Crunch Time PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Crunch Time PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Crunch Time ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Crunch Time Author Mariah Fredericks – Leo Max Jane and Daisy don't have much in common But when they all blow off their SAT prep in favor of forming their own study group they actually begin to bond over why there's so much competition ov Leo Max Jane and Daisy don't have much in common But when they all blow off their SAT prep in favor of forming their own study group they actually begin to bond over why there's so much competition over a stupid test And what it really measures anyway Then it's revealed that someone has cheated on the SATs and all eyes point to the study group Everyone knows that Leo can't stand to lose That Max is convinced he's a loser That Jane couldn't care less about the whole thing And that if Daisy doesn't clinch the right score forget it she can't afford to go to college The pressure is on for the cheater to come forward Who will fess up.

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  1. Steph Su Steph Su says:

    Four students band together to form an SAT study group The beautiful outspoken Daisy needs to do well on her SATs in order to get scholarships but she thinks the whole system is geared toward rich bastards Leo IS the rich popular bastard with apathetic parents but Leo himself is serious about getting into Yale Max Daisy's best friend thinks he's a loser and won't do well enough anyway to please his dad And Jane the daughter of a famous actress can hardly believe that she finally has three people over her house almost every week In between studying and doing practice tests however sparks fly and drama occurs Almost against their will Leo and Daisy fall in love while a lovestruck Max watches forlornly from the side as Daisy falls in love with what appears to be yet another jerk Jane's got some mental thing going on thinking that her stepfather is a skeevy guy who likes to check her out Then the word is out someone has cheated on the SATs Everyone is a suspect especially Daisy and Leo Will the four friends' relationships survive the suspicion and accusations? And who really cheated on the SATs? CRUNCH TIME is uniue because of its rapid change of narration between the four characters but otherwise I found the plot often too bogged down The characters aren't that lovable either at times

  2. Katrina Katrina says:

    This was actually kind of a crazy read I changed my mind so many times on who I thiught the cheater was that by the time we actually found out I was kind of surprised view spoiler I was counting Jane out from the very beginning I didn’t think there was enough in it for her to cheat which turned out to be the exact reason that she did hide spoiler

  3. Karen Barber Karen Barber says:

    This is one of those stories where you get pretty much what you expect At the start were introduced to the main characters and see that nearly all have a reason to self justify cheating in the SATs We then have the build up to the test and see the shifting relationships Following this we have the fall out of cheating and what comes nextThe character were uite stock types Nobody really changed or developed in a meaningful way There was the potential to really explore the concept of pressure or ethics behind the issue but this didn’t come closeIt was to use a word that probably wouldn’t feature on the paper bog standard

  4. Jennylinares Jennylinares says:

    Crunch Time by Mariah Fredericks in my opinion is one of the best books she has written This book is about four high schoolers with different reputations who are in their junior year and come together and create a study group to prepare for the SAT's The SAT test is very important in their school and they have to do well on it You have your average high school girl who is always trying to capture guys attention Daisy Stubbs Leo Thayer is the hot popular guy the one who every girl dreams to go out with MaxDaisy's best friend is the nerd in the group he is obviously smart Colleges are calling him and the best thing he is good at is getting good grades and appropriate test scores but later on he becomes a jock Lastly we have Jane Cotterell who has a superstar mom Julia Cotterell and has no friends She hates publicity and doesn't neccessarily take the SAT's seriously These four characters meet at Jane's house to study for the upcoming tests Daisy aside from being obssessed with basketball; she needs to get good results from the test inorder for her to get financial aid for college They all study hard so they can improve their test scores The studying continues until the month of Mrach when the SAT test is taken This is the day that they have all been waiting for to finally take the test that could determine thier future college admission The test has been taken but later a senior at thier school confesses that she had been paid to take the test for one of the four main characters the study group become suspicious to one an other Would it be the hot and popluar guy that has no extra cirricular activities? Perhaps the basketball player Daisy? Maybe the rich girl with a famous mother? Or could it be the high school nerd Max? Find out and read the book to reveal the great suspense You won't regret itMariah does a great job in not bunching up all these events into one giant one She goes into one event or situation at a time and doesn't go on until it the previous one is clarified I personally liked how the book was written from each characters pint of view and not just one I think reading books that have to do with your time peroid or generation are much fun to read Being a high schooler myself I loved how when i read the book I could relate to many things that happen here at my very own high school I would recommend this book to high school sophs and up just because usually students in there soph year are being introduced to SAT's and will have a better understandment of the book Over all on a scale of 1 10 I would rate this book a 9 Go on and read this book Happy Reading

