The Warrior Prince Dragon Lords #4 MOBI ☆ Prince

The Warrior Prince Dragon Lords #4 MOBI ☆ Prince

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  1. Marion Marion says:

    Pia Korbin is an assasin whose body has been burned over 60 percent during an explosion After killing a man for trying to rape her her only alternative to get away is signing up as a Galaxy Bride During her trip to uilixen she has reconstructive surgery Even though she no longer has scars and looks beautiful she feels ugly When Zoran claims her as his bride and tells her he desires her she is convinced he is making fun of her Having been an assasin she knows how to fight and does not like the restrictions put upon her by Zoran Both hh are strong and have uite a few misunderstandings The emotional turmoil these two go through to finally find HEA is at times heartbreaking While there were not alot of sex scenes there was alot of sexual tension

  2. Jess Jess says:

    I'm not enjoying this series as much as I did the spinoff Lords of the Var and I think a lot of it has to do with the timeline of the books So the series is written on a concurrent timeline which means that everything is really happening at the same time For the story in each book this means that you'll see certain scenes again have some plots overlap and can see a scene from a few different points of view I think that this is a good idea and it can be interesting to see one scene from a different characters eyes or finally know what that other character was thinking at a particular moment However there have also been a few scenes that have been repeated in each book I think some of them are almost identical and it's becoming a bit repetitive I understand the timeline is happening at the same time and many of the characters met previously on the galaxy ship for example or the beginning of the bridal march but do we really need to witness the same scene in each book? It's just becoming tedious It's not enough of an issue to stop me from continuing the series but I didn't notice it as much in her Lords of the Var series Perhaps because this one has books in it that I'm noticing similarities between them? Who knows? I'll continue to read because I want to know what happens with the rest of the family

  3. Heather Watkins Heather Watkins says:

    A story about the 4th prince of the Draig This prince is also looking for love and finds it by forcing Pia a girl who is running and thinks she is ugly and running from a murder therefore has a bodyface transformation that makes her yet beautiful The princes have a way about seducing and he definitely puts it to Pia She resists thinking that he could not really find her irresistable After many many things happening on the planet they both come to realize they were made for each other There are also plenty of hot sexy scenes This book is a perfect ending to the Draig series But there is to learn in the next series Lords of the Var keep reading

  4. Hollie Hollie says:

    This is the last book in the Dragon Lords series that revolves around the princes I did enjoy all the stories One of the things that drove me crazy in every story was the repetition Since all four books include the same days for the princes and their chosen brides when all came together princesbrides you had the same verbiage through every book It wasn't even altered a little bit to for exampleshow the decorations of the coronation ceremony through each brides eyes I also had some eye rolling moments over how each bride so therefore each story fought the marriage

  5. Yvonne Daniels Yvonne Daniels says:

    Warrior PrinceBy Michelle M Pillow⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I was given a copy to read and review Michelle Pillow is one of my favorite aurthors to read I adore her storyline they are fascinating imaginative and lovable Her characters are truly fantastic sexy individual yet keeps the series going I couldn't stop reading until I finished Sleep and food don't matter just give me a comfortable seat and place Then I open Michelle's book and I'm in a world I enjoyThis is my favorite couple I was sure of how Pia is so humble about her appearance to the point she vehemently denies being attractive although that did get a little old after 200 pages of people telling her she was attractive but I do understand her perspective She is very self assured in her combat skills but she feels useless to Zoran because he doesn't seem to value her skills or opinion Also Zoran is so ready to lay the world at Pia's feet but she is so unsure of herself and Zoran that she doesn't trust her feelings for him and constantly pushes him awayThis book has some really great sexual tension and verbal sparring between the main characters I really enjoyed seeing how Pia and Zoran circled each other before finally opening up their feelingsThe fourth installment in the Dragon Lords series centers around Pia Korbin and Zoran of Draig Pia is an assassin with burns covering most of her body Forced on the run for killing in self defense she goes to the Galaxy Brides Corporation for free surgery in exchange for being a bride After intensive surgery that removes her scars she participates in the Breeding Festival on planet urilixen where women are few and warrior men abound She is chosen as a bride by Zoran of Draig the second son of the King and Captain of the guardAnother Prince I fell in love with and I can't wait to read the next Book from Michelle I recommend this book I really really enjoyed

