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Skinwalker ePUB Ú Ebook

Skinwalker [Download] ➾ Skinwalker ➼ Faith Hunter – First in a brand new series from the author of the rogue mage novels Jane Yellowrock is the last of her kind a skinwalker of Cherokee descent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampi First in a brand new series from the author of the rogue mage novels Jane Yellowrock is the last of her kind a Skinwalker of Cherokee descent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampires for a living But now she's been hired by Katherine Fontaneau one of the oldest vampires in New Orleans and the madam of Katie's Ladies to hunt a powerful rogue vampire who's killing other vamps.

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  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ says:

    32518 ON SALE for 199 rerereread bc Steven is PERSISTENT Minus 05 stars from original rating bc I bloody hate Rick the slimeReviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsUrban Fantasy is a pretty diverse genre There are all kinds of twists on various folklores and mythologies as well as multitudes of different takes on a myriad of supernatural creatures We all have our favorites and not so favorites For me if it has something to do with the Fae or Native American folklore I’m probably going to love it Ghosts zombies and other dead things in general excepting vampires not so much There are of course exceptions but generally speaking if I see words like necromancy ghosts or zombies I’ll go to great pains to avoid it while when I see words like sidhe tuatha de danann coyote or skinwalker I sueal and make grabby handsWhich is exactly what happened when I came across Skinwalker by Faith HunterWhen I first started reading Skinwalker I thought that maybe I had gotten confused and it wasn’t the first book in the series Jane had just arrived in New Orleans to start a new job after healing from her previous job Previous jobYeah the one where she and her friend Molly took out an entire family of rogue vampires and she almost got her throat ripped out WhatBut it really was the first book and the references to that first job were meant to entice you into reading the preuel story released in an anthology the same day that Skinwalker was released It totally worked on me but it’s not necessary that you read Signatures of the Dead in order to understand the rest of the series It’s very good but it just fills out the bare bones of the story that you learn about in Skinwalker FYI just so you don’t scratch your head wondering what’s going on like I didSo Jane in New Orleans for a new job RightShe motors up on her badass one of a kind motorcycle to Katie’s Ladies a house of ill repute to finalize her contract with Katie of Katie’s Ladies who is on the New Orleans Vampire Council and who is hiring Jane to find and kill a rogue vampire who has been terrorizing the city killing both vamps and humansAnd Jane is very good at her jobThere are so many things I love about this book that I think I’m going to have to make a list Why Jane Yellowrock Rocks My Socks Off1 She’s my favorite type of MC tough on the outside soft on the inside both sympathetic and seriously kick ass not to mention hilariously full of snark2 BEAST I’ve heard all kinds of complaints about Beast Some as simple as “I don’t like her she’s distracting annoying etc” Well that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it I however LOVE Beast She makes Jane a much complex character and her insights as a hunter and predator while Jane is on a job only add depth to the story3 Angelina I’m a sucker for cute kids as secondary characters When Julie showed up in book 2 of Kate Daniels I was a goner Angie baby’s even potent bc she’s what Four years old Adorable4 Firm rules in reference to supes I absolutely HATE it when authors try to polish and sparkle the existence of all things supernatural You know what I’m talking about vampires that don’t struggle with bloodlust shifts from human to animal and back that happen in the blink of an eye and are painless necromancers who only need to close their eyes and concentrate for a second or two to call up a specific spirit No Just no It takes time for Jane to change forms and when she does she’s starving bc of the enormous amount of energy the change reuired If she wants to be bigger or smaller than she is in real life she has to either get the mass from somewhere or store it somewhere And Hunter’s vampires are vampires predatory instincts and obvious lack of humanity included I appreciate that5 The MEN Rick Leo Bruiser take your pick they are all SERIOUSLY hotcha hotcha The twins aren’t bad either Yes TWINSAnd that’s where I’m going to end this expression of fangirlishness but only out of self respect not necessity Skinwalker by Faith Hunter is the brilliant beginning of the Jane Yellowrock series It takes you on a wild ride through the eyes of a puma concolor on the roof of moving vehicles all to catch a killer whose identity will surprise even veteran mystery readers So if you’re looking for a tough as nails heroine who redefines what it means to be a vampire hunter Jane Yellowrock just might be your girl And Beast is pretty darn cool tooMy other reviews for this series Blood Cross Jane Yellowrock #2 Black Water Jane Yellowrock #63 64 65 Broken Soul Jane Yellowrock #8

