The third rail PDF/EPUB Ó The third Kindle -

The third rail PDF/EPUB Ó The third Kindle -

  • Hardcover
  • 281 pages
  • The third rail
  • Michael Harvey
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9780307272508

10 thoughts on “The third rail

  1. Glen Glen says:

    Ex Cop now PI Michael Kelly finds himself in the hunt for a killer who does his thing on the el train in Chicago It all has something to do with an train accident Kelly somehow survived years agoThere's a coupleof section that generate tension but really a pretty tepid book

  2. Larry Larry says:

    You work alone No you don't work You hunt That's what you do You hunt human beings who often hunt human beings themselves You carry a gun and routinely use it You have no backup no safety net I don't even know if you have health insurance Worst of all you like it pp 86 86Michael Kelly's girlfriend sums up his life an a private investigator It's not entirely fair but it's pretty close to his reality The third of five so far Michael Kelly novels starts with sniper attacks on the CTA subwayelevated that are somehow rooted in Kelley's past though the FBI don't see the connection Except for one fed who has Kelly run an operation off the grid just as Chicago's mayor does though the mayor wants Kelly to kill the shooter and be done with it Kelly aided by a cop friend and a young hacker goes into action with a vengeance He's an intelligent man and just about fearless at least with regard to his own life but he has hostages in life and their lives come into playHarvey's plotting is complex and interesting and his writing strong to begin with gets stronger with each book

  3. CorLostForWords CorLostForWords says:

    This is an excellent book and it is exceedingly well crafted I found it uite gritty edgy and true to Chicago's way of life The book opens up with a brutal killing of a woman while she is waiting for a train Incidentally private investigator Michael Kelly is a witness to this despicable act and he is drawn into the caseThe tone is very dry very straightforward and very engaging The characters are likeable and certainly complex The plot is also complex and full of surprises Several situations leave you wondering what will happen next I found that this book is realistic and has connotations for today's world It definitely gets you wondering if the scenario given in this book is plausible in today's society Harvey pulls no punches with this book I couldn't put it downI didn't realize that this was the third book in a series I will definitely be reading the first two installments I hope Harvey continues with Kelly's story as I want to find out what happens nextAll in all an excellent book from an up and coming author It is definitely a book to read and Harvey is an author to watch

  4. Kathy Kathy says:

    I skipped the second book in the Michael Kelly series as it was not available to me in kindle format Having thought the first was stylized as noir and expecting the following books would continue in that vein I was certainly corrected within the first few pages This is a very readable private investigator book filled with action as well as Michael's ability to decipher misleading information Chicago's CTA the Archdiocese and the mayor all play roles in this gripping tale

  5. Don Gorman Don Gorman says:

    3 I have been having a great time exploring the Michael Kelly series from the beginning A savvy former cop now PI it is a tried and true formula in the right hands Harvey makes it work Lots of action a fair amount of violence personal angst and guilt galore interesting characters unusual bad guys and a side car or two that work as well I really like how he has developed the character of the Mayor I will be on to #4 in the series at some point Good stuff

  6. Michelle Kaye Michelle Kaye says:

    Michael Harvey AuthorThe Third Rail Alfred E Knopf Press ISBN 978 0 307 27250 8Fiction crime drama thriller murder mystery 285 pagesMayJune 2010 Review for BookpleasuresReviewer Michelle Kaye Malsbury BSBM MMReviewMichael Harvey author of “The Third Rail” is a esteemed journalist and producer of documentaries insert 2010 He has authored two previous books “The Chicago Way” and “The Fifth Floor” back pages of “The Third Rail” 2010 Awards and acclaim for Mr Harvey’s work range from international and national awards to several Emmys’s to Academy nominations He is a graduate of Duke Law School with a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and undergrad in classical languages from Holy Cross College For information about this incredibly interesting author please log on to his web site at wwwmichaelharveybookscom I’ve not had the pleasure yet anyway of reading the other two books by Michael Harvey but there is one character that is a common thread in them His name is Michael Kelly Mr Kelly was a cop and is now a PI In “The Third Rail” Mr Kelly gets sucked into a high profile case involving a series of shootings on an L train and in other strange places in the greater Chicago land area that appear somewhat planned yet random The suspected killer in these crimes even has the audacity to call Mr Kelly on his cell phone and gloat over his recent killings As the police endeavor to find out about this complex case Mr Kelly figures and prominently in the mix Eventually this case is kicked up from the local Chicago Police to the FBI because it has some similar traits to an unsolved case regarding some missing biologicalchemical warfare and a weird connection to another L train wreck both decades old If you want to know how this is all connected then you’ve got to read the book Mr Kelly gets curious does some snooping and finds out that story about the chemicalbiological warfare was covered up mostly forgotten and nobody intended it to ever resurface At least that was the planI love mysteries and crime stories especially those that take place in settings I am familiar with I am an Illinois girl with lots of friends and family in and around the Chicago area Mr Harvey’s words on the pages made me feel the city and its sometimes unforgivable weather taste the grit that is part and parcel of city life and experience the ride along the way The characters were wonderfully thought out and complex The story believable not at all contrived He Michael Harvey has a very keen insight into the personalities of the Feds and the local police as well as the criminal mind “The Third Rail” was a spellbinding read I was so absorbed that I read this book in two short days because I literally could not put it down I would definitely suggest you add this to your must read list

