Palm Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from the Desert

Palm Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from the Desert

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  1. Rama Rama says:

    Palm Springs The playground of rich and famousPalm Springs and the surrounding towns were playgrounds for rich and famous which rivaled tinsel town for decadence and excess in the last century This book was written in the same spirit as that of Hollywood Babylon but this book is less on the history and on tidbits Palm Spring had its own brand of social futility; sex drugs alcohol suicides jealousy and fights This was a place where celebrities came to hide from the glitter of Hollywood and have uninhabited fun For example gay bars and gay oriented establishments were flourishing in Palm Springs Gloria Swanson hung out in the first lesbian hotel Desert Knight The Lucy and Desi estate became the most lavish gay oriented establishment Liberace's 1925 Cloisters estate reflected a life style of pure opulence and it was open to numerous young men Celebrities like Frank Sinatra Bob Hope Dinah Shore Jim and Tammy Bakker Cary Grant Ralph Bellamy Charles Ferrell Clara Bow Greta Garbo and Errol Flynn hung out in this town and partied like there is no tomorrow Many hotels and casinos were used to Sinatra's temper tantrums Kennedy's and other US presidents were known to visit Palm Springs and visible in social scenes Frank Sinatra helped JFK in the presidential elections but he resided in the home of republican supporter Bing Crosby during his stay Bobby Kennedy was trying to dismantle mafia and was going after mobster Sam Giancana who was behind Sinatra's help in JFK's campaign It also appears that JFK and the mobster shared the same woman Judith Campbell in Palm Springs Jim Bakker's philandering gay life styles were legendary to the folks in town; apparently this was happening with full knowledge of Tammy Bakker who was busy shopping at the local thrift stores for cheap beauty supplies that included her eye lashes valued at 198 Another hot spot for celebrities was the Palm Springs Racuet Club owned by Ralph Bellamy and Charles Ferrell and its clientele included; Clark Gable Carole Lombard Marlene Dietrich Jack Parr Ernst Borgnine Ricardo Montalban and Johnny Carson Marilyn Monroe was discovered by the pool and Mexican actress Lupe Velez swam in the pool completely naked Spencer Tracy Jean Harlow Errol Flynn Rita Hayworth Douglas Fairbanks Jr Joan Crawford Ginger Rogers Mary Pickford John Barry and Greer Garson spent hours by the pool for attention and fun Fatty Arbuckle was well remembered for his prodigious drinking bout Charles Ferrell was romantically involved with Janet Gaynor and also had numerous women and few young men in his life in addition to his wife Virginia Valli Apparently she knew his ways and tolerated it for sanctity Bob Hope became rich in this town due to his investing in real estate in Palm Springs and Los Angeles before anyone could see its potential He owned some of the choicest parcels of land in Ranch Mirage and vast stretches of ecologically priceless Santa Monica MountainsPalm Springs had a different edge than Hollywood that attracted celebrities In addition to relative privacy it did not come under the authority of a strong Los Angeles Police Department The town was run by celebrities and a few mobsters so whatever happened the secret stayed here The bad boys of show business and a few out of control women made this place a fun sanctuary for themselves Promoters of gay life styles had the biggest victory in this town

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Lots has changed since the publication of this book in the 1990s and Mungo got lots of it wrong He has a particular dislike for the late mayor of Palm Springs Sonny Bono He pokes fun at Bono's attempts to discourage spring breakers but Bono got rid of them He ridicules Bono creating the Palm Springs International Film Festival which is now one of the top five in the world and an enormous well planned local event Considering the size of the bug Mungo has up his rear end about Palm Springs in general I have trouble believing a lot of this Sucks to be a perennial outsider huh Mungo? Was that the problem? Didn't get invited to the right parties?This book reads like it was researched and thrown together in about two days Irrelevant then and obsolete now

  3. Greg Greg says:

    Today not really that sizzling other than the heat One can't help but look at a photo of the five fabulous Gabor girls and think of today's euivalent celebrities such as the Kardashians This book is mostly about Hollywood stars traveling to Palm Strings to get away from it all In other words to have different backgrounds for their photo ops

  4. Matt Evans Matt Evans says:

    Very trashy account of Hollywood sleaze and debauchery I was totally hooked Excellent if you're into that kind of thing

  5. Jerry Peace Jerry Peace says:

    Felt a little embarrassed reading this like watching Real World or Jersey Shore all the way through

  6. Ken Ken says:

    Sure it's dated It published in 1993 Who cares? Fun look back at Hollywood's Golden Age and Palm Springs' role as the desert getaway of the stars

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Palm Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from the Desert Playground of the Stars ❴Reading❵ ➸ Palm Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from the Desert Playground of the Stars Author Raymond Mungo – Something about the slow burning sun and the easy lifestyle of Hollywood's notorious desert haven has nurtured a scrumptious history of cardinal sins both public and private From philanthropists to ac Something about the slow burning Babylon Sizzling Epub Ü sun and the easy lifestyle of Hollywood's notorious desert haven has nurtured a scrumptious history of cardinal sins both public and private From philanthropists to actors in waiting Ray Mungo's Palm Springs PDF/EPUB or Palm Springs Babylon is the compilation of these burning secrets complete with damning photographic evidence and merciless documentationFrom Clara Bow's sexual appetite and voracious Jim Bakker's denials of promiscuity to the rich veins of gossip to Springs Babylon Sizzling Epub ß be mined from the Betty Ford Center any gossipmonger or film buff will thrill to this lurid social history of Hollywood arcana Witness zaftig Fatty Arbuckle stand trial for the grisly murder of a starlet; the Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from PDF or egos of the powerful the famous and the purely eccentric locking horns; and the flamboyance and controversy past and present surrounding this florid and flourishing community Palm Springs Babylon is a secret history of this Hollywood playground at its best its sleaziest most corrupt and most deliciously indecorous in short at its height of glamour.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Palm Springs Babylon Sizzling Stories from the Desert Playground of the Stars
  • Raymond Mungo
  • English
  • 08 June 2015
  • 9780312064389

About the Author: Raymond Mungo

Raymond Mungo born is Babylon Sizzling Epub Ü the author co author or editor of than a dozen books He writes about business economics and financial matters as well as cultural issues In the s he attended Boston Palm Springs PDF/EPUB or University where he served as editor in chief of the Boston University News in ; and where as a student leader he spearheaded demonstrations against the Vietnam WarIn Mungo.