  2. carol. carol. says:

    Let me get one thing straight I don't read romance novels If romance is included within the scope of main character experience I'll still read it But if the main story is magickal wonderful soulmate kind of l o v e and there is pining angst and ridiculous pretend fights when really they l o v e each other but can't admit it that's a big fat pass for me Skinwalker won't appeal to those who like a little romance with their paranormal Move along nowJane is an interesting unusual entry into the UF field featuring an part Cherokee woman with a one of a kind ability to shapechange Jane rides into town on her motorcycle Bitsa bits of this bits of that interviewing for a job with the New Orleans vampire clan hunting a rogue vampire that is tarnishing their reputation and hurting their position with the police After meeting Katie one of the vampire council representatives and madam of a house of ill repute Jane gets the job Efforts to discover the rogue are hampered as Jane is shadowed by a couple of men that might be working with a different agendaLead supporting role in this book goes to Beast a mountain lion who shares Jane's body Unfortunately Jane's memory gaps leave her without explanation for her and Beast's relationship but that will change after she meets a Cherokee shaman and reuires vamp healing during her search for the rogueSet in New Orleans the city proves to be a lush background Hunter gives a good feel for the details from cobblestone streets to decorative balconies to the overbearing heat and humidity In the UF field there are many different degrees in an author's ability to use language and Hunter does well with few missteps While Jane herself is a very direct person she does describe things in enough detail to keep the story interesting and uniue from teapots to the smell of a motorcycle For a first novel it does a decent job of avoiding the dreaded info dump and feeds bits and pieces to the reader in large enough chunks to give context but not bog down the story It also allows some of Jane's internal humor to show through when she is being professional enough to not say her remarks out loud We did get one girly scene of her shopping and then dancing which makes me wonder a little if Hunter is trying to be all things to all readers You know Jane rides a bike carries a bad ass gun but can wear frothy little skirts and dance Her long hair bothered me as well especially given Jane as a no nonsense fighter I think it makes sense in context of Native heritage but that's not given as a reasonHad I been Hunter's editor I would have asked that they stressed that this is the first time Jane interacts with normal vamps I think she took some uncharacteristic and stupid actions according to what she says to the reader in the narrative when she first meets Leo the head of the council but that could probably be explained by the newness of the experience There are a few things along these lines that trouble me about Jane's decision making I'm not sure it's internally consistentStill it's a decent book The mystery of the rogue vamp that doesn't act like a vamp moves along nicely While sexual tension plays a role in many of her interactions both male and female it doesn't overtake the story or focus on the mystery A supporting character of Jane's close friend Molly and her godchildren Angie and Evan help humanize Jane's rough edges and show her caring side While it doesn't avoid all of the UF tropes Hunter does a nice job of making a strong distinct female character Her unusual ethnicity and mystical connections make a nice touch in the UF world of vampires fae and weres Overall it's probably a 35 read on my personal scale but I'm rounding up because it's one of the standouts in the fieldCross posted at

