Mass Market Paperback ↠ Abandon Epub Ú

Mass Market Paperback ↠ Abandon Epub Ú

10 thoughts on “Abandon

  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    Easy good read Finally, this is a mystery story without the gore and sexual nonsense.

  2. Linda C Linda C says:

    FBI agent Andrew Rook is working with an informant who promises information but is not following through When the informant makes a connection to a woman Rook has been dating he breaks with her to avoid a conflict of interest The woman, Mackenzie Stewart, is an assistant deputy with the U.S Marshall Service and a friend of the Judge being targeted Then the informant goes missing and Mac is attacked when visiting her friends lake house Soon both services are involved I found this plot very convoluted A lot of law enforcement involved in an issue that hadn t even been determined as unlawful Everything seemed to be a stretch to make a connection between these people Definitely a good thing Neggers was ending this series It has definitely run out of steam.

  3. Ann Poole Ann Poole says:

    Great read loved the imagination and creativity of Carla NeggersWow this series is fantastic keep these stories coming.Please try to make sure L A Library gets all these great reads

  4. Linda Klages Linda Klages says:

    Lots of twists turns will read from this author Part of a series but read as a stand alone.

  5. Suze Suze says:

    ABANDONVery good mystery thriller, I have not read this author before This book can be read as a stand alone, but I will definitely be checking out others in the series.

  6. Elaine Marriott Elaine Marriott says:

    Great series

  7. Margie Margie says:

    Seemed a bit drawn out, but was interesting enough to continue reading the story First time reading this author and this is her 6th book Will try of her books in the future.

  8. Judy Parker Cohen Judy Parker Cohen says:

    good book

  9. Flewts Flewts says:

    Not great literature, but a fun read, lots of suspense, some plot turns I wasn t expecting I always know I ll have a good experience with a Carla Neggers book.

  10. Ns Ns says:

    Abandon was reminiscent of a typical Carla Neggers novel great plot and great characters What I really appreciated the most were the characters whose history and circumstances did carry an emotional depth Mackenzie Stewart is an unlikely U.S Marshall, nonetheless she does the job well showing promise and potential Unlikely, because to all who know her there is a delicateness about her that is suited for the college professor she was prior to becoming a Marshall New to her job, her training and survival instincts immediately kicks in when she is attacked, but not before suffering a serious injury that has those caring about her worried about her new career In fact, she carries a community s support with her, both a curse and a blessing that has surrounded her ever since childhood That is because Mackenzie s childhood has been anything but idyllic, having carried the burden of a difficult and traumatizing childhood after her father is seriously injured It is a burden she continues to carry with her into adulthood and now into her job.This is where responsible, reliable, dependable Andrew Rook comes in Coming from a long line of law enforcement men, his job as FBI special agent comes as no surprise The instant he meet Mackenzie, sparks fly, but are quick to cool when she becomes the center of his investigation They can t help falling for each other all over again, when her past and present collide and it appears a dangerous man is on the loose right under their noses.Not sappy, and yet still emotional in a way that makes the plot better rather than distract from it.

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Abandon ✽ [EPUB] ✵ Abandon By Carla Neggers ❧ – On what is supposed to be a quiet long weekend in New Hampshire, Deputy U.S Marshal Mackenzie Stewart is viciously attacked at the lakefront cottage of her friend, federal judge Bernadette Peacham Mac On what is supposed to be a quiet long weekend in New Hampshire, Deputy US Marshal Mackenzie Stewart is viciously attacked at the lakefront cottage of her friend, federal judge Bernadette Peacham Mac fends off her attacker, but he manages to escape Everything suggests he s a deranged drifter until FBI special agent Andrew Rook arrivesWith Rook, Mac broke her own rule not to get involved with anyone in law enforcement, but she knows he isn t up from Washington, DC to set things straight between them He s on a caseAs the hunt for the mysterious attacker continues, the case takes an unexpected turn when Mac and Rook return to Washington and find Bernadette s ex husband, a powerful attorney, shot to death Then Bernadette disappears, and Mac and Rook realize the stakes are higher than either had imagined, and a master criminal with nothing left to lose is prepared to gamble everything.