Hardcover Þ Carl Sandburg Kindle Ú

Hardcover Þ Carl Sandburg Kindle Ú

Carl Sandburg ❮Download❯ ➽ Carl Sandburg ➽ Author Carl Sandburg – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk displays the range of everyday topics in which Sandburg found beauty humor or pathosUnfamiliar words are helpfully defined in footnotesand an introductory biographical essay establishes a context for displays the range of everyday topics in which Sandburg found beauty humor or pathosUnfamiliar words are helpfully defined in footnotesand an introductory biographical essay establishes a context for the poems Arcella makes a grand debut; his intensely colored sculptural forms carved from dramatic shadows have a distinctly 's look to them Kirkus Reviews pages all in color x .

  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Carl Sandburg
  • Carl Sandburg
  • English
  • 10 January 2016
  • 9780806908182

About the Author: Carl Sandburg

Carl August Sandburg was an American writer and editor best known for his poetry He won two Pulitzer Prizes one for his poetry and another for a biography of Abraham Lincoln H L Mencken called Carl Sandburg indubitably an American in every pulse beatFor info see.

10 thoughts on “Carl Sandburg

  1. Jan Jan says:

    In its attempt to provide uncontroversial poetry for young people this collection avoids all of Sandburg's poetry with any real social or political significance

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Sandburg is one of my favorite poets and I love this series so I'm perhaps biased I appreciate that there are lots of poems here even one spread with four Arcella's art is erm intriguing It's heavier sturdier than I'm used to usually Sandburg gets line drawings It fits well and is well done but somehow I'm not particularly fond of itMy rhetorical unanswerable uestion now is How many of the poems here that seemed unfamiliar to me truly were new to me and how many were made unfamiliar by context of surprising illustrations? Dunno Do know that some that are familiar to me certainly looked different this way for example Arithmetic and We Must Be PoliteThe bios in this series always come up with some interesting info Sandburg never went to high school because the family could only afford to send his older sister Mary

  3. Barbara Lovejoy Barbara Lovejoy says:

    I have fallen in love with Carl Sandburg I'm loving his poems and Also the illustrator is AMAZING July 8 2020 This is one of the books I bought to reward myself for completing my goal to memorize 52 poems What a treat Now I have poems I want to memorize 2018 Beautiful book The poems are wonderful I really liked some of the illustrationsand others not so much even though the whole book was illustrated by Steven Arcella My husband has been picking up these reuested poetry books for me at the library He joked that they weren't really books because they could be read in 5 minutes NOT TRUE Even the first reading took longer than 5 minutes like about 25 minutes Yet a beautiful poetry book like this one and others I have recently read need to be read and enjoyed over and over againand maybe even memorized

  4. Bryan Bryan says:

    Poetry for Young People is a great poetry book for children teens as well as parents and adults I especially like the illustrations in the book by Steven Arcella This book has many different poems about many different things from fog to arithmetic to the summer grass as well as many other poems My favorite poem in the book is Jazz Fantasia Sandburg does a great job evoking emotion with his adjectives in this poem moan like an autumn wind high in the lonesome treetops moan soft like you wanted somebody terrible cry like a racing car slipping away from a motorcycle cop bang bang

  5. Ally Patch Ally Patch says:

    Carl Sandburg Poetry for Young People Genre Poetry Copyright 1995Kid Lit Additional Poetry SelectionPoetry for Young People is a great book for young people Within this book are 33 of Sandberg’s poems that he had wrote In the beginning of the book it has a description about Sandberg’s life and why he wrote some of the poems he did The illustrations in this book are amazing and fit very well with the poem it was associated with However this book did feel like it took forever to read but that is because there was over 30 poems in this book A lot of these poems had to deal with the outside and the climate The poem that stood out to me the most was “Little Girl Be Careful What You Say” The message that the author is trying to say is that people should be careful of what they say to others because in the end it could hurt them I feel like poems should always give off good advice when it comes to children and I feel like Sandburg did an excellent job in doing that I did enjoy reading this book and I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars Little girlbe careful what you say When you make talk with wordswords for words are made of syllables and syllables child are made of air and air is so thin air is the breath of God air is finer then fire or mistfiner then water or moonlightfiner then spider webs in the moonfiner then water flowers in the morningand words are strongtoostronger then rocks or steelstronger than potatoescornfishcattleand softtoosoft as little pigeon eggssoft as the music of hummingbird wingsSo little girlwhen you speak greetingsbe carefulbe carelessbe carefulbe what you wish to beCarl Sandburg

  6. Shanna Shanna says:

    This collection includes poems about a variety of topics most on nature but some on buildings or people etc Sandburg brings a delightful perspective of beauty and introspection to everyday events His clever creative metaphors paint a distinct and vivid feeling tone of the subject From Young Sea The sea is never stillIt pounds on the shoreRestless as a young heartHunting

  7. Ian MacIntyre Ian MacIntyre says:

    This is a great book for a child's introduction to poetry It has rhythm verse rhyming not always and fun It is poetry that kids can visualize and mimic I particularly enjoyed Fog Doors and Summer Grass Summer grass aches and whispersIt wants something; it calls and it sings; it pours Out wishes to the overhead starsThe rain hears; the rain answers; the rain is slow Coming; the rain wets the face of the grassLovely

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    A great array of Sandburg's poem which serves as an introduction to his work for children in upper elementary and middle school Includes a variety of poetic styles and several of his most well known pieces Accompanied by oil paintings this collection includes an introduction to the author a table of contents and index

  9. Ian Ian says:

    1 point for poem about Door

  10. Eileen Eileen says:

    I don’t really like poetry to begin with and these poems were strange to me Ive always liked the poem Fog and I also liked Skyscraper

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