  3. Anne Anne says:

    35 starsI wasn't sure what to expect from Skinwalker when I picked it up but I knew Jane had a pretty big following among my friends and I was hoping that this might become my new go to urban fantasy seriesAnd I'm thinking it might Alright The gist is that Jane is a skinwalker Whichyeah you probably already managed to get that from the titleAnyway She can shift into basically anything but her favorite form is a mountain lion WhyWell due to some spoilery reasons she shares her body and soul with a mountain lion she refers to as Beast Now part of the spoilery stuff she's dealing with is amnesia about the first 12 or so years of her life Turns out there's uite a bit of history she's forgotten Fast forward to the present and she's basically a bounty hunter who goes after rogue vampires And this is how the story opens with Jane arriving in New Orleans to hunt down a strange rogue that's killing humans and vampires alikeHonestly I thought this was pretty good for the first book in a series Jane has an interesting power set and origin story and there's a good action y style to the writing to keep people who bore easily like myself flipping the pagesMy only complaint and I realize that it's early on in the story so things may change is Beast's voice sort of annoyed me Sorry It wasn't defined enough for me if that makes sense Like sometimes Beast was all Me like to eat yappy dog and sometimes she had a bit of a human ish voice even without Jane sounding off in the backgroundOverall though Awesome storyLooking forward to seeing how the next book goes

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    I took a break from my American Ninja Warrior training to read Faith Hunter’s 2009 novel Skinwalker – and glad I did Cause it’s better than a bag of Lays potato chipsFirst of all Hunter serves up a family sized helping of HAVEATYOU in the form of a leather wearing shotgun toting and motorcycle riding Cherokee Skinwalker name of Jane Yellowrock Jane is a tall drink of water whose special Urban Fantasy mojo is being a skinwalker a kind of Native American were person especially in regard to her ability to “shift” into a cougar no pun intended – a mountain lion puma panther – you get the drift Urban Fantasy fans have seen skin walkers though with different magic rules attached in Kevin Hearne’s 2012 Iron Druid novel Tricked as well as Bill Schweigart’s 2015 novel The Beast of BarcroftWhat makes Faith Hunter’s protagonist stand out first of all is that this is told from the perspective of the skinwalker as empathetic protagonist and not unsympathetic antagonist but most noteworthy that Jane kind of shares the body with the Beast In very original and compelling UF fashion Hunter has the narrative perspective “shift” like what I did there between Jane and Beast The Beast narrative sections are really very interesting as Hunter describes Beast’s perceptions in terms that a predator with a keen sense of smell would makeJane has ridden her put together Bitsa motorcycle bits of this and that to New Orleans to get a job with a vampire madam to eliminate a rogue vampire The setting is an alternate reality where vampires and witches and elves and werewolves Oh My have come out of the closet and are living amongst us and lobbying for civil rights Jane is a web site optimizing vampire hunter with her skinwalker abilities thinly veiledLike Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series part of the charisma of Hunter’s creation is the history she weaves in to the story Though Yellowrock’s origins are clouded there are hints that she is ancient or at least tied to old legends The Cherokee heritage and connections like Hearne’s use of the Celtic past adds depth and value to the narrativeWhile tooling around in The Big Easy Jane meets a fun populace of UF players that author Hunter has put together and who makes good use of the construct Hunter is skilled and this is a well crafted well written action adventure that also has personality and is fun to read Hunter’s characterizations are almost all good a couple of painful straw men and some made for TV dialogue notwithstanding and her world building is every bit as good as Jim Butcher or Hearne’sThis is one of the best urban fantasy series I've come acrossIn leather wearing shotgun toting and motorcycle riding Arnold sincerity – “I’ll be back”

