Time and Again Epub ä Time and PDF/EPUB ²

Time and Again Epub ä Time and PDF/EPUB ²

Time and Again ➽ [Download] ✤ Time and Again By Jack Finney ➲ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Si Morley is bored with his job as a commercial illustrator and his social life doesn't seem to be going anywhere So when he is approached by an affable ex football star and told that he is just what Si Morley is bored with his job as a commercial illustrator and his social life doesn't seem to be going anywhere So when he is approached by an affable ex football star and told that he is just what the government is looking for to take part in a top secret programme he doesn't hesitate for too long Time and PDF/EPUB ² And so one day Si steps out of his twentieth century New York apartment and finds himself back in January There are no cars no planes no computers no television and the word 'nuclear' appears in no dictionaries For Si it's very like Eden somewhere he could find happiness But has he really been back in time The portfolio of tintype photographs and sketches that he brings back convince the government But all Si wants is to return.

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  1. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    January 12 2019 reviewMy year in books begins with a re read of my favorite time travel novel Time and Again by Jack Finney Published in 1970 I'm happy to report that the book stands as a vivid parallel universe romance and labor of love from an author who was legitimately enad by New York City of the 1880s If I was sectioning off the best books to read each month of the year this would also be a nominee for the Best of January with a protagonist journeying to a Manhattan of frozen ponds and horse drawn sleighs the first month of the year Though not a perfect trip it is a wonderful oneSimon Morley who for reasons that frustrate aesthetic delight insists on being called Si is a twenty eight year old art student from Buffalo who works as a graphic designer at an advertising firm on 54th Street Si is a man of another time having met his girlfriend Kate Mancuso at the antiue shop she owns on Third Avenue where Si enjoys picking through stereoscopeic slides from New York City of yesteryear Then one Friday watching the clock edge toward lunch Si is visited by Ruben Prien a project manager for a US government program who without being able to divulge any details offers Si the opportunity for a great adventure Arriving for his interview at a storage company warehouse on the Upper West Side Si is taken to a room where after four minutes he finds his application completed several details in the room different from when he entered and Ruben claiming that twenty minutes have elapsed Insisting that this is wrong and pointing out what's been changed Si passes his test and is shown even stranger things He sees instruction rooms one with a woman learning the Charleston Si is led onto a catwalk above a massive sound stage where sets have been built one of a Montana plain with Crow Indian teepees Si meets the project director a theoretical physicist named Dr EE Danziger who believes that science has yet to catch up to everything Albert Einstein theorized He meant that we're mistaken in our conception of what the past present and future really are We think the past is gone the future hasn't happened yet and that only the present exists Because the present is all we can seeWell if you pinned me down I'd have to admit that's how it seems to meHe smiled Of course To me too It's only natural As Einstein himself pointed out He said we're like people in a boat without oars drifting along a winding river Around us we see only the present We can't see the past back in the bends and curves behind us But it's thereDid he mean that literally though? Or did he mean He meant exactly what he said When he said light has weight he meant that the sunlight lying on a field of wheat actually weighs several tons And now we know it's been measured that it really does He meant that the tremendous energy theoretically binding atoms together really could be released in one unimaginable burst As it really can a fact that has changed the course of the human race He also meant precisely what he said about time that the past back there around the curves and bends really exists It is actually there For maybe a dozen seconds Danziger was silent his fingers playing with the little red cellophane strip Then he looked up and said simply I am a theoretical physicist on leave here from Harvard University And my own tiny extension of Einstein's great theory is that a man ought somehow to be able to step out of that boat onto the shore And walk back to one of the bends behind usDanziger's project comprised of fifty people and drawing on the services and resources of various branches of the government have sought recruits with an ability to see things both as they are and how they might have been After studying a specific time period and training on a sound stage the recruit is placed in an environment that exists now as it did at that point in the past a town in rural Vermont the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris Trained in techniues of self hypnosis the recruit then exits their location and steps out into the world of the past Why? To prove it can be doneSi is offered the opportunity to travel to San Francisco