Paperback Þ Daddys Prisoner Epub Ú

Paperback Þ Daddys Prisoner Epub Ú

Daddys Prisoner ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Daddys Prisoner By Alice Lawrence ❤ – Born in the 1970's Alice grew up in the impoverished backstreets of an industrial Northen town with her parents and siblings During her teenage years and into her early twenties she was repeatedly mad Born in the 's Alice grew up in the impoverished backstreets of an industrial Northen town with her parents and siblings During her teenage years and into her early twenties she was repeatedly made pregnant by her father primarily in an effort to secure extra state benefits All bar one of her pregnancies failed but her child never made it through it's first year The death of her baby was the spur to Alice bringing her father and abuser to justice Finally she can tell her deeply moving story of recovery.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Daddys Prisoner
  • Alice Lawrence
  • English
  • 15 September 2015
  • 9781847398079

10 thoughts on “Daddys Prisoner

  1. Sean Peters Sean Peters says:

    How is it so hard to write a review on a book you gives five stars this book was amazing and could not stop reading all the way through this book I wanted to know how this was going to endThis book is shocking heartbreaking moving disturbingn April 2008 the world watched in horror as the news of Josef Fritzl made worldwide headlines But for one British woman the story was not the stuff of unimaginable nightmares Alice Lawrence knew all too well the torture suffered at the hands of a father whose depravity knew no bounds She too was kept prisoner and repeatedly made pregnant and it was only after the death of one of her babies that she finally found the courage to escapeBorn in 1970 Alice grew up in the impoverished backstreets of an industrial Northern town with her parents and seven brothers and sisters She was first raped by her father when she was 11 From the age of 15 she was made pregnant six times by him in an effort to secure additional state benefits All bar one of her pregnancies failed but her daughter never made it through her first yearThe death of her baby was the spur to Alice bringing her father and abuser to justice Finally Alice can tell her deeply moving story of recovery from abuseAll I can say is the emotions I felt reading this book yes I was in tears I was in shock Sometimes I was shaking my head in disbelief in horror and shockOne main uestion is my head How could someone be so cruel so unspeakable and shockingly horrible nasty character A person you Love to HATE Alice's life has gone through so many downs not many ups a human being should never go through what she has been through I ask myself which is worse physical or mental cruelty torture mentally her whole lifePlus the motherwife had a whole life of sadness misery and pain and had an enormously tough lifeHow much suffering can the body take how tough are we to survive so much how to you leave the past behind how to you lead a normal life so many uestions I haveShocking to read heartbreaking but you have to admire someone that finally makes it to the light at the end of a tunnel Makes it to the top of the mountain Never in our life's should we take something normal as so wonderfulBuying your own underwear buying at 26 years old your first beefburger at a take away drinking your first class of wine in a pubFive stars for a heartbreaking but heartwarming story that touched my heart

  2. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    Alice's ordeal is a hard one to take in For starters it makes one wonder how could this go on until she was almost thirty I don't know fear like the kind Alice describes but I do know that if my mother was stupid enough to stay in such a situation and even be willing to raise children in that kind of environment no matter how much I loved her I would have to leave her behind and look out for myself just as Alices brothers didAlice claims her mom's so innocent and lived in so much fear of her husband that she couldn't break free from him I'm not buying that for one minute The woman had three children left in her life that were willing and actually begging her to come and live with them yet she always refused Alice might see her mother as just as much a victim as herself but the truth of the matter is the woman made her choice and that was to stay with her husband There are several instances in book where her mother very clearly chose her husband over her childrenAnother thing that stuck out to me was the fact that Alice didn't get upset enough to take action until she realised her father only wanted children with her to claim state benefits I believe Alice had a very hard life but for some reason some things in this story seem very off to me

  3. Nic Nic says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️Hard to rate these sort of books as it relates to someone’s pain and abuseHowever there were long sections that were repetitive and you constantly get angry that she never lefttold anyonehelped her mumYou can’t know what it’s like so you can’t judge

  4. Lisa-Jaine Lisa-Jaine says:

    This was a very sad story to read I really felt for Alice and the horrors of her life I'm surprised her brother Michael didnt recognise the signs of something being wrong especially as he had escaped from home when younger and knew what the father was like Perhaps sometimes people don't want to hear the truth as its just too awful and painful

  5. Patricia Kaniasty Patricia Kaniasty says:

    What an amazing but disturbing story It's sad to think this child had to endure this abuse for so very long Why didn't anyone step in to help? I don't understand The rest of the family meaning extended family seems to be just as much to blame as anyone else It's like come onreally? Nobody noticed anything? I find that very hard to believe

  6. Emma Summers Emma Summers says:

    So hard to score this book how do you give stars to a story so harrowing? How anyone can be so evil and treat people the way “the idiot” did is incomprehensible add to that he behaved that way to his own children the man must be pure evil People have commented that It’s hard to understand how anyone can stay in that situation for so long BUT never having lived and experienced her life no one can judge

  7. Janet Angela beardsley Janet Angela beardsley says:

    A must read bookA shocking autobiography this woman must have such strength of character to have written this book There was nothing held back I also suffer from the ptsd that makes you relive the past during the day and have nightmares at night My life wasn't the same story is thank god

  8. mrs ingrid smith mrs ingrid smith says:

    ExcellentThis was a very emotional and truthful account of someone's life What she and her family suffered at the hands of their own father is just unimaginable But a happy ending for Alice and her siblings

  9. Ainah Ainah Ainah Ainah says:

    One of the best book I've ever read Plot is uite intriguing and the flow is emotional for me Every woman's struggles with family problem really caught my interest when it comes to readingand the first time I saw this book it really caught my attention thumbs up to the author

  10. Dawn Baxter Dawn Baxter says:

    GoodWhen I started reading this book I wasn't really sure how I would feel about it but after reading it I found it very interesting and admirable what most of the people went through

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