Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture ePUB Ì

Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture ePUB Ì

Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture [PDF / Epub] ☉ Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture Author Arthur Evans – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk This controversial work published in 1978 by Fag Rag Press investigates the historical relationship between homosexuality and paganism with a focus on old Europe and the persecution of pagans by Chris This controversial work published in the Gay ePUB ´ by Fag Rag Press investigates the historical relationship between homosexuality and paganism with a focus on Witchcraft and PDF \ old Europe and the persecution of pagans by Christians during the early formation of the Christian religion It compares this history with present and the Gay PDF/EPUB å day LGBT culture with an intent to show how the current persecution and marginalization of ueer people is an extension of a history of religious intolerance.

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  1. Jesse Jesse says:

    Less witchy than the title implies this is of an effort to construct a distinctly ueer counterhistory that prioritizes the marginalized the clandestine the feminine the non Christian and often the non Western and demonstrates how all of these groups are often than not deeply interconnected Today some of the methodology and conclusions might come off as suspect but what still registers is its righteous anger and sadly many of the critiues of contemporary industrial and capitalist culture continue to resonate and ring true in our present moment as much as ever Good on feral death coven to reissue this book again in 2013—we need it as much as ever Industralism has devastated our sexual lives We complain that we treat each other's bodies unfeelingly as so many objects to use and dispose of Yet we fail to realize that we treat everything including ourselves as so many objects to use and dispose of We fail to see that the total objectification of our environment and of nature is a direct effect of the power system of industrialism If we have been conditioned throughout our lives to objectify everything how can we fail to objectify those who excite us sexually?

  2. Rue Rue says:

    Overall the book was a fascinating breakdown of how the systematic oppression of gay religious culture was used by christian institutions the church state urbanization etc to create the power hierarchy that shapes our reality today While Evans’ approach to connecting the dots between biased straight historians and state record seemed well thought out some conclusions were stretched Partly the lack of historical congruency made the total narrative a bit hard to follow but they did a great job at showing a variety of ways that patriarchalcapitalisthomophobic gov has developed by dominating nature religions and non industrial or non urban peoples

  3. 6655321 6655321 says:

    ok this is really dated but i think there are some really interesting points to this ie given this came out decades before Caliban and the Witch but seems to be a little less inflexible about gender roles although like it's not like Evans don't have some weird hangups with accepting cultural differences but i digress Buy a copy from LBC if you can afford it or get a pdf because this is interesting given the continued influence even if it isn't exactly groundbreaking?

