Paperback ↠ MiPOesias PDF Ú

Paperback ↠ MiPOesias PDF Ú

10 thoughts on “MiPOesias (August 2010)

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Dynamite And not just because I have a story A Swallow of Cola featured in it I m proud to be among these pages of great poems, great stories, and great collages I am a fan of collages, but I never seen collages like these I could stare at them all day But tell you the truth, I would ve picked up a copy of this MiPO on the cover alone Repeat Dynamite Read

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    An excellent anthology There are several outstanding pieces in it.

  3. Lena Vanelslander Lena Vanelslander says:

    A literary journal that stands for quality

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