Paperback Þ Mr. Monster PDF Ú

Paperback Þ Mr. Monster PDF Ú

Mr. Monster [KINDLE] ❃ Mr. Monster ❆ Michael T. Gilbert – Once upon a time there was a man who killed monsters This is the story of his life his family and the terrible secret that destroyed him P 4 of coverCollects issues 1 8 of Mr Monster Vol 2 Dark Horse Once upon a time there was a man who killed monsters This is the story of his life his family and the terrible secret that destroyed him P of coverCollects issues of Mr Monster Vol Dark Horse.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Mr. Monster
  • Michael T. Gilbert
  • English
  • 03 May 2015
  • 9780936211534

About the Author: Michael T. Gilbert

Michael Terry Gilbert is an American comic book artist and writer.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Monster

  1. Ed McKeogh Ed McKeogh says:

    To come clean My hotcold relationship with Michael Gilbert's Mr Monster began in the late '80s I remember being gung ho for the character for a little while tracking down all the back issues at what were then outrageous prices but holding onto only a single issue when I sold my collection because it reprinted a restored horror tale by Steve Ditko called Stretching Things if you're curiousI liked the concept behind Mr Monster I'm a long time fan of the monster hunter archetype thanks to my youthful indoctrination by Carl Kolchak and the tongue in cheek darkish humor that permeated the various short tales in which Mr Monster appeared But certain productions issues ie muddy coloring and printing a common problem with independent comics in the '80s over rendered line art confusing panel layouts and crammed lettering were off putting making it it difficult for me to enter into and fully invest in the storiesWhen the character finally landed at Dark Horse in the mid '90s I didn't notice It was only later after I became of fan of the crime and crime slash horror comics published back in the day that I realized where much of Gilbert's influences came from and I grew to better appreciate why he made some of the artistic and editorial choices that he didSo When I found a copy of Origins reprinting a revised version of Gilbert's eight issue limited series I scooped it up out of curiosity and a sense of nostalgia I'm mighty glad I did While there's less goofy humor taking the edge off the gruesomeness I was pleased to discover that Gilbert had deliberately deepened his development of both Strongfort Stearn aka Mr Monster and his expanded supporting cast by exploring their respective histories within the context of the Mr Monster legacy ie it's a responsibility handed from father to son through the generations The character's roots in the dicey history of the horrorcrime genre are unmistakable and reverent but the story itself deviates slightly from the genre's usually bleak and nihilistic trajectory leaving the door open for further adventures and meaningful interplay among the castBut don't misunderstand All is not sunshine and roses at the end The gloomy and absurdist milieu from which Mr Monster draws meaning is firmly intact and the possibility for future calamities and devastating drama is all but assured Yet the character and reader have a glimmer of hope a touchpoint for redemption that can carry them through the dark days ahead Which seems only fair considering the macabre world Gilbert has createdOnce again I'm finding myself a fan of Gilbert's work which reflects a mature and confident approach to the material I'm revisiting and enjoying Mr Monster reprints in trade paperback form with a informed perspective and I'm hoping perhaps in vain for Mr Monster comics the highest compliment I can pay to a gifted storyteller

  2. Joss Joss says:

    A riveting read Beautifully illustrated with a compelling plot I could not put this down Well worth the time

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