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  1. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    Thank you for the book TaraThis memoir is written by the first black American actually Panamanian American female soldier to be held as a prisoner of war in Ira After the initial description of the attack her lost convoy ambushed some soldiers killed and some taken prisoner the story alternates between describing her life leading up to the attack and her life as a POW and later She was captured on March 23 2003 and rescued on April 13 2003First let me get my negative thoughts out of the way I found it disturbing that Shoshana seemed to choose a military career as the path of least resistance She dropped out of college because she didn't really know what she wanted to do and was working dead end jobs when she decided that a “safe” job in the Army didn't sound so bad despite her other options After her daughter was born while Shana was in the Army Shana now a single parent chose to sign up for another three year stint never expecting to go to Ira I think it is unfair for a single parent to expect his or her family to raise the child while the parent is gone and I don't think it is fair to the child to have no parent for an extended period of time and to possibly lose her only parent in war Just my opinion and I know many disagree with me Also I'm not Shoshana and I don't know what I would have decided had I been in her shoesShana repeatedly uestioned why she was in the convoy in Ira when she was just a cook when she should have been somewhere safer I don't think any soldier is ever guaranteed safety in war and the “why me? I didn't sign up for this” attitude got oldNow for the positive Shana's story was for the most part well written and engaging Although I have some criticism of her decisions I don't think for a minute that she was anything less than honorable when she was a prisoner and I admire her resolve to get through the situation the best she could despite severe wounds that were poorly treated and horribly painful I admire that she very much appreciated the actions and sacrifices of her fellow soldiers most of whom behaved as admirably as she did but got little recognition for it The POWs were often moved never in one place long never knowing what was going to happen next and as the lone woman in her group she was isolated much than the men I admire that she did not paint all Irais with the same broad brush that she was able to see that some were kinder than others and some crueler even though they were holding her prisoner As horrible as her experience was I am glad that it was relatively short although it must have seemed a thousand years to the POWs and that her group was rescued I am so glad she and her fellow POWS survived I wish we could say the same for all the soldiersThe book even had a little humor There are disposable devices that allow women to pee standing up but she had to pay out of her own pocket for them and had to practice And then there is the red underwear and the care that “black hair” takesShana uestioned some of the Army decisions not only the one that allowed the ambush to take place but also what happened after she returned home And it sounds like many mistakes were made It's pretty easy to make the right decisions with the advantage of hindsightAs a nit there were uite a few grammatical and typo mistakes in the ARC copy I read which is pretty common and I hope and expect that they were corrected in the published edition In the end I think this is a very good read for anyone interested in the life of a soldier

  2. Elevate Difference Elevate Difference says:

    I was working in my college dining hall when I first caught wind of Jessica Lynch’s capture back in 2003 As I scraped steam trays I compared our situations She is a brave soldier somewhere in the sands of Ira I am a pansy who spent her days in purgatorial peace in the tundra of upstate New York I didn’t know—many people didn’t know—that five other soldiers including Shoshana Johnson the first African American female prisoner of war were also being held I’m Still Standing recounts the capture and twenty two day imprisonment of Johnson and four male co prisoners at the dawn of Operation Irai FreedomJohnson is many things an army cook a survivor a mother and a brave woman who endured great hardship for her nation She is not a professional writer though and it shows Writing this book has undoubtedly been therapeutic for her and it gave her a platform to tell the world her story but as a reader I found myself desiring deeper contemplations on her experience than what she provided We get a play by play and I wanted a reflectionThis book presents several potentially riveting subjects such as how the military portrays itself for the media the ethics of keeping prisoners the perception of the Irai people and the experience of a female soldier Being an American female solider serving in the Middle East seems like a particular double whammy since women remain a minority in the military and many countries in the Middle East traditionally treat women in a way many Westerners find unacceptableJohnson had many experiences during her ordeal that are uniue to a female solider When her gender was discovered by her captors they stopped beating her while the beating of male soldiers continued Johnson was held in a different room separate from her male co prisoners for several days and she hints about feeling ignored by the men Later after telling her captors that she was not married some began to say that she should marry an Irai man a comment she feared was not a joke At one point a cloth was tossed over her body to conceal her exposed skin and she was told “This is Ira” After her rescue she found that many people assumed she was raped in captivityMany scenes are ripe with poignancy but I feel she ran over them in an attempt to remember everything and gave herself no room to meditate on what it meant It seems every time a chance to explore subjects in depth was presented the author merely skims the surface and moves on I recall a uote from writer Lucy Grealy who was asked how she remembered the details of her childhood that resulted in her book Autobiography of a Face She replied “I didn’t remember it I wrote it” Indeed nonfiction writing needs to have that organic uality to itAfter Johnson’s rescue and return the book morphs into a defense against accusations she says were piled upon her by the Army and the media Many lines are unveiled attempts to send personal messages to people in her life such as an old lover That can be done in a private rather than in a national publicationDespite the limitations of the book this soldier endured hardships and I thank her for having the courage to fight for the nation and to tell her storyReview by Kelly Gallagher

