Death at the Priory Love Sex and Murder in Victorian

Death at the Priory Love Sex and Murder in Victorian

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  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    At about 200 pages this a uick read and is written well If you like true crime closed door mysteries especially ones set in Victorian England that have never been solved then this is for you The writer believes he has solved it and I believe it too He did a tremendous amount of research and traveled all over the world to get it A tenacious and dogged exploration into not just the murder but the subservient role of women in a society that competely bound women to their husbands and fathers if they were violent cruel men you really had no escape

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    Rating Clarification 45 StarsI haven't been this invigorated by a good ole husband behaving badly book since I read Wedlock The True Story of the Disastrous Marriage and Remarkable Divorce of Mary Eleanor Bowes Countess of Strath If Andrew Stoney was the crowned winner for the Mr Shitty Husband of the 18th Century contest for his sociopathic antics documented in Wedlock then the heir apparent for the 19th century must surely pass to Charles Bravo of this book Fortunately for Florence his wife but unfortunately for his digestive tract Mr Bravo wasn't able to enjoy the fruits of his reign of terror for very long as said digestive tract was being burned up from the effects of antimony poisoning Forgive me for being unsympathetic to his plight but I've read the book and he doesn't deserve it IMORuddick has peened an engrossing true tale of illicit sexual shenanigans with a geriatric lover abortion illegal sexual perversions alcohol abuse spousal abuse a grisly poisoning and an unsolved murder This book has it all in spades No wonder Victorian England was riveted I was too 150 years laterOn a side note I picked up this book from the library not realizing it was about the Charles Bravo poisoning Strangely enough I had recently Netflixed A Most Mysterious Murder a 5 part TV series produced by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame Excellent production and the part of Bravo was played magnificantly by Michael Fassbender Interestingly enough Fellowes take on who the murderer differed from writer Ruddick but I think both men had convincing and compelling evidence that would point to either of their suspects The downside to all the speculation is that we will probably never know the truth Like Jack the Ripper this cold case remains unsolved but fascinating even into the 21st century

  3. Shovelmonkey1 Shovelmonkey1 says:

    At first glance you might pick this up and think ooh some kind of slightly sordid NunVicar love tryst in buttoned up Victorian England which ultimately ends in murder most horridEr nope sorry you're wrong This is the coldest of all the Cold Case files well unless you count those people on National Geographic who are always trying to figure out if certain Egyptian Mummies were murdered and or were related to Tutankhamun but you should probably just ignore those because Egyptology is the most made up of all the ologies anyway Ruddick revisits the evidence for an unsolved British 19th century murder case General man about town and out and out cad and bounderm Charles Bravo meets an untimely end but who and what was behind the dastardly deed? Personally I think the guy was a bit of shit bag so I was not unduly disturbed by his untimely demise His crimes were numerous; abuser sex pest gold digger and bully So hands up anyone who'd miss this person? No one? Hmm thought not Prime suspect is the missus Florence who suffered at his hands up until the time of his death but ultimately was flakier than a caramel wafer so probably would not have sufficient lady balls to stand up and do the deed Also in the frame are disgruntled home help Mrs Cox the spurned OAP lover of wife Florence one Dr Gully and also the conveniently drunken stable boy who was sacked and returned to the house after one too many sherries to rave and shout and generally make himself look a likely suspect by announcing that he'd get even with Charles Bravo somehow If this wasn't based on real life events it'd sound hokier than the set up for a bodice ripping historical fiction but it has all been researched and the facts are presented Indeed the fact still remains that Mr Bravo is deceased as are the rest of the cast now but we can only assume that they went of natural causesNot mind blowing but it could probably still teach the writers of CSI a thing or two if only to stop me shouting fake science at the TV during every lab scene

  4. Nina Nina says:

    This book is a must for anyone who enjoys true crime and period books It is set in the Victorian era which makes it even scandalous considering how stringent the rules of decorum were back then I picked this book up randomly when I was going through a true crime reading phase I could not put it down How interesting it is to peek into the lives of this mysterious and scandalous murder from over 100 years ago Amazing that this mystery is still kept alive It is further eery by the fact of claims that the ghost of Charles Bravo still haunts the Priory house It was also nice that the author included pictures of the house and couple and even a detailed floorplan to help understand his theory of the murder I definitely recommend

  5. Elena Elena says:

    Borrowed from Open LibraryIn Death at the Priory James Ruddick presents his theory about what happened to Charles Bravo who was poisoned and whose murderer was never found The book is divided into two parts in the first the author recounts the events which lead to Bravo's death while in the second he considers different solutions and suspects of the crime and finally explains what he believes truly happenedI had heard about this case before but I wasn't very familiar with it so I found Ruddick's research complete and interesting The second part was even compelling It is true as some readers have noted that Ruddick is a little too assertive he presents his theory as the absolute and uncertain truth and his tone can be irritating sometimes However he makes a valid point and I think his reconstruction is very plausible view spoilerIt really seems that Florence is the most likely culprit and Mrs Cox's strange behaviours could have been so because she was loyal to her mistress and tried to help her Of course the opposite could also be true that Mrs Cox killed Bravo because he was cruel to her mistress but Florence's motive was bigger Anyway I think it likely that both women knew what had really happened and covered for each other hide spoiler