  4. Andy Andy says:

    This review is rambling and a bit angry but I'm not re writing it againThis was a very depressing read and reminded me of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States This is a history of the development of human society told from the point of view of the wiped out native cultures pagans witches and homosexuals As a gay man I've often been alienated from the domesticated bourgeois homosexuality of modern society This stems from both the suffocating force of HIVAIDS which has haunted gay sexuality for decades and made sex a rendezvous with Thanatos and the emergence of corporate pride and our desperate seeking of respect and inclusion from a society that hates us This book is a call for the stark rejection of thatPaternalistic societies became increasingly militaristic and everything that follows In his chapter on Rome it's easy to see parallels to today; the military consumes most of the resources dictates what leaders can do enforces a cult of discipline throughout society and creates a top heavy strangulation of local life entirely out of touch with the needs of the people Christianity came to dominate Ascetic religion became an opiate for the pain enabling people to stifle their real needs and feelings and thus avoid the suffering of constant frustration The government was well disposed to ascetic religion because it kept people uiet and obedient He goes on to make a fairly compelling argument for how this set the stage for the later Industrial RevolutionThis is uite an eye opening account of the history of Christianity we never hear about particularly the early sects of Christianity Evans goes into detail about the Cathars for example who engaged in orgies and homosexuality rejected marriage and held a downright antinatalist view toward bringing new life into the world Others such as the Gnostics are covered tooHomosexuality aside Evans talks about the persecution of women the erasure of maternal societies and abortion The idea of witches engaging in child murder and molestation in underground caves and tunnels is also mentioned If that sounds familiar it's because during the McMartin pre school trial during the Satanic Panic people were convinced child molestation was occurring in vast tunnels underneath the school anon fools still think it's happening today Well Jeffrey Epstein and his elite billionaire pals are an exception I've no doubt they're all goat head wearing psychopaths Class is a recurring theme here the powerful urban elites adopting ascetic Christianity while the rural poor cling to their pagan waysChristianity is a history of repression hierarchy and alienation from nature and one's own body and sexuality Evans even touches on things like long hair on men and hallucinogenic drugs This self denial is so common and totalitarian in our lives we don't even see it by comparison to societies that had nature based religionsEvans' chapter on America is great He notes how the settlers coming to America arrived with no respect for nature left in them paganism having died out long before in Europe and so they saw the country as a capitalist enterprise from the start That's likely a clue as to why there's no class consciousness in America and the poor see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires and are punitive to those poorer than themselves This is ironic considering the average person is infinitely closer to the homeless man on the curb than the corporate titan raping children in a tunnel The United States government was formed to protect the rich against the poor and wage war destroying native cultures imposing paternalism and extracting resources At home the tentacles of the military industrial complex are embedded throughout American society and create a militarized atmosphere that suffocates the appreciation for nature creation of art and enjoyment of sexOne of the most depressing aspects was how much worse things are in several respects than they were 40 years ago when this was written He mentions the Vietnam War as the longest running American war and of course we've been in Afghanistan even longer and are dropping bombs on the heads of people in countries Americans have never heard of daily Once Obama was elected the anti war movement dissipated like frost in the morning sun and then Trump was elected and liberals lost their minds over Russia for three years at the expense of real concerns of people who are increasingly unable to afford children and are taking their own lives in increasing numbers Then after Putin Fever blew up in their faces liberals have embraced the neo conservative ghoul architects of the Ira War and the Intel community which helped bring us Trump in the first place It's all a depressing daisy chain clusterf without the sex Evans ends the book with a passionate call for a return to inclusive tribal collectives a return to nature and magic and sex without shame It's all rather sad and naive in light of the dark tunnel society is headed downBesides feeling a bit outdated some conclusions Evan's reaches feel a little far fetched especially in etymology for exampleArthur Evans died in 2011 I can only imagine he watched as his predictions of gay domestication came true You'll be accepted if you're a bourgeois striver and emulate middle class values we'll turn a blind eye to what you do in your own bedroom even though we still despise you and make a joke of you behind your back My uote The whole industrial system is like one great night of the living dead where the entire populace has been reduced emotionally to the level of zombies It has deadened us to our environment deprived us of art sterilized our animal nature robbed us of the skills of survival degraded our labor and leisure and decimated our sexual lives And so it has made us like the living dead — dead to nature dead to each other dead to ourselves

  5. Sydney Bollinger Sydney Bollinger says:

    This was incredibly informative and inspiring a history of sorts tracing the connections between ueerness and spirituality

  6. xDEAD ENDx xDEAD ENDx says:

    For a book that has been receiving a fair amount of hype lately I was a little disappointed A majority of the book gives historical examples of the oppression of ueer individuals at least what today we would most likely call ueer and how their sexuality was a challenge to the State and Capital Similar to Against His Story Against Leviathan Arthur Evans traces these pockets of resistance and their eventual defeat abolition or recuperation In many ways this narrative comes off as the same old story while offering little in the way of excitement of course I'm already very familiar with this tale However the last chapter shines through as Evans makes the call to destroy industrialism create collectives the examples given are a sort of do it yourself type re establish a connection with nature and take part in the spontaneous violence of autonomous anarchist collectives

  7. Katherine Katherine says:

    I first read this book back when I was in college The book was an inspiration for the Radical Faeirie movement The book examines the role of homosexuality in pre Christian Western Europe It is mostly idealized then it is actual historical research but the book was very inspirational to many gay men who were searching for spiritual answers

  8. Jefe Carroll Jefe Carroll says:

    Amazing Must read Major things to think about

  9. Willow L Willow L says:

    tbh this book is uite interesting but also really simplistic and absurd at points

  10. David David says:

    This is one of those seminal books no pun intended that marks original research into a topic that just wasn't on anyone's radar before it appeared Brilliant history and insight provoking commentary on the ways in which Gay men were persecuted along with women who faced the wrath of the Inuisition related witch trials throughout Christendom for which sexual diversity was akin to heresy Graphics support its points; it is a fascinating work that was ground breaking in its day and will certainly enlighten and interest anyone for whom the cultural history of sexuality and of same sex sexuality are of interest

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