Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting

Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting

Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting ❂ [EPUB] ✺ Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting By Ed McGivern ➛ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Ed McGivern needs no introduction to gun enthusiasts and serious marksmen For than 50 years he was revered as one of the top authorities in the field of small firearms A world champion marksmen who ma Ed McGivern needs no Book of Kindle × introduction to gun enthusiasts and serious marksmen For than years he was revered as one of the top authorities in the field of small firearms A world champion marksmen who made it into The Guinness Book of World Records he trained scores of law enforcement officers and developed a system of Ed McGivern's PDF/EPUB or teaching that is as effective today as it was when this book was originally published It resulted from years of experimentation and research conducted by McGivern who utilized electric timers and other devices to determine the angles and techniues that would produce the fastest most accurate revolver shooting Packed with handgun lore and original photographs from the McGivern's Book of PDF/EPUB å first edition this much sought after classic contains a wealth of facts for marksmen everywhere.

About the Author: Ed McGivern

Fast and Fancy Revolver Book of Kindle × Shooting McGivern also performed extensive research into handgun shooting particularly with the double action revolverEd McGivern is renowned as one of the greatest handgunners that ever lived His Guinness world record for The greatest rapid fire feat set on August at the Lead Club Range South Dakota still stands He Ed McGivern's PDF/EPUB or emptied two revolvers in less than two seconds His accomplishments include firing two times from feet five shots which could be covered by a silver half dollar piece in of a second His shooting was so fast timing machines would malfunction in attempting to record his shooting speedShort balding and stocky Ed McGivern did not McGivern's Book of PDF/EPUB å match the cliched image of the steely gunfighter but in the real world he exceeded anything a fictional character could hope forBiography source.

7 thoughts on “Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting

  1. Andrew Post Andrew Post says:

    Not at all ashamed to admit that I skimmed Chapters 17 31 Writing in 1936 McGivern is unfortunately long winded and sesuipedalian making this book very dry and dull McGivern takes entire chapters to say what could be summarized in a sentence or two and over seems to have written this book in response to criticism of his shooting techniues and general disbelief in his abilities and the chip on the author's shoulder is plainly apparent throughout Given that this was published 84 years ago most of the euipment listed timepieces ammunition scopes holsters belts etc is no longer available for purchase or has been supplanted by something technologically superior so McGivern's advice is way out of date Also many of the firearms he recommends are almost unobtainable for any price these days On a personal note this book put me about three books behind on my 2020 reading uota Cross my heart and hope to die if I ever stick in a last minute addition like this again

  2. Checkman Checkman says:

    As stated by other reviewers the writing is dated and difficult to read for any length of time Ed McGivern did not have a college degree in English so he tends to have a wandering style of composition I rather doubt Mr McGivern had much then an eight grade formal education He was born in 1874 and standards of educationliteracy were differentTry not to judge him by 21st Century standards Much of what McGivern put in his book is still applicable for today's shooter Advice on trigger control proper grip sights ammunition holsters etc All of these things are still applicable Yes shooters now use some techniues that McGivern wouldn't have though of back in the 1930's the Weaver stance and the Isocoles Stance for example Yes much of the technology that he spends so much time on electric timer etcis obsoleteAnd yes much of what is in the book is basicbut all shooters can stand to review the basics I was also surprised to see that some of his techniues are not only still being used but have actually been brought back into vogue by the current crop of tactical handgun shooters Yet what I really like about the book is in regards to it's historical worth The book was written in the late thirties It is a wealth of old photographs information and is rich in the overall atmospheric feeling that it invokes of the Depression era and the shooting culture as it existed during that time It's great There are also photos that are a real kick A Montana State Trooper standing behind a pane of bulletproof glass while McGivern shoots the glass with a357 magnum and the photo of McGivern's assistant holding clay pigeons in his hands while McGivern shoots them The caption to the photograph states that adding the Human element to target shooting can really spice things up That stuff is terrific and hilarious It's made even better by the knowledge that people just accepted those things without considering hiring a lawyerSo in closing the practical value that one will obtain from the book is still there but it will reuire patience on the part of the modern reader However as a historical artifact primary source material it's worth is tremendous If you are a proud member of the American and international Gun Culture and are curious about those who came before you give Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting a look You might enjoy it

  3. Fritz Dekat Fritz Dekat says:

    I have read this book several times and rated it with 5 stars because of the wealth of information it contains I do agree that this does not read like a Louis L'Amour novel but then it isn't a Louis L'Amour novel It is an indispensable reference book that will help you develop your pistolero skills

  4. Clark Clark says:

    There's no doubt he was one of the best shots of all time And he had an outsize personality But he was a terrible writer Book is poorly organized Material is highly repetitive extremely chatty and pretty light weight in most places It could've been a true classic with an authoritative editor and at about 14 the length

  5. Leonard Pierce Leonard Pierce says:

    The definitive text on the art of the fast draw by a guy who holds tons of records for trick shooting Of course it's informative but it's also got surprisingly lively writing

  6. Ben Ben says:

    Great book if you want to learn how to shoot trick shots

  7. Derek Derek says:

    Horrible writer Can't read it for than ten minutes at a time But he is uniue and anything he says is worth listening to

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