  3. Tara Chevrestt Tara Chevrestt says:

    Shoshana Johnson is the first black Latin American woman to be taken POW and this is her story of her twenty two days of captivity in Ira Shoshana joined the army to earn money for culinary school When the war broke out in 2003 she was sent along with her unit to Ira where they proceed to drive a convoy across the desert The convoy was ill planned from the start Tape jammed their rifle magazines The group was ill trained and ill prepared To sum it up some higher ups weren't doing their jobs and this becomes obvious when the last 14 or so trucks in the convoy gets lost One wrong turn leads to a very bad situation Shoshana and a few others are captured She is shot in both ankles What can she do? This is her thoughts fears hopes and ordeals during her twenty two days It tops off with her rescue the press houndings and where she is today Did she ever make it to culinary school? Four stars despite it being a well told story Why? Throughout the telling Shoshana keeps repeating three words and one recurring theme I'm a cook Why did they send me? Coming from a very military family myself this began to irritate me because when you sign up for the American military your primary and number one job is defense of your country The fact that you are a cook sheet metal mechanic truck driver or whatever else they have spent the money training you to do is your secondary job After free medical care free training and constant support of your military family can you really uestion them when they ask for you assistance in homeland defense?Despite that irritation I enjoyed her story and I recommend it

  4. Connie Connie says:

    A true account of the events leading up to the capture of the first female POWs of the Irai conflict She's not bitter but I felt hope at the end of the book and highly recommend it to anyone curious about the incident whose most famous face was Jessica Lynch

  5. Sheryl Sheryl says:

    An important story told not very well sorry to say The plight and heroism of Shoshana Johnson and her colleagues deserves a far better telling than this

  6. Zach R. Zach R. says:

    Shoshana has a great story to tell as she is the first African American woman to be under capture she has a great way of capturing the reader into her story as it leaves you wondering what's going to happen next at the end of every chapter but the one thing that's almost annoying is that every other chapter is her back story which is great to show what she has come from and what her family is like but to wonder what is going to happen next with her capture as it cuts to her backstory

  7. Riley Wierzbicki Riley Wierzbicki says:

    The book was exciting in the beginning and the end but it was really dry and uneventful in the middle of the story

  8. Yolo Yolo says:

    We are living in a time where the cost of everything is rising and too many people are living in poverty As a result many young men and women attempt to do the only thing that seems sensible join the military What better way to gain hands on experience bring in a steady and for sure income while earning money for college? Yea that's the same thing that Shoshana Johnson figured when she decided to follow in the foot steps of her father and her sister and join the militaryIn her debut memoir Johnson recalls the day as written by M L Doyle she was taken as a POW after being left behind by her superiors in the middle of nowhere en route to Baghdad with very vivid details of incidents leading up to her capture My life has forever changed because of what happened in An Nasiriyah on March 23 2003 One day maybe I'll be able to get through a day when I don't think about it when I don't wonder what I could have done to change thingsJohnson now free from a gag order imposed by the military is very honest and open about what happened in Ira Johnson also dispels many myths and untruths that imply it was the fault of the officers that led to the ambush and capture According to Johnson it was after being separated from the convey and wondering into a town that they were attacked by the residents of the city My head whipped around as I looked to see where all this fire was coming from I saw a man coming at us from between two buildings He was about three hundred meters away when I first saw him a young guy wearing a white shirt and dark pants his tennis shoed feet kicking up wisps of sand as he ran toward us He was carrying a pistol and I knew he would use itI know many of you will ask how did they end up behind everyone According to Johnson her company the 507th Maintenance Company consisted of mechanics truck drivers technicians and supply specialists were the heart of the 507th Three others and me were attached to the unit as cooksI guess it's okay to say the 507th was the clean up crew That meant that anytime a vehicle stopped due to maintenance and technical issues they had to stop and get the vehicles back on the road No man left behind would be a great slogan but unfortunately they were left behind To add insult to injury many would blame the 507th for the incident including the pressBut the press didn't say anything about our orders to use that damn tape They didn't say anything about our attempts to repair radios that didn't work and they didn't say anything about how TCP had abandoned us in the middle of the desert and evidently forgotten that we were out thereIn this page turning painfully true story Johnson tells it like it is It is horrifying that our soldiers would be exposed to war without working euipment and then be blamed for being attacked wounded and captured After reading many reviews about this book I was not sure what to expect but it was worth my time to read it and I'm so proud of Shoshana for telling HERstory and we wont have to rely on HIStoryThe decision to write this book was a difficult one to reach I finally agreed to do it after several people convinced me that it was important to tell my side of the story So much has been said about me and my experience in the press and little of it has been very accurate I always wonder who it is they are talking and writing about It just couldn't be meJohnson is now credited as being the first African American actually Panamanian American female POW and has received the Bronze Star Purple Heart and Prisoner of War medals for her commitment dedication and valor She was held captive for 22 days and thanks the Marines that saved her life If you haven't read this book you should and it is a must have for your library Let's make sure that even if history books decide not to cover Shoshana Johnson we do our part to make sure we know who she is and pass the knowledge to others especially our children After reading this novel I had many mixed emotions I LOVE the United State of America and as of today there is no other place I'd rather be But it greatly saddens me when I hear stories of our soldiers not having proper euipment and support or getting adeuate health care These soldiers lay down their lives to defend our country and as citizens it's time to let our politrikans know that we will not tolerate the mistreatment of our soldiers I was pissed that Shoshana had to call in help to fight for the benefits she deserved America we have to do better we just have toGod Bless Our Troops and Veterans