of 1901 but the artist has another travel destination in mind New York City January 1882 where he wants to watch a letter mailed at the Main Post Office Si's girlfriend Kate had a foster father who lived and died unable to solve a mystery surrounding the suicide of his father Andrew Carmody a Wall Street financier who briefly served as an adviser to President Grover Cleveland Whatever misery Carmody endured has to do with that letter which was partially burned by his wife along with a suicide note that read That the sending of this should cause the Destruction by Fire of the Entire World Disclosing his mission to Kate Si's girlfriend helps him bone up on New York City of the 1880s He's outfitted with period garb and an apartment at the Dakota building a magnificent blockwide structure constructed in Central Park in the early 1880s Si has only a few days to convince his subconscious that the world of eighty eight years ago is the world outside his window and after wandering through the park during a blizzard is certain that he did briefly return to the past He tries again only this time with Kate at his side and at the clop of hoofs and a faint axle sueak they encounter a horse drawn bus emerge from the snow We didn't turn immediately; we couldn't uite bring ourselves to do that But we heard the sueal of iron tires crunching cold dry snow heard the loose wood and iron rattle of the body and the crack of leather reins on solid flesh Then very slowly we turned our heads to look again at the tiny arch roofed wooden bus with high wooden spoke wheels drawn by a team of gaunt horses their breaths puffing whitely into the winter air at each step It was closer now filling our vision; and staring at it I knew now from where and when I had come It took a moment of actual struggle for my mind to take hold of what it knew to be the truth that we were here standing on a corner of upper Fifth Avenue on a gray January afternoon of 1882; and I shivered and for a moment felt shot through with fear Then elation and curiosity roared through meWhat I love about Time and Again is how enad Jack Finney is with time travel and stuck behind a typewriter in the late 1960s with New York City of the early 1880s This is a Manhattan Island covered by hundreds of acres of farmland where Trinity Church is the highest point in the city at 284 feet and neither traffic signals or telephones are in use Si records pages of interesting sights and while Finney does go overboard on detail so would my report if I traveled back in time Finney's use of weather snow ice freezing cold is a character in itself and adds tremendous atmosphere to the novel particularly in the time travel scenesI liked how Finney uses self hypnosis as a catalyst for time travel Richard Matheson used a similar device for Bid Time Return in 1975 but of the two novels Finney's is vivid exciting researched including photographs and as a love story convincing Traveling back alone Si rents a room in the same boarding house as the man who mailed the letter and becomes enad with the ill tempered villain's fiancée Julia Charbonneau While I endorsed Si getting Julia away from the blackmailer she'd be miserable with I wasn't sure whether this constituted cheating or not whether what happens in the 1880s stays in the 1880s Contemporary readers are bound to notice what I did and that is the male gaze which Si freuently employs whenever he encounters a woman I was restless over how long Si's recruitment went on and how long it took for him to go back in time Finney puts almost as much thought into the time travel project as Michael Crichton does in Timeline; I did like how in his debriefing Si is prompted to recount as many facts as he can to determine whether he has altered history Finney ultimately uestions whether the project has Crichton like implications for disaster and resolves the novel thrillingly My thesis This novel holds up supremely well as imaginatively spun science fiction romanceLength 129242 wordsNovember 20 2014 reviewThe next stop in my time travel marathon November being Science Fiction Month and by far the best yet is Time and Again a little known but much loved 1970 novel by Jack Finney that handles a fantastic premise a government project sends a man eighty eight years into New York City's past with imagination sensuality and logic than any time travel story I've read This is a wonderful book that has just become one of my favoritesSimon Morley known as Si is twenty eight years old an art student from Buffalo who works as a graphic designer for an advertising firm on 54th Street Si is a man out of time; he met his girlfriend Kate Mancusco at the antiue shop she owns on Third Avenue where Si enjoys digging through stereoscopeic slides from New York City of yesteryear Then one Friday watching the clock edge toward lunch Si receives a visitor Ruben Prien is a project manager for a US government program he revaeals very little about except to promise Si that he envies his opportunity to be offered an adventure as great as thisSi is invited to participate in some tests first and arriving for his interview in a complex disguised as a moving company warehouse on the Upper West Side is shown many strange things There are instruction rooms one with a student speaking medieval French one with a man in a World War I uniform training in bayonet combat one with a woman learning the Charleston Si