Ebook ✓ Beyond Curious PDF/EPUB Ú

Ebook ✓ Beyond Curious PDF/EPUB Ú

Beyond Curious [Download] ➵ Beyond Curious By Paisley Smith – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Annie’s dreading the piano lessons that her grandmother’s will demanded she takeuntil she meets her teacher Emily Far from the elderly cat lady Annie had envisioned Emily is sexy blonde and comple Annie’s dreading the piano lessons that her grandmother’s will demanded she takeuntil she meets her teacher Emily Far from the elderly cat lady Annie had envisioned Emily is sexy blonde and completely irresistibleEmily has never been with a woman but Annie attracts her in a way that no one else has Despite Emily’s initial misgivings it doesn’t take long for their relationship to move from teacher and student to something much than either of them expected—something that might lead to the love of a lifetime.

About the Author: Paisley Smith

I’m Paisley Smith I am a full time freelance writer and can usually be found in front of my computer either writing chatting promoting or plotting It’s a glamorous lifeworking in one’s pajamasI attended college in the Deep South where I obtained a slew of totally useless degrees and developed an unrelenting sense of humorMy books can be found at Ellora’s Cave Loose Id and Cleis Press I’.

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  1. Farah Farah says:

    I missed Horror Week on Goodreads because of this author yes I am extremely sad about it and even sadder that I can't find my crying emoji and had to ask PL to share hers Smith is a great author this is porn with ⅜ plot 1OO% clitoris bank worthy So MsSmith 3⅚ for this

  2. Kent Kent says:

    This was the first book of this genre that I have ever read and all I can say is WOW I loved this short book On one hand I am glad it was so short because I couldn't put it down and if it was longer I would have never gotten any sleep but I also didn't want it to end

  3. lov2laf lov2laf says:

    I like Paisley Smith's writing but I didn't find this to be her best work The Beguiled series and Purr I found to be a mature writing style and much betterThat said this wasn't bad either It has a little too much of a porn vibe of jumping right to it without a better lead upwhich might be strange to say for short story erotica but I guess I'd say there's sex than romance here The word channel was used a few too many times but overall the erotica was written well The cover doesn't match the leads in the book at all This is a butchfemme couplingand my brain keeps melding the title so I keep thinking Bi curious which matches too since the femme in the story probably identifies that way though that's ambiguousThe chemistry is good between the two leads and there's just enough character development to make the growing romance believableOn the whole I found this to be a little better than an okay read 333 stars

