Paperback ´ Hunters Moon Kindle Ú

Paperback ´ Hunters Moon Kindle Ú

Hunters Moon [BOOKS] ✭ Hunters Moon ✯ Don Hoesel – After a long absence novelist CJ Baxter returns to his hometown of Adelia in Upstate New York for his grandfather's funeral Facing a messy divorce and doubting his talent as a writer CJ is forced to c After a long absence novelist CJ Baxter returns to his hometown of Adelia in Upstate New York for his grandfather's funeral Facing a messy divorce and doubting his talent as a writer CJ is forced to confront secrets that have tormented him since childhood To complicate matters his brother Graham is running for a Senate seat and the family is intent on keeping their most damaging secret in the family for fear the truth were it found out would ruin Graham's chances at winning But with CJ airing their dirty laundry in his books the family is forced to deal with him They decide on a familiar method for handling the problem a hunting trip and just the setting for an accident to happen CJ must find a way to avoid being killed while exposing their toxic family secret regardless of Graham's lofty ambitions More important CJ must come to terms with the newfound faith that compelled him to return to Adelia in the first place.

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  1. Joanne Sher Joanne Sher says:

    I was definitely engaged in the story but I was under the impression this was supposed to be a suspensethriller It had moments that had me on the edge of my seat but not as many as I would expect I liked the characters it just wasn't as gripping as I'd hoped

  2. Gophergirl58 Gophergirl58 says:

    Slow to start for me this novel grew upon me as I got into it Because when the book began I wasn't sure where it was going It became tothe best of my ability to explain a combination of a pilgrimage back to the main character's home an explosive culmination of a long festering wound and a growth for CJ the main character I like Hoesel's books and this was no different with my trying to finish it to get to the culmination the ending There were a few situations that had me wondering what was going to happen per se so the book developed on a type of nondescript building climax While overall happy with this book I have several uestions or musings about the story1 Obviously the book's characters grew up in the Catholic faith but it seemed to me that the author alleged that both CJ and his once girlfriend became a Christian through a different church? If so why didn't the author expound upon this ? Why were the author's touching on Christianity so veiled such a minor part of the book if it had had an impact upon CJ? 2 The ending seemed rushed with a lot unsaid Did the author originally plan to write a seuel or is it just that I wanted answers or closure to the story? I enjoy Don Hoesel's books and frankly would read and keep hoping he will publish And if he happens to read this review I wouldn't mind explanations for the couple of uestions I posed 🙂

  3. Robyn Robyn says:

    I received this book as a free Advance Reading Copy from the publisher The description held promise long long son returns to the family homestead for his grandfather's funeral forcing him to confront secrets that have tormented him since childhood plus newer family secrets as well The publisher's marketing department labeled the book riveting suspense Works for me I thought Sadly neither riveting or suspense accurately reflect the novelGiven that this is an unedited manuscript copy I'm willing to overlook some of the glaring errors that hopefully will be caught during further editing For example the name of a character's wife is first Sheridan and then later Meredith No rather I'll focus on the glaring plot errors that made this book lacklusterFirst it's simply not suspenseful The author pays an enormous amount of attention to establishing the local color ie the atmosphere of the small town that this family presides over All fine and dandy but the author never uses the local color to propel the story forward into a plot The family and their sordid history proof a bit fertile ground revealing a latent propensity for violence and hurt Again both fine and dandy but the culmination of that history and violence does not do much for the story until the final pages of the book There is no suspense because there is no mystery drama or action until the last 30 pages Second the character names are confusing Janet and Julie are too similar as are Dennis and Daniel Graham and George Rick and Richard It was simply too difficult to keep them straight As someone who reads a lot of books and tends to read uickly having character names that are dissimilar enough to avoid confusion during essential points in the story is very importantFinally here is my other big issue with the novel Right in the middle the main character starts talking about when he became a Christian and how is faith is being tested by returning to the family homestead At this point it was a bit like looking out my window and seeing a monkey in the oak tree Yes monkey's do exist but seeing one in the oak tree outside my window is completely out of context and thus inane The main character's Christianity was like the monkey Not unheard of but inane because it was out of context That part of the character had not been developed at all throughout the first half of the book So his sudden spiritual crisis is completely out of the blue as is he recollection of becoming a Christian Also the character's religion has no bearing at all on the story It doesn't impact his decisions at all So what's the point of mentioning it?This element of the novel was so glaringly out of context with the rest of the story that at first I thought the author was a born again Christian who was making a personal statement via this character An internet search however informed me that the publisher specializes in Christian fiction So my suspicion is that the author threw in the Christian part to appeal to this particular publisher Goodness knows it wasn't to advance the plotOverall this novel did not work for me at all It had so much potential yet failed in too many ways to be interesting

