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10 thoughts on “The Case of the Secret Scribbler

  1. Anthony Anthony says:

    After finding a slip of paper with scribble on it ten year old Jack P McQurk summons up the members of his detective agency and together they piece together clues about a crime that is to be committed in three days unless they can convince Lt Kaspar to take action to prevent it.

  2. Aileen Stewart Aileen Stewart says:

    I love a good mystery, especially a children s mystery and I wasn t disappointed with this book written in 1978 A group of lively children imagine themselves to be detectives, and when they find a scrap of paper in a library book, the adventures begin This cool mix of kids from brainy to bossy will keep you guessing what will happen next The Case of the Secret Scribbler is truly a gem from the past.

  3. rivka rivka says:

    3.5 stars

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    My original school reading record reviewI thougth thought this book was good.

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