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The Yugoslav Wars (2) (2): Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia 1992–2001 (Elite) Osprey S Examination Of Bosnia, Kosovo And Macedonia S Involvement In The Yugoslav Wars 1991 1995 , As Well As Their Involvement In The Conflicts Of The Years That Followed Following The Death Of The Yugoslavian Strongman President Tito In 1980, The Several Semi Autonomous Republics And Provinces That He Had Welded Into A Nation In 1945 Moved Inexorably Towards Separation As The World Watched A Series Of Wars Ripped Through This Modern European State In This Second Of Two Volumes, Experts On The Balkan Region Give An Unprecedented, Clear And Concise Explanation Of The Armies Of The The Bosnian Civil War 1992 5 As Well As The Conflicts In Kosovo And Macedonia This Includes The Regular And Militia Forces Which Fought In These Campaigns And Which Ultimately Resulted In The UN NATO Policing Of The Region That Continues To This Day The Book Is Illustrated With Rare Photos And An Extraordinary Range Of Colour Uniform Plates.