Paperback ´ St. Irvyne PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback ´ St. Irvyne PDF/EPUB Ú

St. Irvyne ❮Read❯ ➵ St. Irvyne Author Percy Bysshe Shelley – Wolfstein involuntarily shuddered Cavigni uaffed the liuor to the dregs the cup fell from his trembling hand The chill dew of death sat upon his forehead in terrific convulsion he fell headlong; and i Wolfstein involuntarily shuddered Cavigni uaffed the liuor to the dregs the cup fell from his trembling hand The chill dew of death sat upon his forehead in terrific convulsion he fell headlong; and inarticulately uttering I am poisoned sank seemingly lifeless on the earth Sixty robbers at once rushed forward to raise him; and reclining in their arms with an horrible and harrowing shriek the spark of life fled from his body for ever A robber skilled in surgery opened a vein; but no blood followed the touch of the lancet Wolfstein advanced to the body unappalled by the crime which he had committed.

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  1. Grace Harwood Grace Harwood says:

    This is Shelley's second gothic novel and in my opinion far superior to his first Zastrozzi Again he has borrowed heavily from established gothic novelists of the time The reader can trace Emily St Aubert from The Mysteries of Udolpho in Eloise moments from Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya and Radcliffe's The Italian It's not so much plagiarism as a pastiche of a lot of contemporaneous works but there is still some really fine writing in here In the grand tradition of gothic novels Shelley has interspersed his heroines' thoughts with some pieces of poetry which of course is in effect some of Shelley's earliest poetry Well worth reading for that alone The other thing I noticed about this is the descriptions of Ginnoti's natural sciences and the description of the demon he encounters in his uest for the elixir of eternal life seems very similar to the appearance of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's creature and some of the description in her most famous work It always seems to me that all gothic novels are related somehow and some of them seem to be very close cousins indeed I loved the ending of the book although it is a bit rushed at the end still unlike the rest of the book it was original and pretty horrific stuff This is a great gothic novel and very cheap to buy on kindle if you are a fan of the genre or just a Shelley fan then it's not to be missed

  2. Allegra Byron Allegra Byron says:

    Te sorprenderá la faceta más gótica en prosa de Shelley conmigo por lo menos lo ha conseguido La pena es ue sea tan difícil de conseguir en español

  3. Helen Helen says:

    Shelley better as a poet It is not a dull story but it doesn´t leave a lasting impression either

  4. Carl Savich Carl Savich says:

    St Irvyne; or The Rosicrucian a Romance was published in 1811 the second Gothic novel by Percy Bysshe Shelley a follow up to Zastrozzi a Romance 1810 St Irvyne is an unfairly overlooked Gothic horror masterpiece Percy Bysshe Shelley explored many of the themes he would later develop fully Who or what is St Irvyne? It is a castle in France where Eloise de St Irvyne Wolfstein's sister lived The Rosicrucian is Ginotti also known as Frederic Nempere A Rosicrucian of The Rose Cross Order was a member of a medieval sect or secret society that sought to find the secret to immortality Ginotti is a Rosicrucian who wishes to impart the secret of immortality to Wolfstein the main character The theme of the novel is a uest to unveil the latent mysteries of nature to find the secret or meaning of life and thereby to achieve immortality to live foreverThe novel opens with Wolfstein the main character trapped in a thunderstorm in the Alps near Geneva Switzerland the same locale for the later Frankenstein He is a distraught wanderer who is disillusioned with life He seeks to kill himself He says that God creates nothing in vain but he can find no purpose or meaning for his life He is rescued by monks who are carrying a body for burial in a torch light processionBandits attack them Wolfstein decides to join the bandits and goes to their underground cave hideout or cavern The bandits kidnap Megalena de Metastasio and kill her father an Italian Count Megalena is taken captive by the bandits The leader of the bandits Cavigni seeks to marry her Agnes is a woman who is a servant to the banditsWolfstein poisons Cavigni in his second attempt and escapes with Megalena to Genoa Ginotti a mysterious character who helps them escape will later follow and stalk themIn Genoa Olympia makes advances on Wolfstein In a jealous rage Megalena demands that Wolfstein kill her to prove his love and fidelity Olympia commits suicide after Wolfstein is unable to stab her with a dagger Wolfstein and Megalena then fleeIn the meantime Ginotti follows them to GenoaGinotti then seduces the distraught Eloise de St Irvyne the sister of Wolfstein who is vulnerable after the death of her ill mother in GenevaGinotti is an alchemist of the Rose Cross sect who seeks to give to Wolfstein the scientific formula for immortality or eternal existence the secret of life Since youth Ginotti has sought to unveil the latent mysteries of natureThe theme of the novel is man's uest to ascertain the mysteries of life Man seeks to be God Man seeks to lift the veil of the secret of life Inexorably disaster ruin and tragedy result Man oversteps the bounds of nature and falls to his doom The novel foreshadows FrankensteinCan man unlock the secrets of life? Can man achieve immortality? And what are the costs? What are the conseuences? These are the uestions and themes of St Irvyne

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