is led onto a catwalk above a massive soundstage where several sets have been built from a neighborhood in the 1920s to a Montana plain with Crow Indian teepees Si is finally taken to the employee cafeteria where he's introduced the the project director a theoretical physicist named Dr DanzigerThe old man asks Si how much he knows about Albert Einstein Not much Si replies except that Einstein had bushy hair and was terrible at arithmetic Danziger elaborates He meant that we're mistaken in our conception of what the past present and future really are We think the past is gone the future hasn't yet happened and that only the present exists Because the present is all we can see In other words the past isn't gone It exists and can be reachedDanziger's candidates those with the ability to see things both as they are and how they could have been are trained in techniues of self hypnosis and after rehearsing on a soundstage are placed in certain environments a town in rural Vermont a plain in Montana that have gone unchanged between now and some point in the past Danziger has discovered a way to make time travel possible just as Einstein theorized Why? To prove it can be doneSi is offered the opportunity to travel to San Francisco in 1901 but the artist has another destination in mind New York City January 1882 where he wants to watch a man mail a letter at the Main Post Office Si's girlfriend had a foster father who went through life unable to solve a mystery surrounding the suicide of his father Andrew Carmody a financier who was an adviser of some sort to President Cleveland The source of whatever misery Carmody was enduring had to do with that mysterious post which was partially burned by his wife along with a suicide note that read That the sending of this should cause the Destruction by Fire of the Entire World His mission disclosed to Kate Si's girlfriend helps him study up on the history of New York City of the 1880s The project rents him an apartment in the Dakota Building one of the few available buildings in Manhattan that was standing in 1882 Over a period of several days dressed in period garb Si attempts to train his mind that the world outside his window is 1882 After many failed attempts and one false start Si is visited by Kate and the couple makes the attempt together I've summarized 115 pages of Time and Again and would prefer to leave as much of the ensuing 285 pages a surprise as I can One of the things that Finney does here that so many writers ignore is to stop and consider how traumatic the experience of time travel would be It comes as an existential crisis making travelers physically ill from the realization that they're now history surrounded by people who were all dead a minute ago The experience is not treated flippantly or as a plot point but given a gravitas that I see rarely in science fictionAs time travel speculation Finney couldn't have chosen elegant mechanisms than Einstein the Dakota Building and self hypnosis Logically it all makes sense New York City of 1882 isn't a travel destination I'd have chosen but Finney took history I'd never known and brought it to life A New York City covered by trees and farms the Dakota Building has been built so far out in the sticks that's how it earned the name the Dakotas Floors covered in tobacco juice with spittoons as hit or miss as modern day men's urinals Men gathering at the Western Union building on Broadway to set their pocket watches to noon as a red ball drops the length of a flagpole on the roof The arm of the Statue of Liberty a landmark before the full statue could be erected on Ellis Island Elevated trains pulled by small locomotives Orphaned and homeless boys sleeping on hay barges in winterAs a native Texan who's never seen a real winter I was particularly amazed by how vividly Finney utilizes snow ice and freezing cold to advance his story particularly Si and Kate's dramatic arrival in 1882 during blizzard conditions that obscure all indications of the present until the sound of a horse drawn sleigh announces their arrival in the pastThe big ticket action seuence in the novel develops naturally from the characters and builds ferociously in a way it only could in the place and time of Finney's story At no point in the action did I feel that Finney was taking 20th century plot devices and running his time travelers through them; the workings of New York City in 1882 seems to inform every decision There were moments where I thought I was ahead of his story and knew exactly where Finney was leading me possibly toward the paradoxes Ray Bradbury speculated about maybe a twist ending reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and in each instance I was wrong The triumph of the book is how well Finney takes modern day technology and marries it with the romance of the past As endings go Finney's ranks as one of most satisfying I've ever read Time and Again is a novel that has worked its spell on enough players in Hollywood to be in perpetual development as a movie Paul Newman Joanne Woodward fancied making a film version in the 1970s before Newman passed the book to Robert Redford who failed in his attempts to interest Sydney Pollack George Roy Hill or Steven Spielberg and got close to directing it himself in the 1990s The novel would make a great big screen fantasy romance with any number of young actors able to fit into the lead roles