  4. Amydeanne Amydeanne says:

    I like thrillers a lot probably my favorite genre out of all of themBUT this one didn't thrill me in the least It seemed to have a bit of a slow start and the story kinda dragged at the beginning for me for the first several chapters okay really slow Not really bad but I just didn't connect with the guy I found myself skimming too many pages to see if any action was happening in it A little break in here a little this and that there but I didn't taste anything of substance no inner battle that sucked me in By the time I got to Chapter 16 181 pages in I was compelled to put it downSorryIt's not a terrible read but I must be missing something here cuz I sure don't see any action up to this pointother than a few Im gonna hit you kinda moments that remind me of high school boys but no actual wow I can't believe that happened moments or even anything compelling me to keep reading a few bits and pieces here but this guy has no substance for me nothing that makes me connect or like him Perhaps I missed it in my skimming but that didn't start until after chapter 8 and by than well yeah sorry I'd rather watch another episode of Dora the Explorer yes even after the 100th viewingOn a side note the other thing that bothered me about this book; I wouldn't classify it as Christian fiction There are a few mentions of God it's clean but it has nothing particular that points me to Christianity or an insight into faith or anything of that sort Clean reading yes Would I call it Christian? No Just because a book is clean doesn't classify it as Christian and by clean I mean no swears in the print or extreme vulgarity Perhaps publishers need to start a new genre called Clean or non offensive reads Just don't try and sell it to me as Christian because it has the word God in it a few times that marketing strategy needs a bit of changingI admit I was looking on and reading some reviews trying to look for an inkling why this book was rated so high on there one review had said don't judge it about the first few chapters but seriously if a book doesn't capture you in the first few chapters why would anyone keep reading? Doesn't compete with Ted Dekker Brandt Dodson or Noel HyndAnyhow muddled through to the end Not a bad read just not on my list of greats nor under the classification of Christian review copy provided by BethanyHouse Publishers

  5. Victor Gentile Victor Gentile says:

    Don Hoesel in his new book Hunter's Moon published by Bethany House takes us in a different direction than he did in his first book but he still showcases his masterful ability to capture our attention and immerse us in his storyThe patriarch of the Baxter Clan Sal Baxter dies and the family is recalled for the wake and funeral and the phone call is made to CJ to return home as a sign of respect C J Baxter left Adelia NY after college 17 years before and vowed he would never return but because he loved his grandfather he makes the exception CJ is a well respected NY Times bestselling author and many feel that his novels while fiction are really autobiographical and that put a further estrangement between him and his already estranged family And now after 17 years CJ returns homeWhile Mr Hoesel's first book was an action thriller this second book is a psychological thriller What is the difference? In both the hero is in danger but the danger begins like food in a pressure cooker slowly and then you just wait for the steam to be let off while the hero fights for his life The first portion of this book builds the pressure as Mr Hoesel explores all of his characters how they interrelate with each other and the deadly secret that a handful are aware of that threatens the future of the familyThis is not a fun read as it is deeply psychological however it is a thriller and Mr Hoesel does know how to deliver on a page turnerIf you missed the interview for Elisha's Bones and would like to listen to it please go to wwwkingdomhighlightsorg where it is available On DemandTo listen to 24 Christian music please visit our internet radio station wwwkingdomairwavesorgDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

  6. Yiya Yiya says:

    The Baxters are a family of power and tradition who settled in Adelia NY At present the older brother Graham is running for the Senate position for which he will fight and make the family fight at all costs despite who gets in the way CJ Baxter the youngest brother is a writer who left his hometown for college never come back and has used his books as a refuge from his past; the secret he's carried for years has crippled him to enjoy his present and has permeated in his writing to the outmost displeasure of his relatives He goes back to Adelia when his grandfather passes away; little did he know that his life would change drastically in about a month by going back CJ was expected at the funeral but to everyone's surprise he stays in Adelia without an apparent purpose; however CJ is fleeing a nasty divorce and his uncertainty of himself as a writer making him unwilling to leaveFacing truths and confronting himself CJ learns that he has fed his anger and that he must decide to let it go In the process he finds out that his brother's campaign is tainted with personal interests and support from whom CJ least expects; if this information goes public Graham will never make it to Senator and might face prision along with the others involved Before arriving to Adelia CJ had been asked to write an article about his brother; with everything he's found out his life is now imperiledThe beginning of the book is a little slow The author describes family members thoroughly; even the homestate which I consider to be one of the main characters and loyal portrait of the Baxter character gets a fine picture done throughout the pages But this proves its importance as the plot develops All those aspects help to shape the main characters and make the ending thrilling as the reader has enough information now to venture a guess into CJ's fate and is no longer able to put the book downI received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for review but this does not bias my opinion on the book nor the author