  7. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    Book # 3 in Michael Kelly PI seriesThrillers are all about fast paced plots and a hero that faces impossible situations and somehow get himselfherself out just in the nick of time Definitely Michael Harvey has patted down this formula to a tee and is exploring it to the max In the previous novels some historical incident were the bases for the plot “The Third Rail” is no deferent the story in the 3rd book relates to an accident which happened in 1977 when a four cars on E1 derailed and plunged to the street killing 11 persons In this mystery Kelly was on board his father was the conductorfast forward to today Kelly is drawn into a deadly cat and mouse game when one morning while he was waiting for a CTA commuter train a man shoots and kills a woman near himthis is déjà vu all overand the start of random killingsand a PI on the chaseThis story is pure adrenaline rush as its peels its mystery one page at a time in a tone that is tough reflecting the protagonist rough side The author deftly alternates between Kelly’s first person perspective and third person accounts of the men Kelly seeks The many intersecting plot threads in this convoluted tale need our full attention although they do come together by the end you will miss out if your attention wavers just a bit This book is an engaging and a pretty good action thriller featuring tough cynical characters in a bleak setting and is one hard to put down

  8. Tom Carrico Tom Carrico says:

    Two for the BeachMy definition of a good vacation read includes the following The book should be entertaining There should be a believable plot hopefully with a wicked twist at the end The characters should be interesting The book should last long enough to make it worth the effort but it should be able to be consumed in several generous helpings like two or three afternoons under a beach umbrella If there is good writing which makes all of this happen all the better Here are two which I think fit my definition uite wellThe Fifth WitnessBy Michael ConnellyThe Fifth Witness is the fourth installment of Michael Connelly’s series about Michael “Mickey” Haller first introduced in The Lincoln Lawyer If you’ve read that book or seen the movie which is terrific by the way you know Mickey is a bottom feeder His clients include bikers gang members and other assorted low lifes Mickey has used the home foreclosure crisis in California to enhance his practice He has taken out ads all over town including on the sides of buses His business is booming He feels like a knight in shining armor for once defending the common man against the greedy bankers and mortgage brokers One of Michael’s clients is a diminutive single Mom named Lisa Trammel who has used social media to organize other foreclosure victims She stages protests outside of banks and has become such a nuisance that her own bank has taken out a restraining order keeping her away from their properties When Lisa’s mortgage banker is murdered in the bank’s parking deck she becomes the prime suspect The police investigation uickly zeros in on Lisa she is arrested for first degree murder and Mickey suddenly becomes a defense attorney once againThe evidence against Lisa although mostly circumstantial is uite convincing Mickey builds a defense around discrediting the state’s evidence and postulating a different killer Michael’s new investigator his first one was killed in The Lincoln Lawyer digs into the victim’s life and finds that he was heavily in debt himself The banker had leveraged himself with loans from a shady mortgage broker with mob connections When this broker is brought in as a witness Mickey asks a line of uestions which would expose his organized crime activity and the broker is forced to plead “The Fifth” Could this man have ordered a “hit” on the victim because of outstanding debt? You bet Mickey’s other ploy to create doubt in the jury’s minds is to bring in a forensic expert who testifies that Lisa who stands 5 foot 3 inches could not have struck the victim who was well over six feet tall on the top of his head where the fatal blows landedThe final half of the book is consumed with legal bickering and arguments over the admissibility of evidence and the relevance of certain witnesses and lines of uestioning It is somewhat “Grisham esue” in its legal detail It is worth the effort to get to what is a startling and dramatic turn of events at the conclusion Mickey as expertly played in the movie by Matthew McConaughey is at his best when he’s the underdog and fighting for a losing cause This is a battle between a prosecutor who has what she thinks is a slam dunk conviction and a defense attorney who uses every trick in the book occasionally bending the rules until they almost break Mickey Haller makes sure that justice is served in The Fifth Witness You’ll have to read the book all of the way to the final page to find out exactly how he does it The Third RailBy Michael Harvey Michael Harvey has a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Languages from Holy Cross and a law degree from Duke He is a television and documentary producer and has won several Emmy Awards for that work This is his third crime novel the first of which was The Chicago Way The main character in these books is Michael Kelly a former Chicago detective who is now a private investigator Kelly is waiting for a subway on an elevated platform when he witnesses a seemingly random murder He chases the shooter but loses him in an alley Later that day the same perpetrator kills another random victim on the subway and poisons Holy Water in a Roman Catholic Church Forensic evidence links the crimes and suddenly the police and FBI have a serial killer case on their hands Homeland Security becomes involved because of the possibility of this being a terrorist attack Michael Kelly is drawn into the investigation team because he was an eye witness to the first crime in the spree Michael doesn’t trust the FBI agent in charge of the team and conducts his own independent investigation using a computer expert and another former police officer as allies The computer expert uses internet search engines and some creative hacking to discover clues as to the motives for the crimes and possible suspects The site of the second subway shooting is actually in the identical location of a 1970s accident caused by faulty train brakes The company responsible for the production of the faulty euipment was never brought to justice and Michael and his team work around the theme of these killings being some sort of revenge acts In a seemingly unrelated way it is revealed that Michael was a passenger on one of the trains involved in the old accident and Michael’s father was the train’s conductor Michael’s girlfriend a respected judge is abducted by the serial killer and video tapes of her reading an ultimatum are delivered to Michael He then realizes that this is something personal directly related to him Could this be somehow related to the old train accident? Michael has to search his childhood memory as well as the old case files from the accident investigation to cull clues as to the killer’s identity The plot is a bit convoluted but somehow it works The reader is taken down several false paths but eventually the whole story comes together with an unlikely resolution It’s not uite as unanticipated as the ending to The Fifth Witness but it is close The characters in this book are well developed and the back stories are revealed in just enough detail at exactly the right times There is a lot gratuitous violence in The Third Rail than there is in The Fifth Witness If legal thrillers are to your liking read The Fifth Witness If you like of a police procedural with some gore mixed in read The Third Rail If you’ve got a week off what the heck read them both

