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  1. The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) says:

    Don't you just hate those space ship thieves? Unhappy with conditions on earth Robert E Lee A decedent loosely related to the great Civil War General save he's black leads an exploratory mission to the stars Instead of staying under the Yoke of an oppressive government he pulls off the ultimate betrayal and fires the first shot metaphorically speaking of what would turn out to be a long struggle for independence Lee and his team of handpicked colonists put themselves into cryogenic suspension for the long trip On the way treachery had already cost them one life When they wake up they reached an inhabitable world waiting to be settled Behind them Earth has not forgotten them and ahead of them are hardships that will test every man and woman on the team I enjoyed this book on audio tape The narrators changed to match gender and in some cases the ages of those telling their story Steele wove a collection of short linked tales together into a cohesive tale of courage determination and danger Each short section told through the eyes of the different colonists fit together seamlessly and they were a very interesting selection of narrators a 16 year old girl spunky as hell Robert E Lee Carlos the son of the first casualties on the new planet The book read like a collection of first person tales of settling the great frontier in the New World with Daniel Boone or Davy Crocket The characters began to feel like family as the story tackles many of the subtle issues we face today Teen Pregnancy the frustration of youth to be heard over the desires of their parents war rebellion first contact and learning to live in harmony with an angry alien land There’s even one creepy story about a crazy reverend who had been surgically altered to look like a horrid demon and secretly drank blood taken from his cult of followers Can you say “Creeeeeepyyyy”? The entire series is good though I didn't like the last book as much as the others and as good as the first book turned out I think the second and third were even better WarningsIt's a good read for anyone though there are some hard subjects tackled here such as teen pregnancy that might not be appropriate for youth under a certain age People do get killed and there is plenty of action and violence Allen Steele does express his own thoughts and feelings about some political subjects but not in a way that detracts from the story His views are in a take it or leave it no penalty basis You can disagree with him and still enjoy the story every bit as much as you would if you agreed with him The focus is on story not on philosophy I'm just saying it's there Great read Enjoy

  2. Jacqie Jacqie says:

    Well this was a book club read I'm embarrassed to say I got halfway through and I just couldn't waste any reading time on it I have a lot of complaining to do though soSPOILERS FOLLOW IF YOU WANT TO RETAIN ANY ILLUSIONS ABOUT THIS BOOK DO NOT READ FURTHERI think perhaps what I will do is make a list of all the ridiculousness I'm not even going to go into the politics of the book although I lean left myself because the right wing villains are so very cartoonish that it's embarrassing again Although I did like the reference to the Gingrich Moon Base or something like it made by the author in 2002 A bit of trivia that will undoubtedly be lost to the ages1 Names There's no actual physical description of anybody except for the icy beauty of the evil ex wife hey you married her dude you are not the victim here you used her for her political connections but it seems the default is white because at least the oh so ethnic ethnic Hispanic names try so very hard to show that the author is inclusive and trying to put people who are not of western European descent in his book We get Jorge Montero his wife Rita son Carlos and daughter Maria Then we get the Asian doctor the only other non white person around that we know of Mr Montero didn't name his son say Carl and his daughter Monica? I am not disparaging the fact of Hispanic names here but the fact that the author is taking the short hand of using names instead of description or any other method of inclusivity It made the book feel dated and clunky and obvious this was the way that people introduced non white characters when they wanted to show that they were PC in the 80's 2 The plan is to sleep gas all the carefully selected colonists and replace them with people who are dissidents against the fascist government who all also happen to be scientists One scientist is much like another I suppose and they all would be eually ready to help with colonization Actually this could be true for a staggeringly inept group of colonists I have never seen3 Everyone is put into cryogenic storage for about 250 years In the book cryogenic storage has never been attempted for longer than 18 months but everyone assumes it will all turn out okay and no one is left to monitor the situation4 It does not go okay One person wakes up a few months or years I can't remember which and it doesn't matter into the voyage He can't put himself back to sleep so he uses about 13 of the colonists' total food supply as he hangs out over the next 30 years He does not spend any time trying to learn about the cryogenic system or software coding so he can put himself back to sleep though He does find out that there is a saboteur who was supposed to be woken up in order to blow up the ship if anything happened other than a normal voyage the fascist government didn't want anybody using their ship for non regulation purposes So he decides to warn his captain about this by LEAVING HIM A NOTE That is what he does He leaves a note 5 Everybody gets woken up together when they get to Planet Coyote even though the first people woken know that 30% of their food supplies have been consumed Oh by the way everybody includes a contingent of Marines that tried to stop the hijacking of the spacecraft and were cryogenically stored against their will and the saboteur which the captain knew about because he got his note 6 The captain persuades the loyalist Marine sergeant that he might as well go along with the colonists because the space ship was only made to go one way and can't take them back and even if it could go back it would take another 250 years Fair enough Then he and the Marine captain stay behind all the other colonists to confront the saboteur who gets shot Fade away in the next scene the captain muses sadly over the fact the the first BB party on Planet Coyote is marred by him having to tell about the accident the saboteur had the first colonist death besides the guy that got woken up early The captain thinks I never thought I'd have to be explaining that a man died Dude You set it up so the man would die You should have expected it Captain Robert E Lee yes that is his name has a real victim complex between his ex wife and not understanding loyalty even if it is misplaced7 So this hasn't even covered the utter stupidity of how Planet Coyote is colonized First they fly a surprisingly low fueled shuttle to scope things out Because of the surprisingly low fuel they just pick the first flat spot near water they see and land This is where the colony goes Planet Coyote is amazingly hospitable They know that it has water oxygen and nitrogen So because they've had their shots everyone decides that they don't need to keep on helmets or use a pressure chamber to leave the shuttle They'll just open the big door and go on out After all everyone was going to have to breathe the air eventually Yes that was their logic But fortunately this is a book so they all live 8 I get that the point of the book is to have a hardy colonization story in an earthlike world so Planet Coyote is earthlike The point isn't a Mars like terraforming but sturdy back to the land colonists Heinlein did this stuff all the time But man these people don't deserve to live All the seeds they've brought will grow in defiance of any biological sanity because this is a book All the livestock they've brought will live because this is a book And even though the colonists brought only one year of food and even that was partially taken from them they won't have too much problem with that because this is a book 9 Everybody leaves the ship and comes to the planet No one remains on their STARSHIP Hasn't anyone read the Pern books? Or any other science fiction book?10 This hasn't even considered the vanishingly small possibility that the people sent 250 years away to a different star system would even have found a planet remotely habitable even if it was in the theoretical habitable planet range The odds were so vastly against it that really it was essentially a death sentence for anyone aboard their one way ship with vanishingly small food supplies and no organized plans for leaving a minimum crew awake until favorable conditions could be ascertainedAfter all this I could not take any stupidity God knows what the characters of this book will do once they've got an actual planet to screw around on The fact that this author has won any awards is about as amazing an improbability as that of Planet Coyote being hospitable to human life He has no grasp of science of character development or of story development Anyone who's read any science fiction about colonization can point out dozens of gigantic plot and logic holes here Any author who wants to write a book like this should already be miles ahead of where this author is should have read other any other science fiction books about space colonization and have something original to say I can't find any redeeming value here

