The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel Epub ✓ Greek

The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel Epub ✓ Greek

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  1. willaful willaful says:

    Not only does this have the only meaningful greek tycoon title ever, it is also a rare Harlequin Presents in which the hero s ethnicity is actually significant Petra is a student of Greek myths, and the story of Achilles, as well as other myths, have a great deal of symbolic significance to her relationship with Lysandros.This is an atypical, even subversive HP in a number of ways Petra has two currently unthinkable heroine traits previous sexual experience, and backbone And Lysandros tragic secret is basically what would happen if a typical HP plot didn t have a happy ending Makes you think.But never fear, there is still plenty of the angst and betrayal we love.

  2. Karla Karla says:

    The Girl Petra Radnor is the daughter of some Liz Taylor esque serial monogamist film star Petra herself has been married and divorced and keeps her sanity in the biz as Mom s assistant and pet by being sassy, brassy, and snarky Needless to say, she was very irritating.The Guy Lysandros ACHILLES Demetriou Got that name Know the myths about the guy Like, at all Well, it don t matter, because the author is going to use up some of her word count by telling you all about the Home rboy and constantly drawing parallels between her hero and one of THE heroes of all litracha.The Setup A Vegas casino Lysandros is there wasting his money while Petra s mom marries Husband whatever He sees some dowded down little teenager, but decides to mope about his own problems like Achilles sulking in his tent He wanders off and goes to the observation platform and apparently is about to jump off when the dowdy teen stops him Being in an oh so vulnerable moment, he starts to unload on her and snaps to enough so that he doesn t carry out his suicide plans He gives the girl a smooch and goes off Flash forward 15 years Lysandros is at another of the film star s weddings, this time in Greece Now he s become a cold and embittered shipping magnate But he sees the teen all grown up and the past comes back to him and just how special she is to him Luckily she s totes in lurve with him too and the rest of the story is all a matter of her trying to get him to unburden himself and trust her.The Good Stuff Well, I liked the Greek references At first Then they just got heavy handed and took up way too much word count Still, it was a quick read and it wasn t OTT WTF until the very end view spoiler A bullet into a ceiling brings the house down Literally hide spoiler

  3. Missy Missy says:

    A dramatic love story set to an ancient Greek legend.very entertaining read.

  4. Jo Jo says:

    De verdad, tanto cuesta entender conceptos Como pu etas me pintan en la sinopsis y en el libro una Heroina inocentona cuando estuvo casada varios a os, y era un matrimonio aparentemente normal Qu hac a con el ex marido en esos a os, jugar al parchis Contarse cuentos por las noches Que a m ni me molesta ni me deja de molestar si es divorciada, viuda o coja Lo que me irrita es que nos tomen el pelo Eso, o algunos autores necesitan volver a clases.

  5. Calysta Calysta says:

    DNF, it felt like the story was out of focus and insubstantial I think it was just her writing style, but it didn t work for me.

  6. Vintage Vintage says:

    Well, what can I say Despite the as ever ridiculous tycoon title, it is very difficult to believe that this is a Harlequin The heroine is a mature, divorced non virgin with a real job and does not abuse, being ignored or browbeaten as a sign of eternal love Granted the hero is a brooder, but he is also a lost soul in search of love and lightness Character development folks There are a few of the tropes that live in Harley land, but overall this was a pretty impressive piece of work..Hats off to you, Ms Gordon.

  7. Caro Caro says:

    i enjoyed the mythology, emotion, connection, and challenges in this book i really liked how P and L s relationship was echoed in the story of achilles i would derinitely read this book again i really like the ening too, from the return to the house and the meaning inferred to and with the river styx read and enjoy

  8. Lisla Cam Lisla Cam says:

    4.5 estrellas, La sinopsis es muy insulsa, pens que era m s de lo mismo, me sorprendi por completo ha sido una de las historias Harlequ n que m s me ha atrapado Toda una tragedia griega Me encant que los protas fueran mayores, ambos con defectos, y la protagonista con mucho car cter, as mismo las partes donde narraban parte de las leyendas y mitos sobre personajes griegos.

  9. Irene Angel Irene Angel says:

    a bit dramatic but what can i say i m from greece and i love our history and myths i feel so proud of my country reading about it and the ancient history and myths with our 12 gods and heroic semigods are awsome

  10. Laura Hannaway Laura Hannaway says:

    This was by far the oddest Mills Boon I ve ever read really wierd

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The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel [Read] ➳ The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel Author Lucy Gordon – Lysandros Demetriou shipping magnate and Athens most sought after bachelor Glamorous women compete for this brooding playboy s attention, but his focused ambitions ensure that they don t outstay their Lysandros Demetriou shipping magnate and Athens most Tycoon's Achilles Epub ß sought after bachelor Glamorous women compete for this brooding playboy s attention, but his focused ambitions ensure that they don The Greek eBook à t outstay their welcome Until Petra Radnor whirls into his life Her beauty is a lure Lysandros cannot resist she awakens something within him that he s kept Greek Tycoon's Achilles PDF É hidden for years When their scorching desire shows no sign of burning out, Lysandros has to decide whether his need for Petra is a temporary craving or a lifelong obsession.

    The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel Epub ✓ Greek lifelong obsession."/>
  • Paperback
  • 185 pages
  • The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel
  • Lucy Gordon
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9780373527694

About the Author: Lucy Gordon

Christine Sparks was born in England, UK Tycoon's Achilles Epub ß She wanted to be a writer all her life, and began by working on a British women s magazine As The Greek eBook à a features writer, she gained a wide variety of experience She interviewed some of the world s most attractive and interesting men, including Warren Beatty, Richard Chamberlain, Charlton Greek Tycoon's Achilles PDF É Heston, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Alec GuinessSingle life was so enjoyable that.