Hardcover Þ Elisabeth Sladen PDF Ú

Hardcover Þ Elisabeth Sladen PDF Ú

Elisabeth Sladen ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Elisabeth Sladen By Elisabeth Sladen ✸ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A uniue insider's view of the world's longest running science fiction series from one of the fans' favorite companions David Tennant's foreword caps this warm witty memoir — a fitting tribute to a w A uniue insider's view of the world's longest running science fiction series from one of the fans' favorite companions David Tennant's foreword caps this warm witty memoir — a fitting tribute to a woman who will be sadly missed by legions of fans When Elisabeth Sladen first appeared as plucky journalist Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who story The Time Warrior little did she know the character would become one of the most enduring and fondly remembered in the series' history Here she shares the story of her years as Sarah Jane—traversing time and space alongside classic Doctors Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker while a generation of children were terrified but transfixed as their heroine found herself menaced by Daleks dinosaurs Cybermen man eating alien flora Egyptian mummies extras in Bubble Wrap and even the Loch Ness Monster By the time she uit the TARDIS in making front page news Elisabeth had become one of the most familiar faces of a TV golden age But that wasn't the end of Sarah Jane Elisabeth discusses the many times she has reprised her role—anniversary specials a spin off pilot with robotic sidekick K and radio plays She discusses touring the weird wide and wonderful world of Doctor Who fandom And lastly she shares details of Sarah Jane's most recent incarnation—when TV wunderkind Russell T Davies approached her to come back again this time to a Doctor Who backed by lavish budgets and garlanded with critical plaudits how could she possibly say no Funny ridiculous insightful and entertaining hers is the story of another girl another planet completed just months before she died .

  • Hardcover
  • 346 pages
  • Elisabeth Sladen
  • Elisabeth Sladen
  • English
  • 27 September 2016
  • 9781845134884

About the Author: Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith She appeared as a regular on Doctor Who with both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker She also appeared in the pilot for the spin off series K and Company Most recently she reprised her role as Sarah Jane on Doctor Who and in its spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    Review from BadelyngeNinety nine out of every hundred people reading this book are going to be dyed in the wool Doctor Who fans Lis knew this uite well Which is probably one of the reasons the bulk of the book is taken up documenting the short period of her life working on the show She's giving the target audience what they want I'm a hardcore Doctor Who fan myself I love all her insights and observations about the show But I would also have liked to read about the real Elisabeth Sladen behind the Sarah Jane Smith parade There are glimpses of it of course but not enough Her parent's history is just a short prelude and her childhood rushes by in a confusingly unchronological blur of Elvis posters and tomboy hi jinx Her early career on stage and tv bring structure to the book as the various productions provide a set of hooks to pin her years on There are some fascinating insights into the many famous faces she worked with or encountered names like Michael Crawford Robert Morley and Alan Ayckbourn Here she also meets her soon to be husband and apparent soul mate Brian Miller There is a sort of embarrassed reluctance though to let the reader get under the surface of their relationship whether in defence of their privacy or insecurity about how much personal detail a fan of a tv show would want I don't know There is an opinion probably accurate expressed by her daughter that Lis didn't really fully realise just how much she was loved by the fans of the showIt's no use denying that most fans of the classic show are pretty hard core nostalgia junkies I am one of them so I lapped up all the stories about her time on the show All the stuff about her love hate relationship with Jon Pertwee are priceless the utter Doctor Who legend that was Barry Letts Tom Baker the lovely but tragic Ian Marter There are also names that she was less impressed with allowing her grumpier aspects to have a bit of page space Her time on the show comes to an and the book almost fast forwards to the finish stopping briefly to describe some of her later involvements on specials and spin offs conventions missed career opportunities the birth of her daughter and the eventual resurgence of the show that would lead to The Sarah Jane AdventuresWe live in a media age where it seems that not a day can go by without someone familiar passing away but I can honestly say I have never been shocked so badly as the night I found out we'd lost Lis Sladen This book was completed only at the last and it has been a sad pleasure to hear her voice in my head again