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    45 to 50 stars This is the first Allen Steele novel I have read and I was very impressed I found myself engaged in the book from the very first pages all the way to the end with no periods of boredom or loss of interest That says something about Steele's ability to tell a good well developed story without getting get too bogged down in mundane matters In the end I can say that it was a thouroughly enjoyable read and I will certainly read the next book in the series

  4. David David says:

    This is good old fashioned hard SF space exploration yarn The first interstellar colony ship first people on a new planet you've read this before — colonists figuring out the climate and ecology of a new world improvising all the things they couldn't bring from home having fatal encounters with the native fauna etc Coyote is not terribly original but lots of people like very specific genres that make no attempt to deviate from the standard tropes how many urban fantasies or Regency romances or mysteries truly stand out as different from the rest? Well that's Coyote — you want a sci fi novel about colonists settling another planet you get a sci fi novel about colonists settling another planetLest I sound too lukewarm in my praise Coyote is uite good The first third of the book takes place before the ship — The Alabama — leaves Earth It is a near future dystopia in which a right wing United Republic of America a single party police state ruled by the Liberty Party has replaced the old USA and is now building a starship as a monument to itself to guarantee its own immortality What they don't know is that Captain Robert Lee is planning to steal it and replace its loyal Liberty Party crew and colonists with freed Dissident Intellectuals — political prisonersThe story of how he pulls this off is the first part of the book and was originally published as a short story The rest of the book hangs together pretty well as a single novel but it's clearly a composite of several short stories stitched together into a linear narrative This is a hard SF novel so there is no FTL travel — the colonists travel 42 light years in cold sleep The first complication is when some URA soldiers are trapped aboard when the ship launches and go into hibernation with the colonists Obviously this causes tension when they arrive at Coyote knowing that they will never see Earth again and that the government they left behind is now history centuries in the past but they are still divided between loyalists and dissidentstraitorsThere are other complications of course and enough interpersonal conflicts to keep things cooking along The second half of the book becomes of a YA adventure when a group of teenagers for various reasons take off with a couple of boats and decide to explore Coyote It's a stupid reckless ill fated adventure exactly the sort of thing teenagers would do But it demonstrates dramatic character growth in two of the young main characters and leads into the novel's final act when another starship arrives at Coyote Coyote is perhaps not an epic but deserves to be regarded as a mid level SF classic or maybe a sci fi comfort read if you will Don't expect anything daring or unprecedented but the writing is than competent the story has plenty of hooks and turns and the characters make you care whether they'll survive This is the first book in a series and clearly there are loose threads left dangling and I enjoyed it enough to put the next book on my list