  9. Rick Rick says:

    Another nice effort by Michael Harvey this his book 3 of 5 in the series on Michael Kelly private investigator This tale once again ties in the Mayor's office and many from the Chicago police department even including the FBI and DHS this time The murder and mayhem is nicely described and certainly keeps one turning the pages As in his other books in the series the author once again ties in many scenes to commonplacecontemporary Chicago locations The whole story for that matter is constructed around an actual event from Chicago history I like the series and I like the main character PI Michael Kelly and I will finish the 5 books We'll see if he can sustain the energy Three stars buts still worth the read

  10. Todd Todd says:

    Really closer to 35 stars Michael Harvey is a great writer of action and detective work and his understanding of the city of Chicago both geographically and spiritually is better than any fiction writer going He does have a tendency to overwrite at times and he can lapse into a bad Dashiell Hammett imitation at others but when he avoids these pitfalls the characters seem real and the plot really pops

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The third rail☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The third rail By Michael Harvey ✍ – A woman is shot as she waits for her train to work An hour later a second woman is gunned down as she rides an elevated train through the Loop Two hours after that a church becomes the target of a che A woman is shot as she waits for her train to work An hour later a second woman is gunned down as she rides The third Kindle - an elevated train through the Loop Two hours after that a church becomes the target of a chemical weapons attack The city of Chicago is under siege and Michael Kelly cynical cop turned private investigator just happens to be on the scene when all hell breaks looseKelly is initially drawn into the case by the killers themselves then tasked by Chicago’s mayor and the FBI to hunt down the bad guys and all things being eual put a bullet in them Kelly of course has other ideas As he gets closer to the truth his instincts lead him to a retired cop a shady train company and an unnerving link to his own past Meanwhile Kelly’s girlfriend Rachel Swenson becomes a pawn in a much larger game while a weapon that could kill millions ticks away uietly in the very belly of the city The third rail is stylish sophisticated edge of your seat suspense from a new modern master.

About the Author: Michael Harvey

Michael is the best selling author of seven crime novels The Chicago Way The Fifth Floor The Third Rail We All Fall Down The The third Kindle - Innocence Game The Governor’s Wife and Brighton scheduled for release in June of Film rights to Brighton a stand alone thriller set in Michael’s hometown of Boston were recently optioned by Graham King producer of The Departed and The Town Michael is also an.