God's Voice Within Kindle Û God's Voice Epub /

God's Voice Within Kindle Û God's Voice Epub /

  • Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • God's Voice Within
  • Mark E. Thibodeaux
  • English
  • 23 July 2015
  • 9780829428612

10 thoughts on “God's Voice Within

  1. Sandra Garayzar Sandra Garayzar says:

    Loved it Much easier to understand than other books I've read on the Spiritual Exercises

  2. Stephen Lake Stephen Lake says:

    Much sound counsel both from Ignatius and Fr Thibodeaux This is probably the best guide I have seen for discerning subjective ‘spirits’ in discernment—the formation and testing of our intuitions as they are deep connective tissue between head and heart the place where Holy Spirit forms conscience and conviction The method does not eschew Scripture and prayer and wise counsel from others as a part of the discerning of spirits It is rather a vital part of itOne point I am not convinced though Thibodeaux claims that prudential considerations our “natural senses of reason and judgment” p 177 are to serve only if and when Ignatian discernment of spirits were to fail to provide a clear direction I would rather suggest that prudence be brought in at an earlier stage or all along the way to test inclinations and desires along with desolation and consolation Then reason and judgment are given full voice in the process of discernment not just as adjuncts of prayerful Scriptural communal shaping of intuitions—the method ThibodeauxIgnatius appear to teach Who knows? Maybe I am a of a Thomist about these matters?

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I've been working through this book for a few months now per the recommendation of my mother It's been a timely read and it is a great introduction to St Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises I had no prior experience with St Ignatius' way of discernment and was pleasantly surprised at how some points were similar to methods and understandings I had developed through my own reflections This is likely going to be a book I heavily reference in the future since discernment is a life long journey I also will likely read about this Ignatian way with other books as well Thibodeaux did an excellent job writing and organizing this book It's clear easy to understand and the plethora of examples are great illustrations on how these exercises can look in everyday life As an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises I think it's a great book Since it's written for a modern audience it is great to help you start this journey especially if you like me plan to dive deeper into works from Ignatiusabout Ignatius

  4. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    An excellent breakdown of Ignatian Discernment I got this book to read as part of a book club spread out over 3 to 4 sessions and sadly was not able to attend any I say that as I think I would have gotten even out of this book if I had someone to discuss it withIt did get a little repetitive in some cases but there were concrete examples of consolation and desolation and false consolation and false desolation I can't say for sure that I really understand it but I received a few glimmers and flashes of ah ha This book could be semi identified as self help as it guides the reader through steps to take I doubt I would read it cover to cover again but this book is staying in my collection as I could see myself picking it up to read a particular chapter here and there

  5. Simon Simon says:

    Of the books I've read in recent years on Ignatian Spirituality this one 'God's Voice Within' is the most accessible Written for those who know little about the topic it takes us through foundations of deciding and discerning Anecdotes and examples abound Exercises are included in each chapter and a handy glossary of terms closes the volume Easy to pick up this book on the Ignatian way of deciding how our Christian lives is shaped is well worth a read

  6. Brooke Brooke says:

    If you are someone who is looking for a little reassurance that you are not the only one who feels like they do not know everything about what God wantshas planned for them but would like to know This would be a good book for you

  7. Rob Rob says:

    Having read several other books on Ignatian discernment this one felt the most practical I expect to return to this book again and again when faced with actual decisions This also finally helped me understand the distinctions between consolation desolation in a straight forward way

  8. Matthew A. Stead Matthew A. Stead says:

    Practical and easy to readThibodeaux is an excellent teacher He explains concepts with many examples and anecdotes His writing is backed up with scripture other authors and experience

  9. Christopher Perez Christopher Perez says:

    Thank you MarkThis book helped me discern God's call I finally know my vocation and serve at St Stephen First Martyr Catholic Church I look forward to the Permanent Diaconate and serving the people of God Amen God bless you

  10. Maura Jones Maura Jones says:

    Great principles for learning to discern God's Voice in your life

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God's Voice Within➳ [Reading] ➶ God's Voice Within By Mark E. Thibodeaux ➩ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Many of us do not trust our own thoughts feelings and desires when it comes to discerning God’s will Instead we look outside ourselves to determine what God wants from and for us In God’s Voice Wi Many of us do not trust our own thoughts feelings and desires when it comes to discerning God’s will Instead we look outside ourselves to determine what God wants from and for us In God’s Voice Within spiritual director Mark E Thibodeaux SJ shows us how to use Ignatian discernment to access our own spiritual intuition and understand that the most trustworthy wisdom of God's Voice Epub / all comes not from outside sources but from God working through us God’s Voice Within is intended for people who know that there is to the spiritual life than they are currently experiencing and are ready to take the next step in their walk of faith by making effective discernment—specifically Ignatian discernment—a daily practiceUltimately God’s Voice Within teaches us to discern what is at the root of our actions and emotions which in turn allows us to respond to God’s promptings inside us rather than unconsciously reacting to life around us.