  2. Mel Mel says:

    I finished reading Lis's autobiography yesterday It was very much a career autobiography as Lis was very much a private person it pretty much focused on her acting career all the plays she did before who her other tv roles and of course Doctor who It was a wonderful mixture of very sweet and sarcastic comments I managed to read it through without crying too much before the end The old Who stuff was lovely to read but it wasn't until she sat down with RTD that I found myself tearing up I think it just brought it up to the present and reminded me of the lossBut I really enjoyed hearing all her stories I was really touched by Jon Pertwee bursting into tears her first night with the crew because he missed Katy so much That was so sweet The big macho man really missing her Having met her once I'm not at all surprised either On the opposite side I was kinda horrified to read that he slapped Lis once Even though she slapped him back it's the kinda thing you just don't expect to happen Sounds like he was uite the personalityI was also relly touched by all the wonderful things she had said about Tom Having read about people complaining about how he got uite manic or moody to work with towards the end of his series it was lovely to read about how wonderful he was to start with He just sounded totally lovely My absoulte favourite moment in the entire book was when she was sad they were going to miss the showing of Doctor Who that night as they were out on location and she'd not missed one of her episodes And Tom said they should go and knock on someone's door and ask to watch it with them Which he then did Hello I'm the Doctor and this is Sarah Jane is it ok if we watch ourselves with you? Can you even imagine???All the stories and the details about shooting all the episodes were incredible I'm amazed how she was able to remember all the details so clearly 30 years later I loved the insights particularly the reasoning behind the Andy Pandy costume in Hand of fear it totally makes sense now It was funny to read all the nice things she had to say about the actors and all the mean things about the directorsThe other thing that I really liked was that Lis clearly put her family before her career She was taking roles so she could be with her husband rather than ones that would progress her to stardom which I totally respect It was uite shocking to read how she got pregnant at 38 the same age I am now But how she just threw herself into itIt was such a lovely book and even though the ending was sad I'm really glad I read it I'm so looking forward to the launch TOMORROW suee

  3. Stephen Robert Collins Stephen Robert Collins says:

    I read this when first came out she finished it just in time because she died not long after it came out like Kieth Ffloyd she just made it Sad that she never really made anything from itBoth Jon Pertwee Tom Baker David Tennant and Matt Smith are here and she is one few stars have worked with 23451011 Doctors With K9 and her own TV adventure series in 1970s and later children's series She talks about her family on Who A most for any bounding Who fan

  4. Nola Lorraine Nola Lorraine says:

    Elisabeth Sladen is best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith one of Dr Who's most popular companions She starred in the series from 1973 1976 alongside two doctors Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker There were a few spin offs along the way such as TV specials and radio plays However no one would have expected the resurgence of Sarah Jane's popularity in the 2000s After co starring with David Tennant in the emotional 'School Reunion' episode she was offered her own show 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' an award winning children's program which ran for five seasons until her untimely death in 2011About 80% of this book focuses on those Dr Who connections with lots of behind the scenes insights and reminiscences It definitely made me feel nostalgic for some of the older shows and I've since rewatched 'The Monster of Peladon' with Jon Pertwee and 'Seeds of Doom' with Tom Baker The wonky sets dubious special effects and badly choreographed fight scenes wouldn't cut it today but that's part of the classic series' charm Some of her anecdotes are hilarious and she has genuine affection for the show even though she's not a sci fi fan herself Shock HorrorIn spite of her success she comes across as very down to earth She and her actor husband Brian based most of their work decisions around family and whether they'd enjoy it rather than looking for lots of money and big breaks She also worked a lot in theatre especially prior to Who' so I also enjoyed those stories The only thing that grated on me was that she swears a fair bit Never drops the F word but does use some terms that I consider blasphemous I know most people probably regard them as fine but I would have liked it better if they weren't there Still it's a fascinating insight into one of my favourite shows so I enjoyed it overallApparently she and her co author had finished the draft of this book prior to Christmas 2010 but she hadn't gotten around to doing the edits She'd been feeling tired for some time was diagnosed with cancer in February 2011 and died in the April The book was published in the September and ends with an epilogue by her husband and daughter So sad she died when she was riding a new crest of popularity but this book is a great memento for fansYou'd probably have to be a Dr Who fan to enjoy this book However if you love Sarah Jane you'll love Elisabeth Sladen

