La possibilité d'une île PDF ï La possibilité

La possibilité d'une île PDF ï La possibilité

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  1. RandomAnthony RandomAnthony says:

    I don t know This is one of those books that really seemed to be multiple books Here are three of them 1 This book is partly the product of a guy who read too much Celine and wants to talk about girls asses There s a nihilistic streak in which the narrator asserts that nothing matters but fucking, and getting old is the worst thing that could happen ever, and anybody who says anything against that are just fooling themselves FOOLING THEMSELVES While a few of the rantings are funny insightful, often than not they re bleak and not particularly interesting Just because the narrator or evangelists, hippies, etc says something at a loud volume doesn t mean it s true.2 This book is partly a science fiction novel about the possibilities of immortality, the destruction of the human race and the rise of neohumans I couldn t complainHoulellebecq did his research here and worked the scenario well.3 This book is partly a meditation on isolation, immortality, and whether or not love provides meaning to our years on the planet or even exists I didn t ...

  2. Jason Pettus Jason Pettus says:

    Full review can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography So before anything else, let s just get this out of the way that if you aren t horrendously and profoundly offended at least once by the work of controversial French author Michel Houellebecq, you re not paying close enough attention Because Houellebecq, see, is what s known as a misanthrope that far from being a racist, or a sexist, or a homophobe, he simply hates the entirety of humanity, every last one of us air breathing meatsacks, and goes to great pains in his celebrated and award winning novels to detail all the various ways that you too should hate humanity as well And that of course is what marks him as different than the typical life hating streetcorner obscenity screamer, is that Houellebecq has some incredibly astute observations about life to back these opinions up that he has an almost magical ability, in fact, to take the detritus from those news of the weird departments, and to somehow combine them all into one of the bleakest yet fairest descriptions of humanity you will ever come across His truths are difficult truths, and they re often insulting truths, and they are truths that very meticulously pick apart the veneer by which most everyday people live their lives and it s for all these reasons that so many people have such a violent reaction to Houellebecq s work, and why there are as many hate...

  3. Manny Manny says:

    Male, rich, successful, 47, GSOH, not yet completely impotent WLTM female, slim, attractive, preferably blonde, 20 to 26 Maybe 28 I guess 30 isn t out of the question if you re really into keeping fit, classical dance or something similar, but let s face it, before we know what s happened you ll be getting old and fat, I won t be able to get it up for you any and you ll decide you d rather not be a burden and leave and a bit later top yourself That keeps happening to me for some reason Of course if you re young and beautiful you ll most likely decide that I m the old, ugly and useless one and I ll be getting my heart broken and committing suicide, but I think it s slightly the better of the two options on offer God which I don t believe in, of course , I hate people They killed my dog.You re probably wondering why I m telling you all this in a contact ad, but I ve had this idea that maybe I could write down everything about my life, at great length, I don t want to miss anything out, this is the comp...

  4. Leonard Gaya Leonard Gaya says:

    Apr s Extension du domaine de la lutte, lu il y a quelques mois, je saute par dessus Les particules l mentaires et Plateforme, sans doute les romans les plus populaires de Houellebecq avec le r cent Soumission , et tombe sur ce quatri me roman, La possibilit d une le Autant le dire tout de suite c est un grand roman d sesp r un livre captivant, l criture fluide et enroul e assez loign e du style plat de son premier roman , qui m a tenu en haleine jusqu au bout.Houellebecq y m le plusieurs fils narratifs, de mani re un peu d routante au d part D abord l histoire de Daniel Daniel1 , un humoriste passablement obs d sexuel et parfaitement cynique, qui fr quente la jet set parisienne et madril ne et porte sur le monde un regard d sabus , le plus souvent dr le Son r cit tourne essentiellement autour de sa vie sentimentale et sexuelle et de sa rencontre avec Isabelle, puis Esther Dans les deux cas, l obsession du sexe exprim e travers plusieurs passages assez piquants descriptions de sc nes de film porno, de partouzes, etc r v le une angoisse plus profonde celle du vieillissement, de la d ch ance physique progressive et de la persistance douloureuse du d sir La possibilit d un le est u...

  5. Szplug Szplug says:

    Houellebecq is another writer in the grand French school of misanthropy, in the shadow of its master, C line, but making every effort to cast his own The Possibility of an Island is, I think, his best work to date bleak, brutal, funny, revolting, tender and, in the end, ineffably sad The world of Houellebecq is one of cratered streets, perpetually in the dark because its inhabitants continually and maliciously put of the street lights to impair the ability of others to proceed safely.The story is that of Daniel, a bitter Frenchman from roughly our times, as told by himself and commented upon by Daniels 24 and 25, the latest in a line of neohuman clones who have descended from the original s recorded DNA Daniel is a French comedian who, at a relatively young age, has amassed a fortune via savage and biting routines and sketches he writes and performs to amuse the bastards and monkeys Daniel despises mankind and its contemptible and doomed efforts to find happiness Railing against a society where everything is sacrificed to the young with their luscious and virile bodies that Houellebecq describes over and over he mocks the old decomposing, sagging and sexually repulsive who tr...

  6. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    Middle aged and misanthropic and suffering from a rock hard cucumber in the pants Introducing the novels of Michel Houellebecq This one experiments with SF concepts alongside its middle aged misanthrope having lots of implausible sex plot the protag in this case a bile spouting gagmeister as our antihero secures himself immortality as part...

  7. Roula Roula says:

    gif Rose it s been 85 years , , , reader s block , Houellebecq

  8. Metodi Markov Metodi Markov says:

    , , , , , , .

  9. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The day I took this out from the library, a greasy man in reflective sunglasses, floral shirt unbuttoned to reveal curlicues of revoltingly masculine chest hair, meowed at me as I stood frowning beneath a sticky sun.I feel, upon reading this book, as though he were the author.

  10. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    I thought again of Daniel and, for the first time, I was tempted to pity him, without, however, respecting him.If someone would have suggested to me that the novel, as a genuine art form, was dead, that it had effectively died in the 80s sometime or, at the very least, it had been in what amounted to a slow, wasting coma since then, and would never really emerge, and we may as well flick a switch and be done with the whole fucking thing I would have found very little to argue agin im Now, however, I would toss him a copy of this novel If I had it on me Which would be unlikely I mean, I would have had to be standing right in front of my bookcase.And if I had a second copy.And I d still want it back, I would impress upon them.After hearing about Houellebecq I had already kinda vowed that I would no longer read any French until I could read it in French Then a friend waves a second hand copy of this book in English in front of my face and it s ten bucks in Federation Square and I cave in like a Chinese coalmine It was an ex boyfriend she said in English, as if to convey that it wasn t very important.Because, really, I wanted to know if I was going to love him l...

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