Her Mother's Hope Marta's Legacy #1 MOBI ↠ Her

Her Mother's Hope Marta's Legacy #1 MOBI ↠ Her

Her Mother's Hope Marta's Legacy #1 ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Her Mother's Hope Marta's Legacy #1 ⚡ Author Francine Rivers – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk 2011 Retailers Choice Award winnerThe first in an epic two book saga by beloved author Francine Rivers this sweeping story explores the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters over sev Retailers Choice Award winnerThe first Hope Marta's Kindle Ï in an epic two book saga by beloved author Francine Rivers this sweeping story explores the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters over several generations Near the turn of the th century fiery Marta leaves Switzerland determined to find life on her own terms Her journey takes her through Europe and finally lands her with children and husband in tow in the central valley of California Marta's experiences convince Her Mother's PDF \ her that only the strong survive Hildie Marta's oldest daughter has a heart to serve others and her calling as a nurse gives her independence if not the respect of her mother Amid the drama of WWII Hildie marries and begins a family of her own She wants her daughter never to doubt her love but the challenges of life conspire against her vow Each woman is forced to confront her faulty but well meaning desire Mother's Hope Marta's PDF/EPUB ¼ to help her daughter find her God given place in the world.

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  1. Rachel M Rachel M says:

    I have to admit this book's cover appeared to me a bit fluffish promising the kind of tame hopeful message dipped in sugar that some faith inspired books tend to have I have noticed with a great many Christian novels this attempt to show that having a relationship with Christ suddenly fixes everything and makes it better I love that about faith fiction but I realized at some point that I was reading them for escape in much the same manner that I watch Disney movies everything ties up neatly at the end It makes for emotional stories that pull at my heartstrings but never uite hit me in the gut Because the truth is that even while we live our faith in hope suffering continues to exist whether in our relationships with others our misunderstandings of God or in bearing the hardships others might bring or even in recognizing over and over again our own weaknesses The books that dismiss the strenuous challenge of persevering with God one moment at a time are day lily types of books Francine Rivers has the ability to write an inspiring novel without sugar coating the hard edges of life She made it possible to love Marta even when Marta often says some very cruel things to her daughter I was able to identify with both Marta and Hildemara Rose even while feeling the angst and the near misses of their relationship Sometimes I wanted to laugh and cheer Marta on her fearlessness of people her gift of challenging others and bringing out their best was such a fun thing to watch unfold Until she started yelling at her husband all the time and failing to trust him when it was clear that he deeply loved her and God then I felt like shaking her And Hildemara Rose there were times when her deep faith and ability to pray for her teacher even under constant criticism were very beautiful then again there were also times when like Marta I wanted her to show some backbone Sometimes Marta had the perfect action or word for her daughter often she said or did the exact thing that would most injure Hildemara What I take away from this book is that each of us have our particular gift beautiful in itself but none of us are at our best without others who compliment these gifts and show us ways other than our own Painful or not Marta needed Hildie's gentle as doves way of faith and Hildemara needed someone like her mother to show the crafty as serpents way Secondly I saw that most of us in our deepest relationships would benefit from slowing down not reacting so uickly and learning to listen uietly to the other Marta never learned to react to Hildie apart from seeing the bad conseuences of her own sister whom Hildie resembled We can often be so blind to what is in front of us because of the past which is behind us Last I saw that despite our best intentions it is hard to escape the little chafings we give each other as we grow in character and faith It is easy to imagine the perfect family who never argues or says hurtful things but we all do and the painful process of learning to love each other in these circumstances is often redeeming than if we were the type of family which could exist in constant harmony

  2. Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) Melissa (LifeFullyBooked) says:

    An absolutely fantastic saga covering 40 years in a family I am so anxious now to read the second book and find out what happens Literally could not put it down and reminded me why Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors

  3. Jerry Jerry says:

    I'm usually a fast reader but it took me a whopping five days to finish this bookHowever I stuck with it because the story gripped meThe two protagonists Marta and Hildemara seemed very real to me; flawed but with their hearts in the right placeAs for the story it really took me back in time and made me realize that the good old days may not be as wonderful as they now seemI've read others by this author but this is the best one I've read in a while; I now feel a serious sense of accomplishment for finishing it

