natural law Judge Napolitano in his own inimitable style takes us on a fascinating tour of the destruction of constitutional government If Constitution in Exile How the Kindle - you want to know how the federal government got so big and fat read this book Agree or disagree this book will make you think SEAN HANNITYIn all of the American media Judge Andrew P Napolitano is the most persistent uncompromising guardian of both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution very much including the Bill of Rights Increasingly our Constitution is in clear and present danger Judge Napolitano in The Constitution in Exile has challenged all Americans across party lines to learn the extent of this constitutional crisis NAT HENTOFFJudge Napolitano engages here in what I do every day on my program make you think There's no uestion that potential Supreme Court nominees and what our Constitution says and doesn't say played a major role for many voters in our last couple of elections What the judge does here is detail why the federal government claims it can regulate as well as tax everything in sight as it grows and grows Agree or disagree with him you need to read his latest book think and begin to arm yourself as you enter this important debate RUSH LIMBAUGHAt a time when we are in Benjamin Franklin's words sacrificing essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety here comes the judge with what should be mandatory reading for the executive branch cronies who are busy stealing power while they think we're not watching Thank goodness the judge is watching and speaking truth to power More than a book this is an emergency call to philosophical arms one we must heed before it's too late ALAN COLMES.

10 thoughts on “The Constitution in Exile How the Federal Government Has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land

  1. Danny Danny says:

    a technical look at the leftest court that has croupted the founding documents

  2. Rick Rick says:

    This was a very eye opening book It seems that no matter who is in power they seem to want to increase their control over the people The Constitution is one of the stumbling blocks but can be easily circumvented if someone is determined enough Those someones are the politicians we send to do our bidding but they are often doing things that serve their own purposes This book is over ten years old but still has lessons for us today It is a worthwhile read

  3. John John says:

    I am reading this book to obtain a judicial review of the practicality of our constitution Terrorism it is my humble and unlearned opinion because I am no expert has changed the rules of the game of our relationship not only with some governments but with or among ourselves The government takes liberties that to some by step our Bill of Rights Does the Constitution need to be changed? Ignored? Is the conservative contention that the Constitution of these United States is being set aside or challenged for legitimacy in our current socio economic crisis and the overarching threat of terrorist activity against us? For my own interest and to be informed I am on a uest to find out what I can

  4. Blake Maddux Blake Maddux says:

    3 12 starsUnspectacular but entertaining and informative There did seem to be some lazysloppy editing and research For example Napolitano uotes Louis Brandeis from what he says is a famous Supreme Court Decision It is so famous apparently that he doen not know the name of it That is because the uote came not from a SCOTUS decision but from an article Brandeis and his law partner wrote called The Right To PrivacyStill this is absolutely worth reading coming as it does from a Fox News commentator who defends judicial review opposed George W Bush's unconstitutional actions in the so called war on terror and calls Abraham Lincoln a dictator

  5. Sean Rosenthal Sean Rosenthal says:

    Interesting uoteOn December 13 2003 the President signed the Intelligence Authorization ActFor the first time in American history the government without showing probable cause and without getting a search warrant from a judge can read your mail before you do can go to your lawyer's office and seize your files and the lawyer can't tell you and it can do the same with a bank with a hospital with your physician and with your pharmacistIt was signed the day we captured Saddam Hussein The story about the legislation was buried Judge Andrew Napolitano the Constitution in Exile

  6. Mike Daly Mike Daly says:

    Certainly a lot to think about An interesting read and while I am not sure of everything he talks about he certainly makes a lot of interesting points about how a government of enumerated powers has infiltrated virtually every aspect of our livesFrom what employers can and can't do with respect to birth control to it being the responsibility of the government to develop a device to remind parents they have children in their carhow did our parents due and and why did they forget to teach us responsibilityLiberal or conservative it will get you thinking

  7. John John says:

    Napolitano writes at length about the ways each branch of government has usurped powers not granted it by the Constitution He is especially helpful in exposing court cases throughout our history in which freedoms have been preserved and others in which freedoms have been taken This is a book that Americans need to read We take for granted so much of the way things are without understanding the conseuences

  8. David Robins David Robins says:

    It's good but could have been better At some points he isn't sure how much government he actually wants and I wish he'd define what he considered natural law a little better since the concept does vary a little Nonetheless a good overview of some of the cases and events wherein the various branches of the federal government have stolen the liberties beueathed to the American people through the founders via the Constitution

  9. Michael Green Michael Green says:

    It's so easy but shortsighted to blame the current president for our troublesbut you need to read this book to understand that our problems go back much further than recent history Our government has been systematically seizing power and won't stop until it is made to stop This should be reuired reading for all students

  10. Lewis Fiecke Lewis Fiecke says:

    Saddening reality of today's judicial practices the abandonment of the citizens having rule over themselves and the right to privacy and freedoms Current trends have us giving up freedom at an alarming rate and by the time we notice it may be too late

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