Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in

Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in

Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Ira [Download] ➺ Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Ira Author Dave Hnida – From dust jacket flap In 2004 at the age of 48 Dr Dave Hnida a family physician from Littleton Colorado volunteered to be deployed to Ira and spent a tour of duty as a battalion surgeon with a combat Riding the MOBI ó From dust jacket flap In at the age of Dr Paradise General PDF \ Dave Hnida a family physician from Littleton Colorado volunteered to be deployed to General Riding the Epub Ý Ira and spent a tour of duty General Riding the Surge at ePUB Ò as a battalion surgeon with a General Riding the Surge at ePUB Ò combat unit In he went back this time as a trauma chief at one of the busiest Combat Support Hospitals CSH during the Surge In an environment that was nothing less than a modern day MASH the doctors main objective was simple Get'em in get'em out The only CSH staffed by reservists who tended to be older experienced doctors disdainful of authority the th soon became a medevac destination of choice because of its high survival rate an astounding percent.

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  1. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line “The last time I talked to my dad was on a sweltering April evening in 2004It was a lopsided conversation He had died of a heart attack almost thirty years earlier”Paradise General is the gripping personal account of Dr Dave Hnida an ordinary civilian doctor from Colorado who spent four months as a trauma chief at one of the busiest combat hospitals in IraStaffed by reservist medics this modern day MASH unit consisted of a series of rundown buildings connected by tents cement blocks and sandbags in the middle of the desert For this forty eight year old volunteer soldier the working conditions may have been sparse but he and his fellow doctors managed to maintain a 98% survival rate Using a form of fast food surgery they put the mangled bodies back together in a “get em’ in get em’ out” method that then saw them being airlifted out of Ira for extensive repairs Their wounded often including the very insurgents that placed the American soldiers within their OR and the Hippocratic Oath was common place If you made it into Paradise General his team would take care of youAvoiding any political judgements Dr Dave instead focuses on the care of his patients his dislike of most things military and the diverse group of surgeons who become his new family Told with a whole lot of self deprecating humour we witness his frozen fear during his first shift and follow him through round the clock on call chaos and inspiring dark hours Throughout he manages to provide a level of humour and comedic relief to overcome the stress of putting IED maimed bodies back together 130 degree heat “foo foo” coffee threat of attack and military madness that surrounds him Hnida doesn’t shy away from the blood and gore here and in doing so the reality of war and death is brought homeThis book has been heavily compared to the TV series MASH and for good reason as Hnida and his fellow surgeons use pranks and childlike misbehaviour as a prescription for sanity His disdain for military acronyms and authority is another obvious comparison Although as another reviewer pointed out it’s like the final seasons of MASH when the comedy held a dark edge and Hawkeye’s despairing introspection showed the true absurdities of warOften told on a case by case basis a couple of chapters really stood out for me; “Anatomy Of A Trauma” which takes the reader through a hurry up and wait timeline “091200 the radio crackles A firefight has taken place after an IED attack Estimate two urgent casualties arrival by helicopter in 25 minutes Condition unknown –so we prepare for four patients and arrival in 10 minutes Information is often muddled from a thundering helicopter“And “Blursday” which parallels DrHnida’s day in trauma with that of the missing “fifth guy” from a routine patrol presumed dead after an IED blast took out their Humvee Hnida finds him outside the OR smoking a cigarette in the moonlight without a scratch on him I also appreciated the personal look we get into why Dave volunteered and the relationship he had with his veteran father who only in death and combat was he beginning to understand I honestly had a lot of trouble putting this book down; told with candor and boyish humour Dr Dave manages to deposit you right into the heart of the 399th CSH and the hell that war creates and leaves behind It will be a long time before I can forget what I’ve read here 394jb5

  2. Kat (A Journey In Reading) Kat (A Journey In Reading) says:

    This is the story of an American physician who volunteers for two tours in Ira The story touches on his first tour and then goes deeper into his second tour where he is an ER physician working just another day in Paradise Some would think that because this is a book about a war and a memoir that it will be dull and boring it is anything but Dr Hnida shares his thoughts about his dad his practice in Littleton CO his daughter and the sights he saw while on tour I love how he brought humor into an otherwise dark situation He details the accounts of injuries to soldiers who were the age of his children from car and road side bombs gunshot wounds and assaults and at the same time having to treat the very people who did the bombing shooting and the assaulting All physicians take an oath to first do no harm some who are not in the medical field may not realize how hard that oath is to keep at times Dr Hnida shows that he is truly a man who cares about humans and takes that oath seriously The story also shows how complete strangers the physicians and other medical staff formed a great bond were able to lean on each other during the dark times and laugh during the good times even while in the midst of some unfortunate circumstances I highly recommend this

  3. Dan Dan says:

    I keep telling myself that I am done reading books about the war in Ira but Paradise General offers a fresh look at the war that transcends politics If you can get past the gore and black humor it is a poignant book about mankind's humanity and lack thereof

