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What Women Dont Know (and Men Dont Tell You) [Reading] ➭ What Women Dont Know (and Men Dont Tell You) ➵ Michelle McKinney Hammond – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk What You Don't Know about Yourself Will Hinder You What You Don't Know about Yourself Will Hinder You.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • What Women Dont Know (and Men Dont Tell You)
  • Michelle McKinney Hammond
  • English
  • 15 October 2016
  • 9780307458506

About the Author: Michelle McKinney Hammond

From her official website As a bestselling author speaker singer and television co host Michelle has authored over books selling over one million copies worldwide including best selling titles The Diva Principle Sassy Single and Satisfied Ways to Get and Keep His Attention and Secrets of an Irresistible Woman A gifted vocalist Michelle has recorded two CD’s It’s Amazing and Le.

10 thoughts on “What Women Dont Know (and Men Dont Tell You)

  1. Jeanette Blackson Jeanette Blackson says:

    I have to confess I was very surprised by the content and uality of this book For a 699 book it was exceptional It is however geared to a rather specific group though single women waiting for husbandswhich I have to say is a perfect match for me You should see my copy of this bookit is marked up like crazy It is definitely a book that I will keep as a reference for uite some time In this book Michelle and Joel's goal is to help single women be smart about finding a mate They came up with 14 rules to abide by in relationships with men to insure you marry the right man for you The book starts off by advising you not to put your life on hold and start to look toward God and toward yourself to find value and discover if your heart and mind are in the right place They then go into what to look for in a mate They stress being picky and not settling for the first man that shows an interest in you I have to admit this was an area I was worried about I had gotten myself to the point that I was desperate to find a husband that I was afraid I might settle for the wrong man just so I could be married I have to say I have a whole new and much better perspective on finding a mate They finish with going through steps on how to evaluate serious suitors and how to compliment your manThis was a great and uick read and I would recommend it to any single women who is at the point of considering marriage It would also be a great book for a single ladies small group as there are uestions at the end of each chapter that would make it an easy to discuss book and at 699 you can't beat the priceThis book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah

  2. Merie Merie says:

    It's a dating book While most might feel embarrassed showcasing to the world that they read this book not in my case It was surprisingly a good read Again this book is in a Christian perspective not for everybody That title What women don't know got me apart from it was recommended by one of my churchmates To my churchmates I highly recommend it I would summarize it this way don't be stupid in love because God has better plans don't just settle In Filipino 'Wag matigas ang ulo The introduction even has a title Use your head girl which let's all be honest ang dami naman na kasi talagang nagpapakatangang babae ngayon We girlsladieswomen are emotional in ways than one but we all know that we can't just base love and romance on pure emotions Ouch right? But it's true It is also sort of a wake up call that regardless of the modern age we face the old rules of love still apply Since it's in a Christian perspective there were references of the love stories in the Bible which were all enlighteningJust by the first pages of this book already shouts Don't settle Set a standardI am rating this book 3 out of 5 stars More on my blog

  3. Jean (Bookish Poetess) Jean (Bookish Poetess) says:

    This is a must have book I bought this book because I am so broken and I need a reason to move on I need an assurance that there is to life than love that there is someone for me that whatever thing I need just to forget a heartbreak And this book satisfied meI could read it over and over again It is about knowing accepting valuing respecting and loving yourself There are many Bible verses in this book that will make you ponder and think 'Yeah Right'You should love yourself girl God will lead the right man for you Just wait ;

  4. Sierra Collins Sierra Collins says:

    This book was pretty phenomenal for the most part A good practical read that every women should take a look at Almost like a Christian version of He's Just Not That into You at certain parts I really enjoyed this read but the reason I have awarded it 4 stars rather than 5 is because of this partThough he should never control you allow him to lead the relationship and feel that he is in charge Women have become so independent that a man no longer feels needed Since men are fixers if they can't find anything to fix or anyone to help they move on As we mentioned before a man has to see himself as part of the solution to your needs He has to see you as an assignment in his life If you rob him of that he has nowhere to go Part of getting a man to commit to you is feeding his need to be needed as well as desired 182 183 I understand what the goal of this statement is It's to inform women that being self sufficient is not bad but not to be so prideful as to make the man feel like you have no use for him in your life I believe there should be a give and take between both partners in a relationship This should be reciprocal for both of them However it should not be an issue of control which is what worries me slightly about this wording I don't think a man needs to feel like he is in control to feel like his opinion is highly valued I find that idea a bit archaic Yet OF COURSE it is wrong to demasculinate a man by throwing his opinion out the window all the time but you can affirm him without having to make him feel like he is the boss of the relationship Also the other wording that bothers me is when the woman is referred to as an assignment and the man referred to as the solution to my needs Only God fulfills my most basic spiritual and emotional needs He makes me whole I am a whole person without a man and with God but the man complements me I think there is a way to show deep gratification and appreciation for everything your partner does for you without pretending like you are his construction project That's all Other than this one statement I thought the book was pretty on point theologically and practically Beautiful writing style and profound analogies

  5. Bonnie Lee Bonnie Lee says:

    Thought provoking and life changing I’ve read the book it’s inspired me beyond measure I’m going back over the uestions and my answers to review the thoughts of my heart over and over

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    Excellent read Definitely a must read

  7. Janelle Janelle says:

    I looked at other covers of this book and I thought that I had read this book a few years ago Even so I went ahead and bought it because I wanted to read it again It is a great book that encourages women to revert back to the old rules of love Sometimes I think women today have evolved so much professionally that they forget to remain lady like and feminine The aggression exhibited by some women when dating is alarming However you can't beat a book like this that gives the male perspective on dating relationships and marriage I encourage all single women to check this one out

  8. Irina Irina says:

    What a great book which empower women in their lives through Biblical view It was absolutely incredible uotes and in depth comments for better understanding of personal growth and inner strength for so many situation in life for every woman Sometimes we do not realize that everything starts with ourselves self esteem strength confidence belief etc We cannot expect somebody come to our lives and saving us If you are not happy with yourself nobody can make you The book is worth reading

  9. Leanne Ferry Leanne Ferry says:

    Overall I found this book to be enlightening It has some great points that you can kind of twist to fit your life I even took things from it that were unrelated to the overall topic which I always like in books There were definitely parts that made me roll my eyes with a don't patronize me feeling but I can also appreciate that perhaps I'm not uite the ideal audience it was written for I will say that Chapters 12 made me gawk the audacity and I'd skip it all together if you're still enjoying the book at that point It's probably why it lost two stars for me

  10. Mary Mary says:

    Yet another embarrassing dating book I will admit to having read I think it's reasonable and sane It's very much from a Christian perspective so it's not for everyone though if the religious bent of the book and the occasional old fashioned sounding perspective doesn't offend eg they encourage women to develop home skills a lot of it is fairly original to the genre reasonable and helpful

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