  2. Angela M Angela M says:

    When I read a time travel story I try not to dwell on how the character got to this other time and place It just doesn't pay because then I start asking uestions for which there is no realistic answer So for me it has to be about the destination what I find there what happens there what it means for the character in his or her present dayAnd oh what we find there in New York City in 1882 Beautiful buildings some of which are still standing in Si Morley’s present day New York of 1970 interesting people and in many ways what Si seems to think are simpler happier times But when he learns about the orphans the cruel working conditions and the Boss Tweed corruption it gives Si some pause The detailed descriptive writing makes you believe that you are in that place and in that time I was fascinated and couldn’t wait for Si to go back each time he came back to his present Si understood and agreed that he could not interfere should not do anything that would in any way alter the course of history but what was he to do about Julia? I thought for days about that ending and won’t say because you just have to read it for yourself To the critics of time travel stories who need an explanation of how this happens I would say Imagine you are in another time in another place with people you don't yet know It doesn’t have to be a story about time travel; it could be a fantasy a mystery a story that takes place in history or in the future because isn’t this what we as readers of any fiction are ultimately summoned to do when we begin that first page of any story

  3. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I went into this one with very high expectations from all its rave reviews but came out with a middle of the road opinion It was a pleasant enough read but I could not find the spark that would have made it a top class oneI am a sucker for a good time travel experience but was not impressed with the method of travel used in Time and Again However it served its purpose and we travelled to New York in 1882 I am pretty sure that you need to be acuainted with that city in order to really appreciate much of the rest of the book It was really heavy on detail descriptions of streets buildings costumes horses and snow Lots of snowOn the plus side the story really took off in the last part of the book when some exciting stuff happened at last There was some romance and there was a very very smart ending In fact I am giving the ending a star all of its ownI have to assume that as someone who has sadly never yet seen New York I missed out on the magic of this book

  4. H. H. says:

    If Simon Morley protagonist of Finney's Time and Again had any real personality beyond his nickname being Si perhaps the book's loose ends and rough edges would have distracted less But he is neither a complex and interesting original nor a heavy handed archetype He's of a blank slate onto which we might project ourselves the first person writing tone that of an amateur blogger who is trying his hand at a journalistic account of a very exciting place No matter the topic if the writing is boring so must be the readingHere plot must take the place of character but unfortunately it has many weaknesses and often what strength it appears to have is mere fluff the author's showing off of his in depth research on the 1880'sThere is beauty in the idea of simplicity and novelty as the route to time travel but Finney's simplicity is just that it falls short The idea is that with enough study on a time and place a person can mentally transport themselves to this other time This is put forth as a government project and Finney attempts an exploration of the human motivation to use knowledge that shouldn't be used to negative endsSo many obvious uestions pop up left unanswered that the ridiculousness gets in the way of the story It comes off as badly thought out and amateurish How does a time traveler come euipped with money? How does he will himself to a specific day? How does time pass in the present while one is in the past? Why isn't the government asking these uestions? Why isn't the government watching carefully? Why is it so easy for random people to be able to do this when apparently it's so hard for others who spend ages studying and have huge amounts of government money spent on them?It's all very sloppy Luckily there was another storyline of some mystery and suspense that kept things movingminor spoilerThe romance however did not convince or engage It's hard to fall in love with characters that do not have much character to them and harder still to care whether they fall for each other I think the breaking point for me was when Morely decides to interfere in his love interest's life upon the epiphany that the people of the 1880's are just as human and worthy as those of his time He realizes this after spending time with an impoverished man who works 14 hour days freezing his ass off for 150day so his children won't join the thousands of orphans around the city So Morely decides that these are real people and his action against their real pain is to save his crush from a bad marriageThe morality of this story seemed as confused and vague as the character actually and it gets uite full of it at the endIf I hadn't come to this book with high expectations I might have been accepting of the mildly diverting mystery storyline but I think I would have been less forgiving of the onanistic travel book descriptions of buildings and carriages and verbatim uotes from newspapers of the time

