The Fifth Week PDF/EPUB ✓ The Fifth PDF or

The Fifth Week PDF/EPUB ✓ The Fifth PDF or

The Fifth Week ➵ [Read] ➱ The Fifth Week By William J. OMalley ➿ – What is THE FIFTH WEEK  Every Jesuit novice makes a long retreat—the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola One month long this retreat is divided into four flexible weeks of  meditatio What is The Fifth Week  Every Jesuit novice makes a long retreat—the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola One month long this retreat is divided into four flexible weeks of  meditation the first week is on the principle and foundation of The Fifth PDF or life; the second on the life of Jesus; the third on the passion and death he suffered; and the fourth on the new resurrected life of the children of God  And The Fifth Week is the rest of the Jesuit’s life   The Fifth Week by William J O’Malley SJ has sold over copies since its first publication in Its pages have encouraged young men listening for their vocations and intrigued countless other readers with stories of Jesuit saints and martyrs as well as ordinary Jesuits each fulfilling his uniue mission—whether as carpenter poet mathematician or mystic—each living according to his individual talents and interests but all for the greater honor and glory of God   Because the accidentals of Jesuit life and training have evolved in the past two decades this new edition updates the original by adding James Martin’s new afterword  in which he explores recent developments in Jesuit formation Father O’Malley has updated other chapters to reflect educational initiatives and training programs launched in the wake of Vatican II   The body and soul of this Second Edition of The Fifth Week are still the stirring accounts of the lives and deaths of Ignatius the founder and Xavier the missionary to the East; of Campion Ciszek and Chardin in Europe; of Brébeuf and Lord and Pro in the West We follow O’Malley’s personal journey through uestions and doubts to self knowledge and the dynamic euilibrium of his commitment to life in the Society of Jesus With humor and  tolerance he records the drama and daily grind with sundry companions    The Fifth Week is a great companion for prospective Jesuits it asks—with them—do you want to be a priest a religious priest a Jesuit.

9 thoughts on “The Fifth Week

  1. Raúl Mora Raúl Mora says:

    A great first glance about becoming a Jesuit an almost perfect selection of relevant Jesuits in history Very good in general

  2. Philip Philip says:

    The author did a really good job with this book as a history and as a description of what is involved with being a Jesuit The stories of the accomplishments of previous Jesuit were very interesting and engaging It helps of course that he had some amazing examples to write aboutHe then went into an account of his experience as a novice scholar and then becoming a Jesuit While it's true that he did these things a while ago so there are likely some differences between his experience and that of someone joining nowadays I'm sure there is still a lot that is similar Thus since I'm rather considering joining it was very nice to have of an idea of what I might be getting myself into And after reading his account I do still want to do itI don't have much to add I can't critiue the story like when I review fiction Overall the writing was very clear and kept me interested The historical account were very interesting and I'm assuming they're true though I don't have additional knowledge to back that feeling and his personal account felt very honest and sincere

  3. Jill M Caldwell Jill M Caldwell says:

    I didn't read the original but I like to read whatever Father O'Malley writes and this is not a disappointment Add the afterward from Jim Martin and you have an absolute winner Whether discerning a vocation or just trying to understand Jesuits you will enjoy this book and understand this priestly brotherhood in its beauty and commitment to Jesus

  4. Kristyne Elizabeth Kristyne Elizabeth says:

    This book is a good introduction to the history of the Jesuits and the meaning of a Jesuit vocation I do think it reuires basic knowledge of Catholicism and at least a prior introduction to the Society of Jesus to fully appreciate O'Malley definitely doesn't hide his bias or opinions in this book so the information comes with his personal opinions and experiences some of which are a little outdated for our 21st century mentalities It's easy to distinguish though what is true for the Society and what is true only for O'Malley I enjoyed reading the histories of this book and I also enjoyed reading the experiences of faith and the religious life If I was a man this book might make me take a deeper dive into the possibility of being a Jesuit

  5. Coyote Coyote says:

    Some interesting insights into the Jesuit Brotherhood The nature of the brotherhood their prioritization of a broad education and perhaps their commitment to the embodiment of Jesus Christ has led to so many great achievements We like to root for them as they were so often at odds with the Catholic Church or utilized as a scape goat when the Church needed one It was interesting to learn a little about how they carry out their mission today

  6. Peter Onah Agi Peter Onah Agi says:

    I can't deny the fact that after reading this book I am drawn to live my life at the service of God and othersthe author has say it all

  7. Michael Williams Michael Williams says:

    Many points strong and weak on this one Fr O'Malley's honesty and personal touch to this book give it a wonderful liveliness and intimacy that provides a good peek into his life and the life of his brothers However at the same time that make the actual flow of the book a bit jumpy or inconsistent The books has the obvious historical flaw of being old er which hinders it as a tool for a look into the Society in 2012 Certainly worth a read but there are better sources on SJ life out there

  8. Carlos Carlos says:

    The book is deep in thought and provides insight on the basis of the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order

  9. Anita Schweppe Anita Schweppe says:

    A must read for anyone considering the priesthood

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