Jonathan Edwards PDF Ú Paperback

Jonathan Edwards PDF Ú Paperback

Jonathan Edwards ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Jonathan Edwards By Christian Timothy George ➺ – Jonathan Edwards was just an ordinary American boy but he was different too The country he lived in wasn't the America of today but a new world full of adventure and opportunity Battles and Tomahawks Jonathan Edwards was just an ordinary American boy but he was different too The country he lived in wasn't the America of today but a new world full of adventure and opportunity Battles and Tomahawks were just some of the thrilling adventures that his family lived throughBut Jonathan also loved the small things in life too In an age of scientific discovery Edwards saw God's beauty displayed most perfectly through nature His journals are filled with drawings of plants animals and spiders because he knew that each one of them reflected the creativity of its CreatorHis mind was full of uestions and he grappled for the answers Intellectually there were few to beat him However it wasn't just his amazing intelligence that set him apart from other boys his age he may have had a thirst for knowledge but he also had a strong desire for the things of God His genius and abilities teamed up well with his faith and love for the Lord Jesus ChristOne day the country that would become the United States of America would look back at this man of brilliance as a founding influence on their land.

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  1. Natalie Vellacott Natalie Vellacott says:

    Audiobook versionThis was slightly bizarre to say the least It was a little like listening to a Disney story The narrative jumps around in the life of Jonathan Edwards from his early years to later life and then back again There are whole chapters on his love of spiders as a boy next to his death from illness then back to his decision to move locations for a new ministry That said it was entertaining and I'm sure there was truth mixed in The dialogue was very unrealistic and Edwards is presented as an almost perfect man throughout Might keep the children uiet for a few hours on a long car journey but other than that?

  2. Jami Balmet Jami Balmet says:

    A great book to read with older kids I loved the high level overview of Edwards life and his emphasis on trusting so fully in the Lord This is a fictionalized biography so they do take a lot of liberties with the details and stories and I was left wondering many times “hmmI wonder what the real facts are here”? But overall it was a very engaging read and a great one for kids

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    Well this book does sort of provide an outline of Edwards's life so I'll give it that But with all the imaginative liberties the author took with dialogue inner thoughts and descriptive details I'd classify this suarely in the category historical fiction—not biography or non fiction What's worse however is that the dialogue is so painfully anachronistic The characters openly discuss their deep appreciation for Mohican culture and the Indians' connection with nature in way that sounds like it could have been pulled from a twentieth century National Park Service guidebook to native peoples And half the time Edwards himself talks and prays with the diction and vocabulary of a modern evangelical preacher who just walked off the stage in a tight T shirt and wireless headset His prayers start with Father God a phrase I've only ever heard in a modern evangelical church and characters talk about teenagers a word coined in the 1920s who accept Christ or rededicate their lives Spiders also keep showing up at convenient but not very believable moments as a theme to tie the events of Edwards's life together And all of these liberties might be fine if you're writing a novel But don't pitch it to me as a biography Even as historical fiction it's awkwardly ahistoricalThe transitions between chapters in Edwards's life are also abrupt and odd The story jumps between scenes sometimes across many years with little explanation leaving me scratching my head over what exactly happened to get us to the next episodeI know the author was writing this for kids so it needed to be made intelligible to modern children But the extensive liberties the author took especially by putting words into the mouths of these eighteenth century believers that they neither did nor would say was really inexcusable In fact if this is meant to be taken as a true story some those liberties might even be called lies

  4. Stephen Hicks Stephen Hicks says:

    I found this to be a very low resolution incredibly cheesy introduction to Jonathan Edwards Best part about this audiobook was that it was free Perhaps I need to figure out who the audience is meant to be for this series because it is not me This might be a good intro for children into Jonathan Edwards life because it’s so dramatized Even then I’m not really sure

  5. Carol Arnold Carol Arnold says:

    Spiders? The great theologian Jonathan Edwards had an obsession with spiders? Maybe he did but I find it hard to believe that he had such an obsession that his last words as he was dying were spoken to a spider This is written as a children's book and I guess the author wanted to spark their interest but spiders? Seriously? Ok rant over Other than that this was a fair introduction to Edwards It was short and sweet

  6. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    25 stars Not a fan of the speculative dialogueIntroductionnature shows God's beautystarted college at age 13B B Warfield Edwards stands alone as the great intellectual of colonial AmericaCh 1 Sisters and Spiders1711father was a military chaplain; away in the war against Mohicans; returned because of an injuryCh 2 Swamp Prayersprayer booth in woods; prayer journalloved Bunyan's Grace AboundingCh 3 Food Fightjournal entry about helping a friend named Elisha who had betrayed himCh 4 Dock Discipline1723New York and sincall to be a pastorsermon on disciplinelazinessalways used a transcript of his notes; never raised his voiceCh 5 Cured by Sickness1725collapse in the woodsYale tutorSarah Pierpont; proposalCalvinismCh 6 Judgment Day1727regularly got up at 4 am; spent 13 hours in his studyCh 7 Awakening1741; revivalsFranklin's experiment regarding Whitefield's voice could be heard than a mile away; 25000 people could hear himSinners in the hands of an angry GodCh 8 Last of the Mohicans1751forced out of church disciplined boys in the church too harshly; househotel was too expensiveDavid Brainerd missionary to Native AmericansCh 9 Transition Time1758call to be president at Princetonsmallpox inoculationCh 10 Living Again1758wife not there when he died

  7. Logan Logan says:

    I really thought it was awful Now that may be because I've read multiple biographies of Edwards but this one played VERY fast and loose with the facts and made up lots of hypothetical incidents with Jonathan's childhood courtship etc Sara Pierpont was unknown to Jonathan's mother until she showed up on the doorstep? Jonathan forgot all about this young lady he'd been courting for two years due to a fall? Oh and his amazing and brilliant answer to who was John Calvin is supposed to impress me? At no point did I feel as though genius came throughIt feels as though the author read the Wikipedia article on Edwards and read Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God because according to this biography Edwards was obsessed with spiders throughout his life and focused a lot on burning in hell It was dramatized for children but it just as well may have been fiction

  8. Ryan Hawkins Ryan Hawkins says:

    As a disclaimer this is the first audiobook I'm logging here onto Goodreads I'm hesitant about doing so because I do not think that listening to an audiobook is the same as reading After doing it for this book I can fully confirm that However I do think that audiobook listening—especially to stories and biographies—can be really insightful Different than actual reading but still nonetheless similar As a result I will be using a new Audiobooks tab for my audiobooks that I've listened to So as for this book I enjoyed it It was a free audiobook on Christian audio last month It is clearly aimed at younger children And it isn't a typical biography But it does tell his life decently well through different snippets of storiesI rate it only 3 stars because of it's shallowness That being said for children I'd give it 5 stars But I'm rating it for myself

  9. Dkovlak Dkovlak says:

    This was a very brief summary of Jonathan Edwards’ life The book was so short I read it twice He truly was a genius He had many of the characteristics of another genius Leonardo DaVinci However Jonathan was much structured and therefore completed many things He truly was a Christian who walked the talk He preached one of the greatest sermons ever SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD This sermon should be listened to or read by every human beingHe died an early death only 55 years old as a result of a bad reaction to a smallpox vaccination

  10. Valerie Kyriosity Valerie Kyriosity says:

    Having recently read Marriage to a Difficult Man I thought it would be nice to fill in a little knowledge about Jonathan Edwards This was not the way to go about it For a wonderful series of Christian biographies for young people check out Richard Hannula's books Unlike this travesty they are not patronizing anachronistic or downright false in places

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