  5. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    Actual rating 25 stars Because I'm in a good mood today Disclaimer I read this book only 10 days ago and can hardly remember the story This should be a fascinating review Then again I was recently told my reviews were offensive so all is not lost You might get bored but at least there's a good chance you'll feel outraged about all this Muahahahaha►► Presenting Adventures in Lowered Ratings courtesy of Faith Hunter my failing memory① 1 to 50% OMG I can't put this down this is 4 star material✔ You create an awesome badass chick of a lead YES✔ You decide she's Cherokee YES✔ You make her a skinwalker meaning she can take the form of any creature she wants YES✔ You make her live with an inner Beast who tends to have a life of its own YES✔ You give her a super cool bike called Bitsa bits of this bits of that YES✔ You turn her into a total tea snob YES✔ You give her the annoying habit of nicknaming everyone YES✔ You set the whole thing in New Orleans YES☢ Uh Oh material ✘ You use short sentence structure Which makes this poor little reader's head hurt really really bad✘ One of your very manly characters is named LaFleur aka the flower in French Yes this literally radiates masculinity② 50 to 70% Houston we have a problem I think I'm downgrading this to 3 stars ✘ Your awesome badass chick of a lead is a walking contradiction She is supposed to be this super tough heroine but she starts acting like a bloody teenager and blushes furiously every five minutes Sense this not makes I get it not✘ The members of your Testosterone Bunch all seem to have escaped from a PNR Novel They're all HOT They're all SEXY They all EXUDE manliness They all OOZE sensuality Please kill me somebody✘ Your plot is getting thinner and boring by the minute What started out as wow this is freaking exciting is slowly but surely becoming what the freaking meh is this✘ Short sentence structure choppity chop choppity chop the headache is turning into a migraine ③ 70% to 100% WTH happened I am now considering giving this a 25 rating✘ It's official your exciting original plot is actually nothing than a standard average UF story✘ You're full of blah blah blah and boring boring boring ✘ You're full of lame sexual tension but desperately lack actual sex✘ Click click click tap tap tap watch me turn the pages of my Kindle at record speedTada THE END

  6. Choko Choko says:

    425 A buddy read with the Wednesday UF group BBB This was cool I know it sounds silly and Minimalistic but I had fun reading it It is not a secret that I am a fan of all things Fantasy but I do have a soft spot for Golden Age Urban Fantasy mostly written between 1995 2005 This one falls in this category and I was not disappointed It had everything a UF should have with its own uniue flavor Jane is a Skinwalker a native American Cherokee heritage who at one point in her life had discovered that she can take the shape of other creatures and somehow after a specific incident has bonded with a mountain lion's soul and the two of them coexist in the same body Fascinating The dynamics of this relationship is so interesting and the battle for dominance so unconventional that just for that the book should be guaranteed a 3 star rating Add to it the world building the search to find engage and eliminate a rogue Vampire who is eating people and other vampires and smells really funky while doing it and the setting of New Orleans and a cool background story and we get to solid 4 stars at least Now there was some plot meandering but it was usually brought back under control pretty fast so I say the book is a winnerThe story was suspenseful interesting and ended up with a bang I would recommend it to all who love the genre or are looking for something to entertain them for a while I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

  7. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    3 stars for this urban fantasy an alternative version of our world with a Cherokee shapeshifter heroine and vampires who are out to the public New Orleans the setting of this novel is a tourist attraction largely because of all of the vampires there who own much of the city This 2009 novel owes uite a bit a bit too much for my money to Moon Called which was published three years earlier and the Mercy Thompson series which also has a Native American shapeshifter heroine who's pretty much the last of her kind mixing with other supernatural beings werewolves in that case; mostly vampires here but if you like that type of urban fantasy you'll probably enjoy SkinwalkerJane Yellowrock our main character can shapeshift into various types of animals; there's actually some interesting scientific discussion about how the shapeshifting process involves DNA and sometimes adding and subtracting mass using nearby rocks and boulders Primarily though she shifts into a mountain lion shape the Beast who shares her body but has a separate mind and soulJane has built up a reputation as a vampire hunter killing vamps who are out of control as opposed to the sane vamps who obey certain rules and are or less accepted in society Jane has come to New Orleans to hunt down an unknown rogue vampire a serial killer of both vamps and humans The job turns out to be a lot difficult than either she or her employers the vampire council expectedA reasonably good urban fantasy I'd recommend it mostly to fans of that genre

  8. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Reread and still love Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  9. Chichipio Chichipio says:

