Still Brave Kindle Ú Paperback

Still Brave Kindle Ú Paperback

Still Brave ➶ [Read] ➲ Still Brave By Frances Smith Foster ➾ – Cheryl Clarke Angela Davis bell hooks June Jordan Audre Lorde and Alice Walker—from the pioneers of black women’s studies comes Still Brave the definitive collection of race and gender writings to Cheryl Clarke Angela Davis bell hooks June Jordan Audre Lorde and Alice Walker—from the pioneers of black women’s studies comes Still Brave the definitive collection of race and gender writings today Including Alice Walker’s groundbreaking elucidation of the term “womanist” discussions of women’s rights as human rights and a piece on the Obama factor the collection speaks to the ways that feminism has evolved and how black women have confronted racism within itStanlie M James is director of the African and African American Studies Program at Arizona State University where she holds a joint appointment with the Women's and Gender Studies ProgramFrances Smith Foster is a professor of English and women's studies the former director of the Emory Institute for Women's Studies and current chair of the English Department at Emory UniversityBeverly Guy Sheftall is president of the National Women's Studies Association the founding director of the Women's Research and Resource Center and a professor of women's studies at Spelman College.

10 thoughts on “Still Brave

  1. Ms. Online Ms. Online says:

    This definitive collection of writings on race and gender from the past 30 years contains gems from Angela Davis bell hooks June Jordan Audre Lorde Alice Walker and

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    A must read for any woman who claims to be an Intersectional Feminist aka a real feminist This collection provides the best thought pieces from ueens of black literature from bell hooks to Alice Walker Allow the prose to show you where we have come from and how far we have to go Remind yourself that the fight for euality is one that includes every woman and that the fight for women of color has been one against even their own white sisters This is a collection I bought for a Women's Studies course that remains on my bookshelf as a touchstone when I feel I've fallen into the easy trap of white feminism

  3. Misty Misty says:

    This is a book I certainly think everyone should read but most importantly hey white friends read this

  4. Cara Byrne Cara Byrne says:

    This is uite the anthologyedited book I read But Some of Us are Brave a week before starting this collection and while I think both are incredibly important in understanding the changing trends and different viewpoints that make up Black feminist studies and criticism their tones are night and day But Some of Us are Brave feels much like the recent Manifesta written by women still trying to figure out how to define their politics and writing from the heart Still Brave still has some of this fire but it is much exhaustive in theme and it feels a little less political and academic than the previous collection As the editors explain it was incredibly difficult for them to choose the essays that make up this collection as they omitted many important essays and conference talks They included very diverse essays exploring everything from Black Feminism from a Caribbean woman's perspective to the overwhelming incarceration rate of women of color The final essay by Cheryl Wall is my favorite in the collection

  5. Isaac Holloway Isaac Holloway says:

    This is a pretty lengthy anthology and took me awhile to get through and interesting collection of writing and ideas Not super heavy on academic language but still a dense read worth taking your time with My favorites were Michael Awkward's A black Man's Place in Black Feminist Criticism When Fighting Words Are Not Enough The Gendered content of Afrocentrism Phallusies of Interpretation Toward Engendering the Black Critical I AIDS the secret silent Suffering Shame and Olympia's Maid Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity

  6. Katie Katie says:

    Useful collection of writers and it probably would be a good reader to use selectively for a class but as an anthology it was felt dense and kind of repetitive Some of the essays are really outstanding Audre Lorde's The Uses of Anger for example but this is not a good book to read from cover to cover at least in one go

  7. Madeleine Madeleine says:

    A positively definitive collection These essays show such a broad stretch of perspectives and are altogether some of the most transformative pieces of feminist criticism out there Definitely read the Combahee River Collective's statement in addition to this whole collection Great basis for understanding the layers of intersectional feminism and black women's studies

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