  4. Shantelle Shantelle says:

    Whoa my emotions are everywhere Francine Rivers's novels usually do that to me now that I think about it Haha Anyway Her Mother's Hope is the first book of a two book series called MARTA'S LEGACY It follows the lives of a mother and daughter and their relationship during the eras of World War I and IIHow to describe my feelings? I really really loved this book sort of The story the writing the emotion superb Francine Rivers's books are so epic The characters are so real Their lives so intriguing But my emotional state while reading this book um not so good Marta is really a piece of work She made me so mad sometimes I know her childhood was hard and everything and I really felt for her at times but that's not excuse for her to have such conditional love for her daughter Grrr I did really love Hildie's part of the story besides being angry at Marta for how she treated Hildie Now Trip he was like my favorite character When he appeared on the scene my heart was happy ^^ He was just a good man; I really liked him And him and Hildie togetherSo overall? Her Mother's Hope was definitely a five star read for me Even if it wreaked havoc on my emotions I'm looking forward to the next book with hopes that apologies will be exchanged and relationships healed Grand story from Francine Rivers once again

  5. Marnie (Enchanted Bibliophile) Marnie (Enchanted Bibliophile) says:

    And if it life were easier would i have given my heart so fully to God? Put your hope in Him and you won't be disappointed by what life offers First Sentence Marta usually loved SundaysWhat a beautiful tale of dreams love and the hardship of lifeThis book is partly base on a true story; making it real than and heart wrenchingI'm in the very fortunate potions of not having to wait for the next book So on I will read now

  6. Tenille Shade Tenille Shade says:

    Nora came down to during the month of June and she was dead set on buying me a birthday gift We went to the bookstore to see if we could find a few titles related to a series she was reading and I noticed Francine Rivers had published a new book It was pretty thick but I didn’t mind because I’ve read some of her other books and I know she is a master story teller Redeeming Love is my favorite love story ever written and I was intrigued by the title of her new book I was also in desperate need of some fiction to read since I’ve been devouring “teacher books” lately Summer is a good time to read a grown up novel for fun The story started off kind of slow When the book began Marta was an eight year old girl living in a tiny village in Switzerland At first I got lost a lot because I had a hard time understanding the cultural nuisances of the European people and the time in history when the story takes place The first chapter is dated 1905 There were a lot of German words and I could make sense of some of them because we had read A Paradise Called Texas this year in class There were a few scenes that were emotionally tough to read because Marta was physically abused by her father She out performed her brother on school exams and her dad was angry that she had embarrassed the family He was a cruel man who mistreated Marta and her mother I felt so bad for Marta because although her mother encouraged her to fly she always felt guilty about abandoning her family When her mother died and she found out her little sister had committed suicide I was shocked I think I would have left my homeland too and started a new life where I didn’t have to be reminded of my grief daily Of course the heartache followed her and she ended up allowing her wounds to harm her own family About half way through the book the main character changed from Marta to her daughter Hildemarie At first I was bothered by this because the narrator switched roles but now I think the author was just trying to get me to see how the mom and daughters lives were woven together like a tapestry I felt sorry for Hildie because Marta was so hard on her She projected her unresolved feelings about her sister Elise onto her daughter and it eventually caused Hildie to resent her motherThis book affirmed what I already know about how generational secrets create havoc in the lives of children I found myself reflecting on why people were so closed off in the past and why we refuse to be honest about our struggles and heartache I am so glad we live in a world today where vulnerability and transparency are valued instead of shunned While reading this book my husband had a candid conversation with his children about their parents’ divorce He laid all the cards on the table which helped Hunter and Chandler process and see the big picture Secrets and shame can cause a lot of heartache if we allow them toI was totally bummed when I turned to the last page of the book and discovered that this is a series I have to wait until the fall to read the next installment and find out if Marta and Hildie get past their differences I appreciated the author’s note where she explained that these characters are based on real people in her own family I don’t know if this would be considered biographical or not but I love when authors blend truth with fiction Francine Rivers is an author I plan to follow for years to come