  6. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    I'm continuing my revisit of the Dragon Lord princes with these new extended additions and wow I'd forgotten just what fun they are Four books that all interconnect but each time the reader is treated to a different point of view This particular book brings us face to face with Zoran the commander and probably my favourite prince He is loud ruthless always in charge and about to meet his match Pia is on the run and needs to disappear but with her looks? Hmm maybe not that easy or is it? With a little help from Galaxy Brides and their medical tech perhaps anonymity is possible Pia will always see herself as scarred though and doesn't expect to be chosen but Zoran has no doubts she belongs to him Oh Pia I felt for you truly feeling unworthy and so distrustful but luckily there's a certain warrior who will stand firm and it was wonderful to read how the relationship developed into something both passionate and loving Expect fireworks though before this couple reach their happy endingYes these books form a wider picture when read in order but they can each be read as a standalone Finally learning the softer side of Zoran was a huge treat as he is such a tough stoic character but it's Pia who stole the show as it were It's impossible not to want her to find happiness after the life she's had and maybe at times she's a little too harsh on both herself and Zoran but Ms Pillow finds a way to let them both shine A delicious romance and recommended for lovers of paranormal romance I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Heather Fortman Heather Fortman says:

    AmazingI’ve been anxiously awaiting this final Dragon Lords Anniversary Edition to be released because I’ve been DYING to leave a review for it I received it as an ARC for my honest review and I have to tell ya you do NOT want to miss this If you are new to the series or have read them before it does NOT MATTER You WILL want to read them all The first ones were good but these new edited and expanded Anniversary editions? SO MUCH BETTERPia and Zoran have issues like any couple but are able to blast through them as well as dealing with trouble from several fronts Their methods of dealing with these troubles bring them closer together At times you’ll want to cry with them smack them and love them I really love how each of the stories works together but are independent of each other and uite uniue

  8. Beth Fuller Beth Fuller says:

    It's always hard to decide which of the books in this series is the best; especially when each installment seems to be better than the previous in this book you finally get to see what Zoran is like behind the gruff and stoic demeanor he shows to the rest of the world Pia too is far from one dimensional I think her story is the saddest of the heroines in the series The interaction between her and Zoran keeps both characters along with a few others on their toes The storyline is different enough from the previous books to keep you involved instead of skimming the parts that cross over I think the story is best read at a leisurely pace too you won't want to risk missing anything I believe that this book is the best of the series to serve as a standalone and you definitely can't go wrong purchasing ita copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review

  9. Karen Karen says:

    MY FAVORITE OF THE SERIES I LOVE THIS SERIES and I love this book and this warrior may be my favorite but oh my I just cannot choose they are all so yummy The auther does relive thru each book but it is a must with each bride since they do share many of the same issues but on different level and in differnt views so you will not be disappointed Zoran is my favorite and I love his animalistic character he is just etible I WISH THE AUTHOR would come up with a continuation book on the four princes and their kids and wives I know there are lots of issuesall that stuff you know and the great sex cannot forget that eitherI would LOVE Michelle to follow up on these characters

  10. Ana Ana says:

    Another Prince bites the dust Prince Zoran Commander of the Guard may be a hard a but he is about to meet his matchPia is a very scarred girl full of hatred for herself now she finds herself with this husband who keeps telling her she is beautiful but she knows better No man that handsome and sexy could want her but she will not let him pity herSo the battle for dominance begins who will give in to the will of the other?Prince Zoran may be the big bad Draig but he has the softest heart and his feelings are much sensitive than his brothers I absolutely loved himI was gifted this book for an honest review

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