  4. LVLMLeah LVLMLeah says:

    Get your fans and cold showers ready ladies; Paisley Smith has done it again This is one really hot story Not only is this story as sexually delicious as deep fried ice cream it’s also a beautiful love story Somehow Paisley Smith as before managed to write a well rounded short story that from beginning to end left no gaps lingering uestions and made me feel like these two women will only have eyes for each other foreverAnnie is a 29 year old student going for her veterinary degree To honor her grandmother’s memory the only family member who totally accepted her being a lesbian and loving her she’s decided take the piano lessons her grandmother wished her toAnnie’s dreading her first lesson and walks up to the old Victorian house thinking for sure the widow Granger is probably some old hag with a hundred cats but finds herself lost for words and immediately smitten when she sees that her teacher is a woman not much older than herself and drop dead gorgeousEmily is a young widow whose husband came from a traditional wealthy influential family She’s still grieving his death by cancer while trying to live up to the family name and reputation by doing all things proper When she sees Annie for the first time she finds herself strangely attracted to this unusual but appealing androgynous woman dressed like a man and starts to fantasize about what it would be like to be with a womanOver the next few weeks at every lesson Annie and Emily get it on in every which way possible both starting with the idea that this is just sex since Emily is not gay and Annie is taking off for school in a few weeks What really happens is that both their hearts start to open and they have to decide to go for broke or notWow just wow I just loved everything about this book The first thing that got me was the atmosphere that Paisley set up in which the girls first meet The old Victorian house in the middle of two frat houses the ambience of old family money with a beautiful young widow I kept picturing Emily as a Catherine Deneuve character cool distant elegantly beautiful and yet vulnerably sensual That piued my interest straight awayThen there’s Annie who knows what she wants doesn’t care what people think and she dresses and looks androgynous The contrast between the two women is very dynamic Again something very appealing to meAnnie’s also a bit of a dom and an alpha As the sexual relationship develops between her and Emily and she feels a mix of hesitancy and attraction from Emily she starts acting like thisBrazenly Annie’s eyes held hers as she stepped over the threshold and pushed the door closed behind her “Take your panties off”At first Emily thought she had not heard her correctly “Pardon me?”“Take ’em off” Annie said unsmilingEmily swallowed thickly She gaped“I want you to teach my lesson without any panties on” Annie said and blithely moved toward the pianoDamn but that is so hot What’s really nice about the way this book is written is that it creates an interesting power dynamic in which the women don’t go the way of being egalitarian Clearly Annie is in control of the sexual encounters but isn’t overbearing She acts with just the right amount of assertiveness to keep the tension and excitement up while still being soft enough that Emily feels OK to explore And Emily is so turned on for the first time in her life that she gets off on it doing things she never would have thought she’d ever do totally in awe of discovering amazing sex for the first timeThis of course is a story about a lesbian and a woman who’s never been with a woman before so there are some issues that come up for the characters about their intense attraction and budding loveI thought the development of Emily’s feelings over the weeks is so beautifully done She uestions herself if she’s really a lesbian and what that would mean to her and her uptight in laws if she openly has a relationship with Annie And there are a few instances in which her immediate reaction to going public with their relationship is fear and resistance which I thought only natural But she also doesn’t deny herself what she really feels and I liked thatEven though hurt at those flinch reactions of Emily Annie always come back with an I love you and am not leaving attitude which wakes Emily up making her realize how much she’s loved and wanted and how deeply she loves Annie I totally love Annie’s energy here as her desire and frustration mounts“Goddammit” Annie said and tossed her rolled up piano book to the floor She stalked across the carpet hauled Emily against her and before Emily could utter a sound Annie’s mouth claimed hersThe best part of this story is that at its core it’s a love story Yes it starts out with incredible sexual chemistry and the book has a fair amount of sex in it but when the women start falling love it’s so clear and profound; I felt these two women really adore each other outside of the sexual realmLike the last two stories I’ve read of Paisley Smith’s the pacing character portrayals and general plot came together so smoothly And of course the sexual scenarios are so intense and juicy For me at this point Paisley Smith can’t write fast enough I want

  5. E.A. E.A. says:

    Makes you want to take piano lessons

  6. Tim Tim says:


  7. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    I really enjoyed this book and authorI loved the fact that there was a 'catch Up' to this story So glad they over came their issues and stayed together

  8. Joyce Guillén Joyce Guillén says:

    I hated the cover at first sight but I was also beyond curious so I decided to give it a read Then as I read I realized that the cover is incredibly misleading One of the women in the story is described as masculine and I honestly can't decide which one of the two sex bombs in the cover is her The other was an older woman with class so yeah the cover sucks The story itself was interesting but a little rushed due to the length of the story in the end it wasn't bad but it wasn't the best thing I've read either

  9. Sheila Sheila says:

    A widow who teaches piano lessons A vet student whose grandmother left her a piano with instructions to take lessons They meet and are attracted Problems ensue when Emily the widow is unsure if she wants to go public with their relationship I enjoyed Emily and Annie Both of their POVs are told Annie knows what she wants but Emily has to uestion her past and what her feelings are Believable love scenes Good read

  10. Lindsay Howard-Smith Lindsay Howard-Smith says:

    Loved this storyBeing a heterosexual male I was a little apprehensive about reading this storyWell what a surprise being a bit of a romantic I loved it it was tender and told in a way to make me think about the whole situation and problems of gay couples This was told I felt in a beautiful way and I thoroughly enjoyed it

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