  7. Ky Ky says:

    This book is so complexI loved it and didn't at the same time because the characters were just so REAL I could like them despise them get angry at them be happy for them sad and even worried about them I came to adore so many of them Marta however is still my favourite I love Trip and Niclas Boots and Jones Even Cloe has a bit of my love Bernie is seriously a pretty awesome brother and husband to Hildemara and Elizabeth I don't know if I like Elizabeth but I did when she was just a child befriending little Hildemara Hildemara I can't decide whether to love her or not Sometimes I do and sometimes I want to just sigh in frustration I wish she knew how much her Mama really loves her How Marta tried so hard to make Hildemara strong How she pushed her to stand up to people How Hildie had always been her favourite perhaps subconsciously and Hildie never knew It made my heart break for the both of them I loved this book for so many reasons I don't have proper explainations for I know part of it is that I love history and this takes place in the past surrounded by a lot of it I know I love strong female leads which made me love Marta right from the start But that doesn't mean I never got frustrated with how she talked to Niclas or did things behind his back I like books where things aren't always bright and shiny with rainbows and flowers all around I like books that are REAL Where people are born and people die And people get sick Where people get teased and loved Hurt and healed A book with only good things is no good at all to read; it settles you into wanting an ideal that is never ever going to come true in your life Nothing and nobody in this life on Earth is perfect Only the Lord above and His Son Jesus have kept us from drowning in our sin and never having a chance at Heaven Let me just say how glad I am that I get this chance A great book five stars for sure

  8. Courtney Courtney says:

    Francine Rivers has long been one of my favorite authors and though it has been several years since I last read one of her books I was really looking forward to this one I ended up feeling disappointed The writing seemed elementary and the general feel of the book was depressing and frustrating It seemed a little unrealistic that the young Marta would transform so completely into the older meaner Marta It seemed as if the story of Marta's life was of an exercise in checking off the boxes of a person's biographyshe moved here then she moved there then moved here againI discovered at the end in the note from the author this was indeed the case She was inspired by the biographical details of her own grandmother's life I give her credit for using real life as her inspiration for this story but it just didn't seem uite realistic enough to me I felt like it almost would have been a better story had she not been trying to adhere so closely to her grandmothers biography Lastly the story ended abruptlyI usually prefer a story that can stand on its own even if it's part of a series All of this said I have extremely positive memories of every other Francine Rivers book I've readI feel like I should go back and read them again to see if I still feel the same or if my tastes have changed

  9. Casey Casey says:

    Francine Rivers writes epic novels Novels that span seas and time and continents Relationships are uncovered and unearthed and emotions are displayed in the rawest of forms I enjoyed this novel but I didn't love it Marta is extremely unlikeable and even though I know and understand what has made her this way her constant rough behavior towards her daughter was so hard to swallow The middle section of the book was exhasting to read However the end is why I gave the book 4 stars In the end of the book I saw her changes and while I don't wish to give away the plot the end of this book just might make me pick up the next book in the legacy It did tug on my heart strings I think over all the dynamics between Marta and Hildemara were hard to read but the progression to the end and the hope of a better conclusion for book two made the read worth it

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    I listened to this story as an audiobook and it was an excellent production It was easy to get into the story although frustrating to read about Marta’s constant troubles with her father I think I’ve been reading too many books about women being oppressed Marta proves to be a strong and driven woman who doesn’t stop until she achieves her dream until she meets NiclasAfter Marta marries Niclas the story begins to go downhill Marta is no longer the independent woman she had been but is now simply Mrs Waltert She gives up her life’s work to submit to the will of her husband and continues to follow him all over Canada and into California to help him fulfill his dreams neglecting her own and living in a tent simply because her husband is too proud to admit that his wife has the ability to be successful than himThe story becomes increasingly frustrating as the viewpoint shifts to that of Hildemara Rose including letters told from Marta’s viewpoint Marta is now shown through a different light harsh and even cruel to her oldest daughter Marta’s parenting of Hildemara becomes very much like her own father’s parenting minus the physical abuse It is frustrating to see the story progress in that manner even as Hildie becomes independent and leaves home Marta continues to be cruel to Hildie despite the fact that she has proven that she is not Elise Personally I would love to have a daughter who would come home and start helping out with chores around the houseWhen the story shifts back to Marta’s viewpoint I find it so hard to believe that it took half of her daughter’s adult life to realize that she was such a mean parent It seems totally out of character that the Marta from the first part of the story who is so intelligent and thoughtful would take so long to realize her terrible mistakes in raising her daughter I understand that she did not want Hildie to become like Elise but I think she went about it in a terrible wayAs frustrating as I found Marta’s shift in character I do want to read the second book to see how the story will end Hopefully it is not too late to repair the relationship between mother and daughter I also look forward to discussing this book at book club to see how other people interpreted the story

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