  5. Alistair Alistair says:

    A Tear Sarah Jane?So why did I give this book five stars? Well to be honest I wish Goodreads did half starsTo me this is a 45 star mainly due to the later part of Elisabeth’s life jumping forward too muchThat very minor annoyance apart this is a great readElisabeth’s personality really shines and her humour and occasional ‘naughty’ word always bring a smile The Doctor Who fan will find a lot here and the little insights especially about Jon Pertwee are fascinating It has been said Elisabeth was a very private person and this also shows here with little information about her private life compared to her many acting appearancesKnowing how the story really ends this adds poignancy when reading and yes emotion does hit the reader There is deeply moving forward by David Tennant and an Epilogue by her husband and daughter Brian and Sadie Miller so sad you feel their lossMay I also recommend the audio book version I have also borrowed that and you get David Tennant actually speaking his words and Brian Miller the epilogue Elisabeth’s text is read by Caroline John a veteran of Dr Who She really has used her skill as an actress to read in a voice so like Elisabeth’s it is uncanny Update 2162012 Heard today that Caroline John has died Another sad loss RIP

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    Highly entertaining this gives a huge behind the scenes insight into early Doctor Who and many of the actors and behind the camera people involved along with a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of being an actressuite a few tasty bits of gossip as well and particularly interesting for the light it shines on Jon Pertwee and early Who script development The indifference of some of the directors toward anyone but the Doctor and some of the uncomfortable sexism which was embedded in the timesVery interesting to learn that the Doctor was totally going to wipe out the Daleks until Tom Baker stood firm on the likelihood of the Doctor committing genocide

  7. Gareth Gareth says:

    Plenty of stories I didn't know about making Doctor Who even though I thought I knew that well Plus reading about the rest of her career was fascinating It is surprising and a little sad that she was so self critical of her own performances but I can understand that attitude suffering from it myself She concentrates on her professional life and so the epilogue by her daughter about her mum is especially poignant

  8. Collin Kelley Collin Kelley says:

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Elisabeth Sladen – the seemingly immortal Sarah Jane Smith has died She is hilariously and wickedly alive in the pages of her autobiography finished just before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer Lis Sladen was my companion on Doctor Who When I started watching the show on PBS back in the 80s Tom Baker was the Doctor and Lis was his feisty companion Sarah Jane When she returned to the show in 2006 for the School Reunion episode with David Tennant I was verklempt When Russell T Davies had the smarts to give Sarah Jane her own show The Sarah Jane Adventures I was overjoyed that Sarah Jane Smith would be around for many years to come Still clever still funny and looking as if she'd made some bargain with a Time Lord because Lis Sladen did not look like a woman in her 60s This autobiography is for Who fans The majority of the book is dedicated to her time on the show in the 70s meeting fans at the Who Conventions and her inability to escape the famous character It's a loving playful book of memories and you can hear Lis' voice almost narrating it in your head It's a fitting tribute to her time on Doctor Who and a lovely goodbye for the fans Sarah Jane Forever

  9. Leisa Leisa says:

    One thing I always look for in a celebrity bio is copious background info about the show or movie that made the person famous in the first place For example as much as I adore Carrie Fisher in all her eccentric insanity she doesn't talk much at all about the making of the Star Wars movies in her memoirsand that's what I want most to read about To my delight Elisabeth Sladen's posthumously published autobiography really delivers on the Doctor Who backstage tales It's like when she sat down to write her book she really remembered who her fans were and thought about what they wanted most to read about in her life She had to have kept a diary andor had an incredible memory because there are such very specific stories included It's also possible that many of the tales were told over and over she indicates early on that she loved actor's tales and that she collected them so it makes sense that she would have her own collection to contribute to the Doctor Who discourse Reading the book was bittersweet Sladen's death came as a deep shock She and Sarah Jane are still missed I recommend this book to anyone who loves Who and Sarah Jane as well as to anyone who just loves to read about stage acting and TV in the 1970s

  10. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    liked it very much; Sladen comes across as a modest person driven by her instinctive desire to be an actor prepared to tell of her own bad experiences as well as the good a run of difficult directors in the Pertwee era health problems while filming both The Five Doctors and School Reunion but generally enjoying the process of recounting her career highlights and making the readerlistener enjoy the process as well I have noted one particular point on Who history which the autobiography illuminates a bit and no doubt there are others It's a shame that she doesn't find time to talk about her role in Big Finish's audios than a couple of passing mentions and of course it's a bigger shame that she wasn't able to finalise the text and see the book into print herself There is a moving foreword by David Tennant which he reads on the audio version and an afterword by her husband and daughter Brian and Sadie Miller read with understandable emotion by Brian Miller on the audio Caroline John isn't of course the right voice for this we won't hear that voice again but makes a decent fist of it Recommended for Who fans

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