  9. BrennenN BrennenN says:

    this book was poopy i unfortunately didn't enjoy this particular book It was just not my type of literature like i like to read when i get a cup of joe in the early mornings How this particular was written was not my style and how it kept bouncing around from different views of this character farewell fellow book worms just because this book wasn't for me doesn't mean you wont enjoy this startling book

  10. Alyssa Shoemaker Alyssa Shoemaker says:

    Im Still Standing by Shoshana JohnsonIm Still Standing by Shoshana Johnson is a powerful novel about a young woman and the gruesome events she went through while being a prisoner of war in Ira and her journey home to be reunited with her daughter and rest of the family This memoir shows the strength and determination of this US military soldier as she strives and struggles with many injuries throughout the month of her captivity Shoshana Johnson is a single mom in the military stationed at Fort Bliss in El paso Texas a very large military base Shoshana is the chef at this base shes never really gone out in fight she was trained but never had much intention in going out in the heart of a war zone When she found out she was being deployed she couldn't truly believe it for she didn't belong there When her convoy took a wrong turn right into the heart of the problem they were ambushed Shoshana sees her friends die and people fighting for their lives Shoshana and the four other men that were captured traveled with their hands tied together and blindfolded being passed on from guard to guard Many of them had been injured the worst was Shoshana who had to endure the pain of walking on shattered ankles for a month After twenty two days her long captivity with no real care ended as the US Marines saved them all Shoshana is portrayed as a wonderful mother daughter fighter and a hero Her and the other POW’s fought through the unthinkable Im Still Standing is very well written and an easy read The author is very descriptive in describing exactly what she remembers from her captivity and life in the Us Army both before and after her capture The imagery created from her words is like you can almost be put into her shoes and see exactly what she saw Through the happiness struggles failures and triumphs all is seen throughout the book in its entirety The only thing that could shy a person away from this book is that it does seem to drag on at some points Jumping back from before she was deployed to her current deployment issue in each chapter gets a little lengthy and at some points confusing Although the book was very well written after she was released from her capture the author doesn't really talk about everything she went through besides the fact that she experienced some form of fame on many occasions Although this is so far on the other side of the spectrum then what I usually read this memoir was wonderfully written and tells a marvelous story of the trials these men and women went through while fighting for our country Id recommend the book to anyone

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Im Still Standing [Download] ✤ Im Still Standing ➺ Shoshana Johnson – Specialist Shoshana Johnson a member of the 507th Maintenance Company was captured during an ambush in the early days of the Ira war and held prisoner until she and her fellow Soldiers were rescued by Specialist Shoshana Johnson a member of the th Maintenance Company was captured during an ambush in the early days of the Im Still PDF or Ira war and held prisoner until she and her fellow Soldiers were rescued by the Marines Johnson's story which was largely ignored at the time because Jessica Lynch became the media darling is a gritty recounting of her capture her wounds and the challenges she faced when she came home Post Traumatic Stress treatment and the negative attitude from those who blamed her and her fellow soldiers for being captured in the first place.

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