  5. Duane Duane says:

    I thourghly enjoyed this book I love historical fiction time travel adventure and a little romance It makes a perfect combination Add the wonderful imagination of Jack Finney and you have a literary treat The concept of time travel in this story is so natural and realistic that it becomes almost beliveable it only reuires imagination the right setting and faith My favorite thing about the novel though was the imagery created of 1882 New York City I can see why New Yorkers love this book Reading it you almost have the feeling of being there with tree lined streets no tall buildings no automobiles; seeing horses pulling carriages slieghs and buses No spoilers from me though to enjoy the story of Si and Julia you will have to read the book It's time travel at it's best 45 stars

  6. Algernon (Darth Anyan) Algernon (Darth Anyan) says:

    It was an ordinary day a Friday twenty minutes till lunchtime five hours till uitting time and the weekend ten months till vacation thirty seven years till retirement Then the phone rang Simon Morley is a graphic artist in New York around 1970 caught in a boring job doing advertisement drawings for moderate pay He is just about ready for an adventure anything to escape his predictable and unappealing current lifestyle The mystery caller offers him the opportunity of a lifetime to travel back in time and witness history in the making It seems Simon has the right temperament and psychological profile to take part in a secret government project that can send a person back to a certain well documented moment of the past For 'Si' Morley this moment is New York in the year 1882 It may be that the strongest instinct of the human race stronger even than sex or hunger is curiosity the absolute need to know It can and often does motivate a lifetime it kills than cats and the prospect of satisfying it can be the most exciting of emotions So Simon accepts the offer and goes into intensive training sessions with a select team of historians and psychologists immersing himself completely into the target period and deploying auto hypnosis to convince his brain that he is living in 1882 just by wishing it into existence It sounds familiar because the same method of time travel is used in a novel by Richard Matheson I read earlier this year Somewhere in Time Finney wrote his story a few years before Matheson and both of them may have been inspired by even earlier novels using hypnosis to alter reality Motivation wise Matheson's hero is driven by passion for a woman he sees in an ancient portrait while Simon is led by curiosity and a thirst for adventure with the romantic elements taking much longer to develop and being in general less convincing Both heroes travel back to about the same year of the past one to San Diego one to New York Another common element between the two time travel stories is the observation that we may have gained some material benefits from the accelerated industrial development of the twentieth century but we have lost on the social and personal accomplishments scale According to Simon people were happier in the past Faces don't have that look now; when alone they're blank and closed in I passed people in pairs or larger groups who were talking sometimes laughing occasionally or less animated; but only as part of the group They were shut off from the street around them alien and separate from the city they lived in suspicious of it and that's not how New York was in the eighties Finney goes even further in his condemnation of the modern world building an argument for actually 'living in the past' and rejecting his selfish and the profit oriented contemporaries view spoiler the biggest issue being an attempt to use the newly discovered method of time travel for military and political purposes instead of the original goal of gathering knowledge and observing without interference with history It is becoming and certain as science uses an almost brand new ability to pull apart the deepest puzzles of the universe that we need not and should not necessarily do something only because we've learned how hide spoiler

  7. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    I'm not sure what happened with this time travel tale where a man travels back to NYC in the late 1800's and gets involved in the lives of some people in a boarding house in that era except that it got just a little slow for me about 12 or 23 through So I skimmed the rest and read the ending my husband HATES it when I do that and kind of lost interest I keep meaning to get back to it but it's never happened and it's been at least a year This reminds me uite strongly of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children where an author takes a bunch of vintage photos and builds a story around them I thought it was a gimmick in that book and I tend to think so here as well Time and Again is pretty well written though and a lot of people like it a lot better than I did Maybe I really will finish it sometime