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Finished this one so it got a Two dim Red Dwarf Stars rating But just barely A group of libertarian conspirators hijack a colony starship from a repressive socialist government travel 250 years in hibernation arrive at a large moon of a planet colonize the planet with just over 100 people only to have a view spoiler communist government colony ship arrive a few years later to takeover the colonization and impose a new repression hide spoiler

  6. Casey Casey says:

    I'm a sucker for some good planet colonization sci fi and Steele has delivered ten fold in Coyote The story takes some jumps in the time line which after doing some post reading research shows that it was originally published in a series of shorts and novellas So it all works out good In fact the jumping nature of the narrative makes the story a bit less dense and plays well to the entertainment value The characters are strong and enjoyable though Steele's politics bleed through pretty heavily That's not to say it's a hindrance to the story; it's just very very clear where the author's thoughts lie It doesn't dilute the solid hard science fiction edge to the books at all and the good old fashioned frontiermanifest destiny of planet colonization is at the fore front where it should be If I had any big complaints for Coyote it would be for a lack of diversity for alien life forms that inhabit the moon The critters that we were given a rough handful of what you would expect on an alien planet are re used heavily throughout the book It would have added to the high sense of adventure to come across ever stranger beasts and plant life as the crept around the planet Then again there's two books in the series and our favorite characters have yet to adventure too far from home All in all a great sci fi read in the vein of Heinlein and the modern Scalzi

  7. dkoemans dkoemans says:

    I can't believe this was rated a 4 by this community Reads like a disjointed YA novel The science is bad the characters are paper thin the drama is artificial with no real stakes Possibly the worst part is the obvious liberal masturbation fantasyrepublican bashing that opens the book I as any good liberal I have no love for the GOP but this went to absurd lengths to demonize them to the point of it being off puttingI'll give him credit he hangs a lantern on every absurdity so he closes the holes but the explanation is far from satisfying Example they build an interstellar ship but fail to provide them with anything but the most modest of survival euipment and supplies Reason? Republicans wouldn't pay for it because they are dumb That is the ACTUAL explanation Last I checked republicans like guns they probably should have had a few or a way to make ammo Also I'm pretty sure you can't colonize another planet with 100 people Human kind reached a bottle neck 70k years ago when the population was reduced to 10k So eh good luck with thatGo to your bookshelf and look around I'm sure you have something better to read

  8. Bettie Bettie says:

    fraudiosci fi space operaTBR busting 2013pub 2002winter 20122013grand theft auto spacecraftRepublic of America with one star on the flag supposed to denote one united people but is akin to just one political party3 Galaxy Blues3 Coyote

  9. S.A. Parham S.A. Parham says:

    Originally written as a series of short stories for Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine the book does have a bit of a jarring lack of continuity because of its original format Set in a future where America's gone down the extremist right wing toilet and speaking out against the government gets you put in internment camps I think the author did a good job of creating believable characters who would get desperate enough to engineer a plot to steal a starship and escape to their own colony Unfortunately the short story origin rears its ugly head in having too many POVs for true enjoyment but definately a good read

  10. spikeINflorida spikeINflorida says:

    Free thinking Partridge Family and Brady Bunch escape evil Progressive Marxist regime on earth and colonize Planet Alienless where Danny and Jan get naughty Mehhh Very disappointing considering how much I enjoyed Steele's short story The Death of Captain Future 

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Coyote [BOOKS] ✭ Coyote ✯ Allen M. Steele – After stealing a starship full of political refugees Captain Robert E Lee and his crew travel to a distant planetary system with a habitable moon named Coyote with the dream of starting a colony free After stealing a starship full of political refugees Captain Robert E Lee and his crew travel to a distant planetary system with a habitable moon named Coyote with the dream of starting a colony free from governmental and social oppressionThe trip lasts years but while everyone is in biostasis one of the crew members is accidentally awakened With his cell permanently deactivated by the ship's AI communications officer Leslie Gillis is doomed to a solitary life and death aboard the starship When the rest of the crew is eventually reawakened as the ship reaches its destination what they find is extraordinary Once the small colony is established on Coyote they realize just how different their new world is from Earth Exploration begins and although a few colonists are killed by predators the colony survives and even begins to thrive that is until a strange comet appears in the sky.