    I had so many problems with this novel that once I start I'll probably go on for a whileSo instead let's start with a positive note Hunter's take on supes Her always on edge vamps witches and the skinwalker myth were well done; all of them are pretty balanced power wise and a good addition to UF litThen there were some other good things too Her version of New Orleans and the Cherokee culture for exampleBut there were two huge issues that kind of ruined the experience for me the writing style and the charactersHunter is overly descriptive with everything She feels the need to explain in excruciating detail even the most mundane procedure object or setting It's patronizing and disrupts the flow of actions in scenes that otherwise would be pretty goodLet me give a random example Jane the MC is having a very interesting conversation with a guy nicknamed Bruiser Just before they sat down she started the water to make some tea Some chapters earlier we had already been treated to several paragraphs regarding the proper preparation of it which varieties Jane prefers their prices countries of origin availability et cetera no I'm not joking Now as the tension is ratcheting up Hunter interrupts their chat so Jane can prepare the tea Usually I'd find this realistic and even enjoy it since I don't like errors in continuity; if you started to prepare tea it's only logical that after a few minutes it's ready But take a look at the way in which she does it Jane doesn't just prepare the tea and pour a couple of cups before the conversation continues Instead The whistle started low and rose in volume While I thought I stood and lifted the kettle off the flame splashed boiling water over the teapot and into the strainer in its top eualizing the temperature inside and out before filling the pot I set it on the table wrapping it in a tea cozy to keep it warm while it steeped Bruiser’s eyebrows went up at the domestic motions “Do you cook too” he asked the tone teasing “ ’Cause any woman who does a weapon striptease handles a Benelli like she knows how to use it and can cook pushes all my buttons”“I don’t cook” I said smiling when Beast showed me a stack of raw steaks Bruiser smiled back thinking I was flirting Only then the original conversation continues; the tension was long gone If this happens once or twice I can easily overlook it but it's like that every single time If I ever care about my tea enough to be interested in how to prepare it properly shoot me I'll wikipedia it That's not the reason I'm reading this book and eualizing the temperature yada yada has no relevance whatsoever to the scene so skip it Jane never just puts some clothes on or takes them off either she will give you the exact seuence in which she does it down to which sock she puts on firstThen there are the rarer stuff—things that you know she had to research I repeat realism is OK than OK even But give us a filtered version of what you found I'm not interested in reading a weapon's manual of specifications Use that information to make your scenes realistic—no one wants to read an old western with revolvers that shoot infinite bullets and can pierce the heart of a man standing a mile away—but I don't need to know this either I carried the Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun to the bed and checked it for tampering This model M4 had been designated by the military as a Joint Service Combat Shotgun Its steel components had a matte black phosphated corrosion resistant finish; the aluminum parts were matte and hard anodized; the finish reduced the weapon’s visibility during night operations The shotgun is considered by many experts to be nearly idiotproof It reuires little or no maintenance operates in all climates and weather conditions can be dumped in a lake or pond and left there for a long time and not corrode It can fire twenty five thousand rounds of standard ammunition without needing to have any major parts replaced I had studied long and hard before investing in the weaponThe Benelli a smoothbore magazine fed semiauto shotgun is designed around the autoregulating gas operated—ARGO—firing system with dual gas cylinders gas pistons and action rods for increased reliability Locking the barrel is achieved by a rotating bolt with two lugs It can fire 275 and 3 inch shells of differing power levels without any operator adjustments and in any combination and can be adjusted or fieldstripped without tools It’s perfect for close in fighting in low light operations It’s a totally cool weapon Mostly though I just liked the fact that it was idiotproof After reading all this I still pictured it as a regular shotgun so what's the pointI could go on and on with this but I'm already making her mistake OverkillMoving on to the characters I Didn't Like Any Of Them That's right not a single one I'm blaming this mostly on their introductions First impressions do count and Hunter has a way of making sure that everyone is introduced under the worst possible light They're either lying or attacking