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The Joy of Doing Things Badly Download The Joy Of Doing Things Badly By Veronica Chambers Anguillais.us In A Society That Puts So Much Emphasis On Perfection, Veronica Chambers Mischievously Casts Aside The Guilt Inducing Litany Of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda That Seems To Define Modern Day Life And Replaces It With A Resounding Call To Live With Foolish Bravery Refreshingly Open About The Personal Failures And Limitations That Once Weighed Her Down With Shame, Chambers Describes How She Turned Her Less Than Perfect Qualities Into Sources Of Delight And Satisfaction From Belting Out Off Key Renditions Of Torch Songs While Washing The Dishes To Seeing Even The Most Unlikely Career Opportunity As A Chance To Spread One S Wings, Chambers Shows That A Willingness To Fall Flat On One S Face Heightens The Joys Of Everyday Life And Opens A New, Wonderfully Liberating Perspective On Work, Motherhood, Aging, Friendship, Failure, And Success With A Winning Combination Of Lighthearted Anecdotes And Heartfelt Musings, Chambers Encourages Readers To Follow Her Example And Do The Things That Tickle Their Fancies And Fire Their Imaginations No Matter What Other People And That Little Voice Inside May Say Like Chambers Herself, They Ll Discover That What We Consider Our Failures Have A Surprising Ability To Charm We Are Loved For Our Imperfections For Our Funny Faces And Walks And Dances And Songs.