  5. Alison Young Alison Young says:

    It started out well It really didThen as I went further along into the story my enjoyment sagged to feeling nothing but frustration and dissatisfaction when I finally came to the endIt starts out like this Four kids decided to form an unlikely group to study together for the SATs Each one of them different in their thoughts and lives Daisy Jane Leo Max The whole book is narrated throughout by each of themDaisy The blunt tough girl Passing the SATs is her only way of getting to collegeJane Daughter of a well known actress She tends to isolate herself from most after she finds out a friend was using her just because of her famous mother She strives to belong to this groupMax Nerdy homely He is in love with his best friend Daisy Unreuited of courseLeo The smartass bad boyThe problem with this novel is the utter characterization Particularly of Leo and DaisyLeo is the typical jock guy the bad boy all the girls want Now I was fairly easy on him when he first came into the scene He'll change I thought flippantly He'll grow up and develop into a good person by the end of this novelHere's the thing HE NEVER DOESDaisy herself starts out cool Until in a spur of a moment ditches Max and Jane one evening to go out on a date with Leo Bitchy no?Jane and Max end up seeming too good to me for the likes of Daisy and Leo and really do seem to get the short end of the stick throughout the whole bookExpect good character development and good plotting? You won't in this book

  6. Aspasia Aspasia says:

    Tell me why I read books with settings similar to things I'm going through or thinking about at the timeWhen I read this I was thinking about taking the ACTs and SATs In high school teachers try to get you to take each at least once if not twice before going to college Now I believe colleges are removing it from being a reuirement or making it optional for you to submit it I am not the best test taker so I was nervous about what my scores would look like and how that would affect my application process Randomly I found this book and thought it would be a great idea to read it I just want to make it known that this was a mistake because I was incredibly nervous about taking the test after reading this and ended up not getting the best scoreCRUNCH TIME is about a group of teenagers who randomly meet and eventually decide to do a study group before taking their SATs As time passes they start to study less and build relationships with each other They start uestioning the tests like why it has become competitive amongst students whether it is actually helpful and things like thatAfter the SATs are taken the scores are in and the school discovers somebody or some people have cheated All eyes and pointer fingers immediately turn to the study group Each student has their own motives as to why they would cheat but did they really?

  7. Leah Leah says:

    I liked the idea and was expecting the book to have a lot of uestions about ethicsbut the book was very disappinting Just teenage drama crap which in this case does not get solved and is mentioned through out the book What is the lesson? I see the ethics but like a religion there are hardly any answers in this book only uestions I liked how the book was written in 5 different parts like the SAT itself I liked how the author write the book in different characters' point of views and was amazed how distinguished each of their thoughts were and just speechless that it was written by the same author

  8. Kendall Earhart Kendall Earhart says:

    I believe that this book was a great book it's about a group of seniors that become friends and they start to learn secrets about each other that may have changed their friendship they change each others lives in ways that u could never imagine My favorite part is when Daisy storms out of one of their meetings and Max runs after her and tries to support her Oh and on the back of the book there is a uestion now before you read the book and try to answer that uestion and then at the and of the book you find out the answer and it's not what you would expect i recommend this to girls or boys ages 12 up

  9. Sammi Sammi says:

    I started to read this book because my 11 year old son was reading it And I'm nosy In the first two chapters they talk about stealing alcohol from the family liuor cabinet and losing their virginity So I am really glad I read it It is written in a simple style so young children can enjoy it and it is written from four different characters points of view which is interesting But I think it is probably for a little older age kids

  10. Brianne Durrant Brianne Durrant says:

    I really did not like this book at all The dialogue confused me and there wasn't enough description on the main characters which are Daisy Leo Jane and Max Crunch Time is about all four students taking the SAT and finding out who cheated on the test I wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone because it's not a great book

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