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10 thoughts on “Simple French Food

  1. Larry Brennan Larry Brennan says:

    OK I'm really conflicted as to how to rate this one It's a delight to read Olney is strongly opinionated perhaps even a bit of a crankThe recipe content is anything but simple it's full of homemade aspics veal knuckle anyone? and fancy terrines but the writing is great fun to read His rant about pâté had me laughing out loudAs for his basic techniues especially for eggs the degree to which his commandments align with Cook's Illustrated's is uncannyI'm not really through with this book but that's not the point You can pick this up read any chapter or recipe introduction and thoroughly enjoy it I probably won't ever cook anything from it but that doesn't diminish my enjoyment

  2. Amy Farnham Amy Farnham says:

    This has ruined me for all other cookbooks One of the uotes on the jacket calls it “honest” I didn’t really understand how a cookbook could be honest until I read it To begin with he is hilariously frank especially when describing opinions different from his own The man has VERY strong opinions about ingredients and preparation methods But he trains that critical eye back on himself highlighting parts of his recipes that may be distasteful or problem for some people In one recipe he admits that a dough may be hard to mix and provides detailed instructions for how to hold the spoon to keep your arm from tiring In several recipes he offers alternatives for preparation methods suitable for guests and day to day home cooking He suggests ways to anticipate whether your guests will even like the food based on their other tastes All in all I’ve never read a cookbook that is comparable in its vivid and visceral portrayal of the total cooking experience in each recipe His recipes are not just lists of ingredients and minimalist instructions He manages to convey the look and feel of the ingredients that are you are cooking the uestions that may cross your mind while you do it and the rationale behind his preparation suggestions in a way that transports you into his kitchen And all of that with no photos and a handful of scientific looking drawingsWonderful book

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I love food writing and cookbooks and this is now one of my favorites Simple means not the sauce obsessed high French cuisine of cities and fine restaurants in the 1950s and 60s He does not mean for beginner cooks though dedicated beginners can learn a lot here too He assumes you already know your way around a kitchen Although there are many good recipes and some too obscure for me to make though interesting to read about he also assert all his well developed idiosyncratic opinions and describes many techniues and loose ways of throwing certain categories of dishes together in addition to plenty of good anecdotes and talk about ingredients

  4. Erin Erin says:

    I love cookbooks but try to keep them off my Goodreads lists unless they're worth reading beyond the utility of finding recipes Olney's classic is one Every recipe is lush and a pleasure to read The description for Omelette a la Lyonnaise is worth the price of admission alone a morning meal of hearty and attractively vulgar preparations washed down with a cool abundance of Beaujolais vibrant in its tender youth

  5. carelessdestiny carelessdestiny says:

    I haven't tried any of the recipes but he writes about the vulgar rustic robust food so ardently that I have to keep dipping into it My edition has a detail of a Cezanne still life on the cover which somehow sums up the whole experience of this book

  6. Art Hare Art Hare says:

    More cook books should be written like this Olney really transports you

  7. Allison Hammerly Allison Hammerly says:

    I picked this up from the library after reading The Gourmands' Way Justin Spring I have already gone out and purchased my own copy not content to just read the library's copy once Yes Olney is a bit cantankerous but in an endearing way if you ask me He has high standards He is passionate I love his passage about chopping meat by hand vs buying it ground in the chapter Cold Terrines Pates Mousses He describes the process insists that he finds it worth the effort then asks the reader if they are content with something merely decent or whether they are seeking the sublime That sure got my attention I can't promise I will be chopping my meat by hand this weekend but it certainly got me thinking I can't wait for summer farmer's market produce to try out some of his vegetable recipes Also looking forward to some of the sauces for fish This book is a wonderful read cover to cover

  8. Iana Iana says:

    Oh boy this is so much than a classic A better overview of what used to be mainly rural home cooking in the 1950s60s than any French person could possibly provide It is the result of obsessive life long research An admirable piece of work Some passages are unforgettable such as the whole seuence around the preparation of goose confit I actually don't like the writing that much I like simple clean sentences Olney's are long and convoluted The book also makes you think how much has changed in France since then the onslaught frozen food internationalisation less fatsugardairy the unfortunate uasi dissappearance of sorrel and tarragonClearly a must read for food aficionados

  9. Linda Linda says:

    There is nothing simple about these recipes and detailed explanations It took me a long time to get past the snobbery and move on through the tediousness

  10. theresa chappelle theresa chappelle says:

    Was not impressed with his writing of French food which I enjoy

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  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Simple French Food
  • Richard Olney
  • English
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9780020100607

About the Author: Richard Olney

Richard Olney was an American painter cook food writer editor and memoirist best known for known for his books of French country cookingOlney lived in a house above the village of Solliès Toucas in Provence France for most of his adult life where he wrote many classic and influential cookbooks of French country cooking He had first moved to France in to Paris where he was close fr.