  6. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    To be very honest I first came across Florence Bravo wife of murdered Charles Bravo in the book by Mary S Hartman called Victorian Murderesses so I had no idea what this book was going to be about before I picked it up and started reading I have this thing about British murder cases past and present so this one was right up my alley offering an inside look into a Victorian home family society It seems that Mr Charles Bravo was poisoned in a most grueling and painful way at his home and while there were than a few people with a motive to off the guy no one was ever arrested in connection with the case So enter James Ruddick journalist and author who decides to tackle Bravo's murder by sifting through the court records at the inuest the sources from Scotland Yard going to the actual scene of the crime and following leads that he gets in the process If you consider yourself to be an armchair detective like me you will certainly enjoy the trip through the book I didn't want to stop reading once I finished itIt ssems that Florence Bravo had married her husband Charles not out of love but in order to restore her reputation in society Florence had been married earlier to a Captain Ricardo who beat her and treated her terribly I mention this because Florence left home to go back to her family home and eventually started the separation process Rather than go back home her parents convinced her to go spend some time at Malvern in a sanitarium where hydrotherapy was all the rage under the guidance of one Dr Gully who was physician to the likes of Disraeli and Charles Darwin He was much older than Florence but the two fell in love and started a love affair Well it just so happens that Florence's husband dies; she and Gully are still going strong and they get caught doing the do while guests of a friend Word gets out Gully is a married man and Florence is behaving in ways that women shouldn't So Florence becomes a social pariah so when her companion the very bizarre Mrs Cox sets her up with Charles Bravo Florence sees a way out of her situation and marries him But all is not happy in the Bravo household Charles wants to take over the household Florence's fortune left to her by her former husband and Florence herself Then Charles dies but no one is ever charged with his murderRuddick sets out to solve the uestion of who offed Charles why It turns out that there are several members of the household with motives to kill Charles along with Dr Gully Florence's ex lover Ruddick sifts through inuest testimony visits the scene of the crime interviews living descendants and works out a solution to the murder which I must say I found incredibly plausible and went along with what I thought the solution was myself I won't give it away but if you read very carefully it leaps out at youI'd definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy a good murder mystery and to people who enjoy Victorian crime and history It is well worth every second you put into it

  7. Amy Sturgis Amy Sturgis says:

    This is a study of the unsolved murder by poisoning with antimony of Charles Bravo 1845 1876 a young British barrister The first half of the book recounts the story of Bravo's wife her somewhat scandalous life before their marriage and Bravo's own misbehavior until his death The second half follows the author's new research and attempt to solve the murder which is for the most part largely convincing Ruddick should be applauded for the three dimensional sympathetic and insightful way in which he draws the characters especially the women in their limited spheres of legal power and social self determination at the time and Florence Bravo's former lover Dr James Gully a particularly tragic figure While I would have appreciated information about the press reports of Bravo's death and the following murder trial this study on the whole was most informative and fascinating Anyone interested in the time period andor the history of forensics law and crime should consider this a recommended read

  8. Karyl Karyl says:

    An interesting look at an unsolved murder mystery in Victorian England Florence Bravo after suffering through an abusive first marriage finds herself married to yet another abuser who insisted on forcing himself on her to produce an heir even though she had miscarried two babies in a short span of time But within five months of their wedding day Charles Bravo collapsed and dies as a result of antimony poisoning Who has administered the final dose? Several people close to Bravo have the motive but it was never determined at the time who was responsible The author looks at all the evidence gathered from the initial inuiry and then discovers new information that points the finger to only one person though it's not uite as simple as it may seem The book reads like a novel which made it a very uick and easy read It was fascinating to peek into the lives of the Victorian elite and to see why the goings on behind closed doors was so shocking

  9. Fishface Fishface says:

    This is yet another book on the Balham Mystery but it's an unusually good readable one The author examines all the evidence in the Bravo case including a great deal of information not covered at the inuest and interprets it in a pretty convincing way with great compassion for not only the victim but the suspects This remains true even even when he is pointing the finger at one of them and saying murderer The writing is very good and keeps you turning the pages not usually a feature of books about Victorian murder cases I didn't come away 100% convinced but the author really made me think

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is an interesting read of an old unsolved murder mystery that took place in the 1870's The author presents his argument about what actually happened which was sometimes contrived but I enjoyed the picture of Victorian life A fairly uick and easy read

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Death at the Priory Love Sex and Murder in Victorian England [PDF / Epub] ★ Death at the Priory Love Sex and Murder in Victorian England Author James Ruddick – In 1875 the beautiful widow Florence Ricardo married the handsome and successful young attorney Charles Bravo hoping to escape the scandals of her past But Bravo proved to be a brutal and conniving ma In the Priory Love Sex PDF/EPUB or the beautiful the Priory MOBI ñ widow Florence Ricardo married the handsome and successful young attorney Charles Bravo hoping to escape the scandals of her past But Bravo proved to be a brutal and conniving man and the marriage was far from happy Then one night he suddenly collapsed and three days later died an agonizing death His doctors immediately determined that he had been poisoned The graphic and sensational details of the case would capture at the Priory Love Sex PDF/EPUB ² the public imagination of Victorian England as the investigation dominated the press for Death at ePUB Ò weeks and the list of suspects grew to include Florence her secret lover the eminent doctor James Gully her longtime companion the housekeeper Mrs Cox and the recently dismissed stableman George Griffiths But ultimately no murderer could be determined and despite the efforts of numerous historians criminologists and other writers since including Agatha Christie the case has never been definitively solved Now James Ruddick retells this gripping story of love greed brutality and betrayal among the elite offering an intimate portrait of Victorian culture and of one woman's at the Priory PDF ✓ struggle to live in this repressive society while unmasking the true murderer for the first time Simultaneously a murder mystery colorful social history and modern day detective tale Death at the Priory is a thrilling read and a window into a fascinating time An impressively researched retelling Death at the Priory reads as a historical intervention crime novel and sensational docudrama Zarena Aslami Chicago Tribune A suspenseful and stimulating read Merle Rubin Los Angeles Times Enjoyable; Ruddick has done much admirable sleuthing Paul Collins The New York Times at the Priory Love Sex PDF/EPUB ² Book Review.

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