Find the Constellations PDF/EPUB ´ Find the Kindle -

Find the Constellations PDF/EPUB ´ Find the Kindle -

Find the Constellations ❰Reading❯ ➶ Find the Constellations Author H.A. Rey – Containing star charts a guide to the constellations and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see in the sky this classic book makes H A Rey’s passion for astronomy evident on ev Containing star charts a guide to the constellations and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see Find the Kindle - in the sky this classic book makes H A Rey’s passion for astronomy evident on every pageSecond edition updates concentrate on the planetary and solar system information in the latter part of the book Facts and figures for each planet have been revised and new scientific information has been added such as Pluto’s reclassification as a dwarf planet.

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  1. Greta Greta says:

    I know you can get an app for your mobile phone which when you point it at the heavens will tell you what you're looking at But spotting the constellations should be a learning experience not just an identifying one IMHO This lovely wee book by the author of Curious George is simple enough that kids can use it and gives just the right amount of information for adults to feel like they're learning something which makes it just the thing for everybody The drawings are sweet the prose is light and sometimes funny there are uizzes that help you learn charts that help you identify the stars and constellations and what's not to like about a book which ends thus We have now finished our trip through the starry skies We can now find the constellations and when we see a bright star at night we shall recognize it and know it by name and greet it as a friend No app can claim to do that for you

  2. Joy Gerbode Joy Gerbode says:

    This book is wonderful It's written for children older children so it's an easy way to learn the constellations and stars in the sky After taking a college astronomy class I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know the sky this book makes is so EASY I love it I read it through and am now eager to read it a page at a time going outside in the evening to find the stars of that page By the time I finish the book I expect I'll just about be an expert on the various constellations And I plan to share it all with my grandsons they are young yet but I'll start sharing it with them just as soon as we get back to a time when they can stay up late enough to see the stars

  3. Kristie J. Kristie J. says:

    This book was exactly what I was looking for a simple easy guide to stargazing that boiled down the vast amount of information about the stars to a uantity that I could digest This book is designed for children but it's just as helpful for adults I love the cute illustrations and the comments from the cartoon character on the pages I also really liked the author's approach to stargazing You start with the brightest stars in the sky and the constellations they are in because you can find those stars the easiest I appreciated the explanations about the north star how the constellations appear to rotate around it throughout the year and how the stars appear to rise in the east and set in the west just like the sun I never uite grasped these concepts before I wish HA Rey had written a whole series of books like this about other scientific subjects The world would be a better place if we had simple books like this to illuminate the world we live in

  4. Meg Meg says:

    i love this j and i had a blast looking at the constellations Rey's illustrations makes finding the constellations much less complicated Reading this book solidified J's interest in astronomy and rekindled mine We will definitely own this one someday Only complaint the book doesn't use the latin names at all i'm okay with it though since it's an intro for kids and Rey's other book about stars has the names listed

  5. Jill Jill says:

    The absolute best book available for making sense of the night sky for all ages This book is best to use if children are involved but Rey's other science book called The Stars go hand in hand for various levels of difficulty My highest 5 star rating to these books by the author of Curious George

  6. Min Min says:

    A spectacular book for young children It begins with The Big Dipper the most easily recognized asterism then demonstrates how it fits within The Great Bear; with lines and without to help familiarize the constellation shape and the image associated to the name After sharing a few like that it moves on to teaching the 15 brightest stars seen in most of the US by demonstrating magnitude within the constellations and teaches those star namesInterspersed among the segments are sky views are shown for North and South through the seasons shown with and without lines; facts about space such as light years myths and how best to view the stars; and uizzes to test knowledge of the imagesThis includes books for further reading an index and glossaryThe illustrations are humorous helpful and herald to the first edition from 1954My favorite portion is a year's guide to the 15 fixed stars month by month set to the 1st of each month at dusk This is a treasure of a resource for a budding astronomer

  7. Lmichelleb Lmichelleb says:

    This book helped our family get outside at night in the winter mostly and start getting to know the constellations I started out only knowing the Big Dipper and Orion's belt and now I can pick out Cassiopeia the TwinsGemini the Charioteer and for sure Polaris I'm still working on finding some of the other brighter stars and planets but I'm starting to love these stars because they have become familiar I appreciated the simple constellation drawings and sky maps in this book because they made it easier to translate onto the real skyDuring a cruise a few months ago I felt at home because all my constellation friends were faithfully there when I went out on deck at night And I could tell which direction we were going by the stars I should keep this book out to learn of the summer constellations

  8. Rob Chappell Rob Chappell says:

    The 1976 edition of this classic astronomy book for young people was one of the first books about the night sky that I can remember reading during my elementary school days Now this wonderful books is available in a revised edition that reflects new discoveries and sad to say Pluto's demotion from planet to dwarf planet status The author H A Rey portrays the constellations in a uniue and engaging way and also gives readers a good introductory overview of the night sky and what we can see of the Universe with the naked eye from our vantage point on EarthHighly recommended for young people and the young at heart who look up into the night and wonder What's out there?

  9. Melissa Nelson Melissa Nelson says:

    Unlike some other children's astronomy books this one is without doubt a reading book that at first glance may not be visually appealing to many children Still it is one of the best constellation books available for young stargazers Though the images are drawings and not photographs they are clear and seemingly accurate They also provide the date and time for which the sky should appear as pictured throughout the United States This is key when attempting to locate constellations The most recent publication of this book includes A note on Pluto to keep this classic book scientifically current

  10. Jessica Atwater Jessica Atwater says:

    I had no idea a beginning book about astronomy could be so entertaining compelling logical informative and seuential I have to read it again slowly and then again and again I wish I had read this many years ago

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