  7. Sandra Sandra says:

    Hunter's Moon by Don Hoesel With his grandfather dying author CJ Baxter heads back to a place he hasn't been in over 17 years home The power hungry Baxter family and their home have been sitting atop Franklin County’s highest point for over 200 years Their goal to become as powerful as the renowned Irish American Kennedy clan only succeeds as far as the town of Adelia Even though he has become something of a hometown celebrity CJ isn't welcomed by his own family However once he is there Adelia NY seems like a good place to escape from a failing marriage bad book reviews a probable lawsuit and possible arrest After being attacked by his older brother Graham CJ decides he can be as ruthless as his family and determines to reveal the deep dark family secrets Risking much he begins to write an expose' Graham Baxter is running for Senate and in his grab for power the last thing he wants is for CJ to write about his transgressions Graham his father and his campaign manager struggle to keep CJ uiet in order to save the run for electionHunter's Moon is the second novel of Don Hoesel I completely enjoyed reading this captivating mystery The suspense in the novel kept me reading late into the night and the outcome was completely unexpected The Library Journal is uoted on the cover saying This intelligent drama will appeal to readers who enjoy stories aboutthe faith that guides one through life With that I disagree There was very little faith mentioned in the book CJ is a new Christian struggling to forgive but you really don't see his character seeking God to direct his many decisions However the book is a great read and I look forward to reading from Don HoeselThank you to Bethany House for providing this book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Evelyn Evelyn says:

    ou know a book is good when you read it in 2 days flat because you CANNOT put it downHunter's Moon by Don Hoesel is a story about a man CJ who left home 17 years ago and is just now coming back From facing his ex girlfriend to confronting old tragedies kept secret to working with an old friend to dealing with an ugly divorce CJ deals with a full plate all while trying to improve his situation not only spiritually but emotionally as well He has to face the reality he's been avoiding and it's time to finally make things right His family however disagrees and will do just about anything to keep the truth hidden This book was a page turnerand very well written There is a spiritual insight that is immersed very subtly but effectively It makes you think provokes a wide variety of emotion and is entertaining at the same time Likeable characters characters that I find myself able to relate to are scattered throughout and that only makes their stories compelling This is a book that I'll readily give 5 stars to and recommend This is another book that is an enjoyable entertaining and still appropriate readI did not receive any monetary compensation for my review I was provided the book by Baker Publishing Group Bethany House Division free of charge so that I could read and review These are opinions are mine and mine only

  9. Christy Lockstein Christy Lockstein says:

    Hunter's Moon by Don Hoesel is the powerful sopho novel by the writer of Elisha's Bones CJ Baxter a famed novelist is summoned home to Adelia NY after being gone for over seventeen years by the death of his grandfather The Baxters have long hoped to build a political dynasty like the Kennedy's and those hopes are finally coming to fruition with CJ's brother Graham But not is all it appears between the brothers One holds a secret about the other that has shaped the entire family's life and could destroy their future CJ is a likable character new in his Christianity who just keeps seem to let his temper get the best of him; he's on the brink of divorce facing charges for assaulting a critic and running from a bench warrant for breaking into his house to steal back his dog Hoesel carefully builds the drama slowly ratcheting up the tension so carefully as to be almost imperceptible except for the building tightness in the reader's chest The dialogue rings incredibly true A character returning home to face a family crisis and drama is an often used device but Hoesel avoids the cliches that come with it making the story brilliantly fresh The scene of teenaged Graham's threat toward ten year old CJ is haunting and CJ's gut wrenching fear is palpable This is a story that will stick with the reader long after the final page

  10. Valerie Dykstra Valerie Dykstra says:

    I'm not sure how many books I've reviewed from Bethany House However I am sure of this Hunter's Moon is my favourite It's my first by Don Hoesel but am sure it won't be my last I'm a sucker for suspense and humour and this book served up a generous helping of both It resonated with me on several fronts family secrets and dysfunction; confronting childhood hurts; going home after living away so long The similarities in my emotional journey were similar to CJ's the story's protagonist I should note that there were no similarities in the physical no one murdered anyone in my family of originCJ observes But who can factor the pull of a heritage on a man who had been absent from it for the better part of two decades ? This is so so true The pull of a heritage is stonger than I ever realized prior to going homeCJ has been away for 17 years and just returned to his native home What surprised CJ was that even after the passage of so many bitter years he wouldn't have missed this for the world I loved seeing CJ confront his own skeletons some that still had meat on them I loved watching him become whole and freeEverything I just said is a sub plot in the book It certainly isn't a self help book It's a great suspense dramaAvailable now at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group

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