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Great Lakes Suite Specially Edited, Updated, Revised And Rewritten By The Author, And For The First Time Complete In One Volume, Great Lakes Suite Includes A Trip Around Lake Ontario, First Published In , As Well As A Trip Around Lake Erie And A Trip Around Lake Huron, Both Of Which Were First Published In These Books Have Come Alive In A Remarkable Way And Have Made The Whole Much Than Merely The Sum Of Its Parts They Have Become Funnier, Sadder, Inter Connected, Spiritual, Sure Of Themselves They Sparkle From Beginning To End With A New Depth And Resonance They Represent A Time That Is No , An Idyllic Time So It Seems Now Before The Differences Between Canada And The US Became So Small As To Be A Joke The Years Since They First Appeared Have Been Kind To These Books And McFadden S Extensive Reworking Of The Texts Has Given Them A Heightened Sheen