  8. Carol Carol says:

    If you like mystery action and intrigue with a bit of romance and VERY DESCRIPTIVE details of the people architecture and life in 1880's New York you will like this book Interesting method of time travelI was glad I happened to purchase the illustrated version of the book as the old photo's and sketches added to my enjoyment Great ending for a book club discussion Loved the bookview spoilerSurprised and a little confused at the ending when Si actually prevents the meeting of Danzinger's parents so he is never born and his method of hypnosis time travel not developed So how did Si Morley ever get back there if Danzinger was never born?? Also would have liked to know how Si and Julie's final meeting and life together turned out as well as Jake's cover up of his identity hide spoiler

  9. Candi Candi says:

    “I’ve always felt a wonder at old photographs not easy to explain I mean the sense of wonder staring at the strange clothes and varnished backgrounds at knowing that what you’re seeing was once real That light really did reflect into a lens from these lost faces and objects That these people were really there once smiling into a camera”If you’ve ever been bewitched by antiue photographs intrigued by the lives of the people and places forever captured within perhaps even wishing to take a step into another era then this time travel novel is likely to delight you Better yet if you have a penchant for all things New York City this would be the perfect book to grab on a rainy autumn daySimon Si Morley is pretty sick and tired of his life I had to laugh at this however when Si was approached by Ruben Prien an agent for a secret government project “You’re bored and dissatisfied with yourself and time is passing; in two years you’ll be thirty And you still don’t know what to do with your life” What the hell? Since when did thirty years of age become a sign of time having slipped away? If that is in fact the case then my life passed me by a long time ago And I still don’t know what to do with my life But I digress Naturally Si jumps on the chance to engage in some pretty neat time travel Don’t worry yourself too much about the logistics – that’s not really the point here Although I was a bit intrigued with the physics of time and what that really entails “We think the past is gone the future hasn’t yet happened and that only the present exists Because the present is all we can see we’re like people in a boat without oars drifting along a winding river Around us we see only the present We can’t see the past back in the bends and curves behind us But it’s there”If you don’t dwell on this point too long then you can easily settle in with Si on his grand adventure You’ll find yourself making the leap from 1970 New York City to a much earlier time – the winter of 1882 to be exact More than anything I found this to be a romance – not between two people well there was a bit of that but rather a love affair between the author and the reader with that grand city You don’t have to necessarily know the intimate details of New York ahead of time to enjoy this But it helps to be familiar with at least some of the major landmarks which most of us have probably gleaned from books and films already What Jack Finney does remarkably well is to evoke the place in a way that makes you feel as if you were also there living in another century Like Si you become a part of the mass of people that laughed and loved and lived on some of the same streets that still exist today The architecture is markedly different but there are some things that remain as they were all those years ago Finney also includes some marvelous photographs of the old buildings and he vividly describes the clothing that was worn during the 1880s It’s all wonderfully nostalgic “For an instant I had a glimpse in my mind of a lifted hoof wet with slush the fetlocks balled with gray snow And now I could – not imagine; that wasn’t the word – I could feel the city around me all the others I mean the people in their houses tonight like me in the soft yellow light of a million gas flames”This book doesn’t get philosophical or too science y about time travel so no worries if that were to turn you off There’s some discussion about how an individual could alter the present by meddling in the past but this is really an adventuresome book that celebrates an incredibly vibrant city Read it for the descriptive setting and some nail biting action that escalates towards the ending section of the novel “ I had forgotten the obvious that simply being with people is to become involved with them”

  10. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    I'm doing the rounds of time travel novels I've read a few and here's my uick and dirty order so far1 112263 Stephen King2 Man in the Empty Suit Sean Ferrell3 The Time Traveller's Wife Audrey Niffenegger4 Time and Again Jack FinneySo this one is in last place? Well last of a list of four of my favourite books I love the options time travel opens up and each of the above does a brilliant job of exploiting that The only reason this doesn't 't climb higher in the list is that I found the 'present day' setting somewhat off putting itself It's written and set in the 70's and this period though I lived through it myself as a teenager and into my twenties seems like a time travel adventure in itself That said it's detailed clever and has the author has found a brilliant way of wrapping up the story I've just ordered and am about to read the follow up book published around the time of the author's death 1995 Can't waitWould welcome any further recommendations for god time travel capers

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