good people or just acting plain crazy for no other reason than that they can Then half a novel later there's some flimsy explanation—in some cases anyway—about that character's actions and how they weren't all that bad and what Are we supposed to like them all of a sudden Sorry it doesn't work that way Once you made a character unlikable you can't just flip a switch and say ta daaa It wasn't that bad See He's a good guy Nope You have to work harder than thatThe worst character of the bunch though is Jane herself I like kickass heroines but I prefer actions to words Jane brags a lot describes her weapons her fighting techniues her special leather clothes her speed her smarts etc to no end yawns Then when it really matters she's always without them—with the exception of the big fight at the end of the novel where she's fully garbed She's always talking about how badass she is but then whenever there's a fight all she can do is say shit shit shit and be rescued by someone else or just dumb luck—while dressed in a skirt and dancing shoesShe's supposed to be a smartmouth but to me she just came across as plain rude For example she's exiting some place and someone approaches her with a very short relevant yes or no uestion She doesn't stop doesn't answer She keeps going leaving the person staring after her starts the bike and leaves thinking I don't have time for chatting a plan is forming in my mind I would be OK with that except that the very next paragraph starts with I parked the bike and went inside the house I had no idea what to do next and I was tired I started the water for the tea and went to take a long shower After I was clean and had enjoyed a cup I dropped into bed and slept That kind of thing makes no sense What reason is there to be rude only to go home and sleep What is this plan she mentions when afterwards she says she has no idea what to do next This kind of thing happens too often to ignoreHer PI work deserves a paragraph all of its own I'll give her this she's a good tracker maybe even better than a police dog If you ever misplace something she's the girl you want to call All the benefits of a dog coupled with speech Let's be honest who wouldn't want a talking dog But that's all she is Her I is on par with Forrest Gump's No matter how many clues you give her she'll never put two and two together In this novel she literally stumbles upon the bad guy near the end after being pointed in the right direction for the nth time I had trouble understanding her logic—refer to the previous paragraph for another example—or her difficulty to absorb basic information If someone approached her and said nudge nudge wink wink you'll find the one you're looking for if you go north she would go all wow I'm getting dizzy with all the complexities of vamp politics Why can't they be straightforward and say it like it is Then she would start the bike and turn west saying I need to find information about this There was a lot of head scratching during this novelBeast's voice was sort of interesting for like three paragraphs then it became tiresome Jump to top of fence Dropped from fence Smelled the air Many smells Some good smells dog cat chicken bird Some bad human smells oil exhaust asphalt Yada yada Imagine reading a whole scene like that Now a whole chapter Yeah I'm getting tired just thinking about itSo all in all this series just wasn't for me view spoilerCaptain Obvious challenge accepted hide spoiler

  10. Leyoh Leyoh says:

    Just so you know I hate myself when I do this but I just cannot read this book any longer I feel as though I'm punishing myself for something I haven't even done yet and I'm certain what ever it is I am yet to do is not that badThe premise of a badass skin walking detective solving mysteries for vamps and other supernatural beings in the south of America was alluring but ultimately deceptive The descriptive prose was tiresome her progress on the mission dragged there were constant interruptions for food and shopping obviously both very important but not the biggest priority when there is a crazy liver eater on the loose I also found the fact she had done a class in every cool salsa dancing and mission critical thing emergency surgery you could imagine a poor explanation for her extra useful skills The one thing I am keen to know on is the recipe for Anton's beer baked Cajun crayfish Any ideas let me know If there was an inkling Jane would get with the Bruiser any time this century then I'd hang around but as my will power for this story and subseuent seuels has been totally eroded I can't slate this book because it's not bad as such but it is blandI'm sorry author and GR friends I can promise you I tried but after I caught myself daydreaming about how long my Costco supersize roll of bin liners would last me I thought it best to call it a dayBTW my best guess is 5 months AmazingUpdated January 24th 2013 I have just used the last bag A much better investment than the book

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