  4. Pamela Pickering Pamela Pickering says:

    As a disclaimer I am in the healthcare field nursing so I may find myself geared towards medical reads than the average reader I am also a resident of northern Colorado and have seen the author on Denver TV stations so I was intriguedLoved this book Hnida kept me riveted with this humble tender and at times both funny and angry memoir I found myself both laughing out loud and figthing back tears As someone who has worked with surgeons on a regular basis it was refreshing to see the vulnerable side of these skilled professionals compared to the facade they often present at stateside hospitals not all of them do of course New nurses often feel overwhelmed and freaked out when they start a new profession and I appreciated Hnida's candor in showing the fear of a family practitioner who is faced with the horrors of war Touted as the modern day MASH this memoir depicts a different type of comrade of arms than we are used to seeingDon't expect the normal Oo rah military memoir if you choose this one Hnida doesn't project a big love of the army but a pure devotion to the soldier wounded or not Thank you Hnida for giving us a peek into the the world of the hard working people who take care of our troops

  5. K. K. says:

    I was given an ARC to review Paradise General is an unforgettable look inside a combat hospital Dave's humor is unexpected in a setting so blood filled Early on I doubted the humor could last but he manages to weave in funny details and anecdotes through almost every chapter Dave's internal journey is something that most adults can relate to The mid life odyssey is a traumatic search for answers and inner peace We all dream of doing something that tests us that gives to mankind and that leads to a discovery Hnida does this while the reader watches His tellings have the feel of a diary and the frankness of a friend telling a story Sometimes it was easy to forget about the man telling the story because the circumstances were so compelling but as I read I couldn't help but wonder what memories Hnida replays during a single day Yes it seems like a modern day MASH but even war has evolved and the men and women of the 4077th never saw the destruction and havoc wreaked upon the human body by an IED To be continued

  6. Sookie Sookie says:

    I wanted to read about war from the perspective of a doctor and chose Dr Hnida's memoir to understand the scars of war I am still looking for memoirs written by doctors from Doctors Without Borders since their plight is far complicated than a combat doctor Not that a combat surgeon has it easyCombat doctor carries all the things that they would need in their med kit but also carry gun and other bits and bops that a soldier would carry This memoir begins with Dr Dave Hnida signing up for army and his first Ira tour and then his placement in a combat hospital in Ira right in the middle of war zone Dr Hnida's narration is very matter of fact and he doesn't delve deep into metaphors and philosophy and gives an account of his experience His voice is refreshing and his critiue of army is noteworthy

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    I thought this book was very good I was mildly surprised that I enjoyed it so well I thought it was going to be fairly dark since it takes place in the middle of the war in Ira But it wasn't I mean it was dark but the darkness had uite a bit of humour spread throughout it if that makes sense It was a book that was very well written I saw maybe one or two spelling mistakes but that's expected in almost every book There will always be a mistake they miss It was nice to see the doctor's point of view of the war It's very different from what you hear from the soldiers and others So in all I have to say that I really like the book I think anyone should read this book even if you don't usually like war stories like me

  8. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    I read this book because1 A guy in my couples book club chose it for this month2 The author lives in my neighborhood3 I sort of know him in that 2 of my kids dated 2 of his kids in high school and his kids were charming I have a particularly high regard for his daughter Katie4 He's a local celebrity in that he is the medical reporter for a local news stationAll that being said I didn't really expect to like the book Non fiction war books are not generally my cup of tea I was pleasantly surprised It was a fast read and very effective in making me grateful that there is no chance anyone will ever ask me to be a combat surgeon in IraIts sort of like MASH only not as funny though it has its funny moments and it hits closer to home

  9. Lance Lance says:

    Very interesting I read it in one sitting I am grateful there are people who volunteer for this type of duty

  10. Jon Jon says:

    I won this book from the Goodreads giveway and I personally would like to thank Dr Hnida for selecting me as well as his signing and personal note attached to book This is a really good memoir and a fast paced read I am astonished at Dr Hnida self sacrifice to serve our country to be deployed not once but twice to the theater of war He could have easily stayed at home and continued his successful private practice but as he highlights he felt penance Dr Hnida is a Littleton CO Pediatrician who lost some of his patients in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting He is also the father of Katie Hnida the first female to every kick in a Division 1 football game The culmination of the Columbine shooting his daughter's rape and his Father's tortured soul from his experiences in WW2 are what led Dr Hnida to join the military and help our troops In his book he did a phenomenal job of illustrating the hellish conditions our troops are serving under and the ghastly injuries they are suffering He provided a very humorous and humanistic touch to his writing to keep himself and others sane while also providing comfort shelter and world class care to the vulnerable who often hung onto life by a thread Many lives were saved as a result One of the most troubling aspects of this book however was aid and comfort to the enemy A Doctor's creed is to do no harm but when that life is an insurgent who just finished planting a bomb which is the primary cause of American casualties in Ira how difficult for the layman to comprehend that our Doctors do everything they can to save their lives Dr Hnida handled this dilemma extraordinarily well and I certainly understand that at the end of the day we're human first and it goes against any Doctors' principle not to treat a patient if brought to their operating room It is clearly a dichotomy My sincere hope from this is that it leads to a realization within that individual that your enemy just saved your life Further that our media would focus of their resources on bringing these kinds of stories to light

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