Paradoxes of Gender eBook ¶ Paradoxes of PDF/EPUB ²

Paradoxes of Gender eBook ¶ Paradoxes of PDF/EPUB ²

  • Paperback
  • 435 pages
  • Paradoxes of Gender
  • Judith Lorber
  • English
  • 14 October 2015
  • 9780300064971

10 thoughts on “Paradoxes of Gender

  1. Steven Steven says:

    The biggest knock against this book is a feature I've noticed with a lot of books written by sociologists hardly a sentence gets by without a footnote or a bibliographic reference In fact you can read page after page and not find a sentence that is Lorber's own if it's not a direct uote it is a paraphrase The endnotes bibliography index make up than 25% of the book—122 pages Scrupulously researched and a compendium of facts and viewpoints on gender It's a great sourcebook for tracking down other writing that had something interesting to say about gender The other thing I noticed is that the book seems dated Many of Lorber's points are no longer controversial have become commonplaces Perhaps it took her so long to assemble the sources that the argument lost the timeliness it had when she began the project? Or perhaps I'm just in the choir she is preaching too I doubt that those that might be influenced by a book such as this would even read it and if they did they certainly would be turned off by the cobbled together prose of others Even her beginning and concluding chapters are laced with uotes and bibliographic attributions Where was her editor? Still as a compendium of the arguments that gender is a social construction that is shot through our society in ways not always obvious this is a comprehensive and indispensable book

  2. Lauren Bugg Lauren Bugg says:

    Fabulously insightful

  3. The Angry Ambisextress The Angry Ambisextress says:

    Night to His Day

  4. Randi Randi says:

    It's very thorough and can be a bit redundant but it's a good intro into gender studies or a refresher for those already aware

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Paradoxes of Gender❴Epub❵ ➟ Paradoxes of Gender Author Judith Lorber – In this pathbreaking book a well known feminist and sociologist—who is also the Founding Editor of Gender Society—challenges our most basic assumptions about gender Judith Lorber views gender as w In this pathbreaking book a well known feminist and sociologist—who is also the Founding Editor of Gender Society—challenges our most basic assumptions about gender Judith Lorber views gender as wholly a product of socialization subject to human agency organization and interpretation In her new paradigm gender is an institution comparable to the economy the family and religion in its significance and conseuences Drawing on many schools of feminist scholarship and on research from anthropology history sociology social psychology sociolinguistics and cultural studies Lorber explores different Paradoxes of PDF/EPUB ² Paradoxes of Gender—why we speak of only two opposite sexes when there is such a variety of sexual behaviors and relationships; —why transvestites transsexuals and hermaphrodites do not affect the conceptualization of two genders and two sexes in Western societies;—why most of our cultural images of women are the way men see them and not the way women see themselves;—why all women in modern society are expected to have children and be the primary caretaker;—why domestic work is almost always the sole responsibility of wives even when they earn than half the family income;—why there are so few women in positions of authority when women can be found in substantial numbers in many occupations and professions;—why women have not benefited from major social revolutions Lorber argues that the whole point of the gender system today is to maintain structured gender ineuality—to produce a subordinate class women that can be exploited as workers sexual partners childbearers and emotional nurturers Calling into uestion the inevitability and necessity of gender she envisions a society structured for euality where no gender racial ethnic or social class group is allowed to monopolize economic educational and cultural resources or the positions of power.

About the Author: Judith Lorber

Judith Lorber is Professor Emerita of Sociology and Women’s Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College of the City University of New York She is a foundational theorist of social construction of gender difference.