Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for

Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for

Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for Change (J-B Warren Bennis Series) ❰Reading❯ ➿ Women and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for Change (J-B Warren Bennis Series) Author Deborah L. Rhode – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Women and Leadership brings together in one comprehensive volume preeminent scholars from a range of disciplines to address the challenges involving women and leadership These experts explore when and Women and Leadership brings together Leadership: The PDF ✓ in one comprehensive volume preeminent scholars from a range of disciplines to address the challenges Women and eBook ê involving women and leadership These experts explore when and how women exercise power and what stands in their way This groundbreaking and Leadership: The ePUB ↠ volume offers readers an informed analysis of the state of women and leadership and offers the most informed and current thinking and Leadership: The State of PDF or on The perils of stereotypes The importance of leadership style Gender differences in the decision to seek leadership roles Lessons from women leaders Opt out patterns and the need for flexible career paths Global ineualities and initiatives Strategies that get women to the top.

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  1. Christina Mitchell Christina Mitchell says:

    The state of play is a reiteration of what we already know women are still being passed over or withheld from leadership positions in business This is for well known and understood reasons Reasons well known and understood by anyone of middle income or below who are moderately educated this leaves out the current Republican nominee for President but on that later Women's professional careers suffer with marriage men's do not because women remain responsible for a majority of child care and domestic duties Women also tend to take off time from their careers to have children for various lengths of time and find that their employer or profession is no longer interested in women's capabilities only in their possibly divided attention from the job towards her family an interest that men do not face or their possible lack atrophy of ualifications Further women are stereotyped as not being able to lead or are considered relationally motivated than decision motivated and heaven help her if she is determined and motivatedshe will be considered a bitch There really is nothing new in this 2007 volume that isn't already known or stated by other researchers Any stereotype or any concerns about a woman's relationshipprocreative status or leadership abilities are simply bogus Now go tell that to the men occupying the corner office on Wall Street and see how fast you are met with laughter and escorted out the front doors The practices are unfair and detrimental to women and every effort should be taken to contradict and countermand these practices in order to create a level field of opportunity for everyone did I mention those men in the corner offices are white?My concern is that all the women and leadership literature all giving very valid points continue to measure and define professional success in ideas established by the patriarchal business establishment long ago Every researcher wants to know why there are not women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies Excuse me but what if I do not want to be a CEO? I have every intention of being extremely successful in my career but the opportunity to schmooze with Donald Trump is not my idea of success My professional life has very little to do directly with Wall Street By measuring women's success on terms established by men advocating dispelling or flagrantly calling bullshit on gendered nonsense by the likes Romney Co Inc renders the point moot Get a different measurement please Time to take a poststructuralist feminist stand and trouble notions of gender and success redefining them in a manner which have only a gentle nod toward the Wall Street corner officeIf you're wondering why I feel this reconceptualization of success is necessary it's because I am tired of Wall Street cronies They have bankrupted our economy twice with numerous recessions in between through greedy practices all the while holding a belief that they know what is best for everyone And I am not talking just about best for everyone's retirement portfolio I mean in all situations all the time for everyone Why? Because Wall Street cronies are largely arrogant With that I now return to the subject of the Republican nominee for President of the United States Mitt Romney I have listened to Mitt speakdebate throughout the party nomination process and now must listen to him speak and debate against President Obama until November Oh goodie I hope I have enough wine to make it through the experience When I awake post election I hope I will be able to chalk the feeling up to a hangover and not the realization that my country will be run by a bullying bigoted frat boy My conclusion of Mr Romney is that he just does not get it And what is worse he will never get it And the reason he will never get it is because Wall Street culture does not get it and has no desire to change the fact that it does not get itLet me see if I can be clearRomney has no relation to reality by virtue of the Wall Street business culture upon which he boasts and upon which he has built is economic campaign Take a looksie at corporate culture Lack of women in decision making and leadership positions Lack of cultural ethnic gender sexual diversity in the top offices giving corporate culture a distorted and discriminatory view of the structure of society as a whole Inflated CEO salaries compared to lower level posts lower level posts most likely to be occupied by women and minorities Corporate tendency to only concentrate on the bottom line meaning that they only want to know how women and minorities will be profitable to themperiod Wall Street is an Old Boys Network that sees humor camaraderie and strength in a way perceived as crude aggressive competitive and intimidating to women and minorities Corporate culture is likely to operate on stereotypes creating an Us versus Them dichotomy where the other is perceived as a distrusted outsider not worth their time an operational attitude buoyed through flagrant displays of tokenism to convince onlookers whistleblowers judges and legislatures how fair they are I have a good relationship with the blacks Donald Trump 2011; Our blacks are better than their blacks Ann Coulter 2011 Corporate culture's ultimate aim is to suash the competitionbankrupt them or buy and dispose of them while reaping the profits only to be shared amongst their friendsAll of these points are Wall Street justifications for withholding opportunities for advancement Needless to say I am not impressed by Romney's record at Bain Capital It gives me the creeps Corporate culture is not a formula for leading my democratic republic which boasts a constitution that guarantees everyone the opportunity to pursue happinessExcuse me I need a glass of wine

  2. Meredith Meredith says:

    Great read to get ready for an annual review and discuss pay euity and gender disparity ion the workplace Reads like a sociology textbook but I gleaned some great nuggets out of it

  3. LeAnn LeAnn says:

    Read for college Part of class curriculum

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    If you're looking for a uick read to get your fired up about feminism and women's rights in the workplace grab Lean In This is a much longer read and it spans decades of history and the path that women have taken in the workforce government and other positions of leadership It's a great book and captures first person lessons for women leaders along with in depth looks at the history of some of the stereotypes that continue to plague women in the office It's a great read but not a uick one

  5. Alissa Alissa says:

    Some good essays on specific things women need to look out for in leadership roles or men need to be aware of if they are helping women who are in leadership

  6. secondwomn secondwomn says:

    for my gender leadership and management class some interesting articles in here although these can get a tag repetitious the research is engaging and the writing is clear and concise

  7. Anna Anna says:

    Really enjoyed this one I gained a lot of insight on women and leadership but I think I'd like to give all the credit to my superb professor who assigned this

  8. Lori Grant Lori Grant says:

    A should read book on leadership and management for women in business

  9. Katie Katie says:

    Read for a leadership class in my MA program Felt repetitive lots of statistics and little to no forecast of what's ahead for Women Leadership

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    ask for ILL heard her on Philosophy Talk just know

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